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Olivero's Outrageous Proposal

One problem…. For Dario Olivero, Alyse Gregory is supposed to be a way to wreak revenge against his estranged half-brother. But Alyse carries the key to t... read more

ISBN: 9781472098566
Published: April 2015


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One problem…

For Dario Olivero, Alyse Gregory is supposed to be a way to wreak revenge against his estranged half-brother. But Alyse carries the key to the family acceptance he’s always craved and, realising just how much trouble she’s in, he can’t turn away.

One solution!

A marriage proposal is not what Alyse was expecting! But this deliciously sexy Italian will resolve her family’s debts if she becomes his convenient wife… Her head says no, but her body begs her to say yes.

With an intensity rivalling the Tuscan sun, their mutual desire soon escalates to something inconvenient…creating a whole new dilemma!

Praise for Kate Walker

A Throne for the Taking 4.5* RT Book Review
The majesty of Walker’s fictional principality shines, and her frenemies-to-love story is perfectly passionate.

The Proud Wife 4.5* RT Book Review
This is an emotionally charged page-turner with plenty of tension and passion.

Konstantos Marriage Demand 4.5* RT Book Review
Misunderstandings and family betrayals propel this terrifically well-paced and fiery romance to its very rewarding conclusion.


Rating By R,21/03/2015

Mrs Walker's renaissance continues with this fast-paced, evocative and emotional story with scintillating characters especially the brooding and mixed-up Dario. With great tension and dialogue this is exactly what this reader wants in an M&B Modern. Ten out of ten

Brilliant! Superb! Riveting! A must read!

Rating By Arpita,15/04/2015

Kate Walker has again written a Modern Romance with all the fairy tale ingredients in it true to the template of the Modern genre. The story line is simple enough, the repartee or dialogue between the couple is interesting and flows naturally enough.It is fast paced and makes one think and feel for the couple, as it were. A ten out of ten for this one!


Rating By Amanda,09/05/2015

Kate Walker has a knack for making her novels stand out. Each of her stories is written with meticulous precision and she has done it again with her newest romance for Harlequin Presents. Olivero’s Outrageous Proposal is a stunning, beautiful and compellingly spicy read! Dario Olivero is the bastard child of Henry Kavanaugh. He has faced many hardships growing up. But due to a twist of fate, is now world renowned for his wines. Except there is one thing this Italian wants most of all and it is something his money cannot buy. He wants his father to recognize him for who he is: his son. Hence, Dario will do anything to prove his worth. However, one thing stands in his way. His half brother! Alyse Gregory wants to get rid of Marcus Kavanaugh. He is a bug that would not let go. When she meets the gloriously gorgeous Dario, she formulates a plan. Use Dario to fend off Marcus. One thing leads to another and she ends up at Dario's place, in his arms! When Marcus comes banging at Dario's door, Alyse finds out the true identity of the man who kissed her with all the life in him. She is attracted to Dario but will a fake marriage keep Marcus away from pestering her? Or has Alyse jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire with Dario when she agrees to marry him although their marriage is just as faked as Marcus's feelings for her? Most Definitely Recommended 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by Desere Steenberg, South Africa

Rating By Desere,28/04/2015

Kate Walker is back and this time it's a real humdinger of a journey ! We have Dario Olivero, he sees Alyse Gregory as a way to reap revenge against his estranged half brother, he 'll use her to get the family acceptance he has always craved and then walk away. But then he discovers Alyse's family debts and realizes he cannot simply walk away. There is only one solution and it's in true Harlequin Presents fashion.... a marriage proposal ! Of course this is not what Alyse was expecting yet she does see the logic therein and besides her body might be saying yes and her head no, but she can always find her head and steer it in the right direction, right ? But whilst basking in the Tuscan sun their mutual attraction escalates out of hand and soon they have a whole other inconvenient dilemma to deal with! Oh and did I forget to mention there's also Marcus who wants Alyse all to himself! It's the perfect heart-racing rush to the end of feelings, overpowering emotions, heartache, blackmail and a whole lot of secrets ! This was the type of book that is so fast paced and emotionally packed that it is impossible to put it down once you start, do not I repeat do not start reading this book when you have to get to bed early for an early start, trust me your thoughts will be whirling around and no sleep will come! Oh and as myself you will end up grabbing it and reading it till the very end and at am realize you have to get up in an hour! Talk about a long day, but with these characters and the remarkable journey created by a very talented author it was all worth it! I loved the characters, both strong and passionate and both with that delicious ' Back off, don't mess with me" vs " I am all yours as long as ..." attitude , it gave the read the perfect dark meets light element that I love so much when it comes to romance books. For those that read my reviews , you will know that this is where I start digging into the characters and breaking them down bit by bit, but today that is something that will cause a huge injustice to this book. Why? Because this is the number one Kate Walker book! You have to read it for youself Passion. amazing flair, an incredible journey of love, self discover and just so much more that I am finding it really hard to place the exact words After completing this read I was in a daze for days, and not just because of the lack of sleep no, it was the a state of complete awe, as to just how amazing this author's work is. She took a simple found in so many other romance books plot and changed it into one of the most magical journeys of romance I have ever come across. I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance. It had the danger vs anger vs passion and betrayal , the this is not over till I say it is and the roller coaster of emotions that completely overwhelmed me! Just perfect!! 5/5 star review " One problem leads to one solution but then a whole other problem arises"

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