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Taming His Viking Woman

THE SEA KING’S WARRIOR BRIDE Legendary shield maiden Sayrid Avildottar will marry no man unless he first defeats her in combat. And in powerful sea king H... read more

ISBN: 9781474005760
Published: February 2015


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THE SEA KING’S WARRIOR BRIDE Legendary shield maiden Sayrid Avildottar will marry no man unless he first defeats her in combat. And in powerful sea king Hrolf Eymundsson she has finally met her match.

Hrolf might have won her lands – and her body – but can Sayrid welcome a stranger to her bed? The world of fighting is all she knows! But with a husband intent on seducing his new bride perhaps, just this once, Sayrid will discover that surrender can bring the greatest pleasure of all…

One you just won't want to be down .....

Rating By Julia,21/03/2015

It is not clear if this is part of a series. The story is set around AD 830 and covers much of the life of the Viking men and women. It starts with Sayrid Avildottar, out of necessity she has become a shield maiden in order to protect her family, and she is also an accomplished leader and sailor. Sayrid is a very strong character but deep inside she sometimes is not as strong as she appears. Her father was not the best of men at home. A respected warrior but he had little time for his family. He takes a second wife and produces two children Auda and Regin who Sayrid spends her life protecting from inside and outside threats. Her father would joke about her, she was always clumsy and his new wife instilled the same cruelty towards Sayrid implanting that no one will want her. Her father vowed that whoever bested his daughter in a sword fight may win her hand. A few tried at the start but Sayrid trained hard and became a Shield Maiden who could rival most men with her sword. Ironfist, her father, didn’t think she would be able to fight as well as she could and so when he died the land and the headland and harbour fell under her control. Auda and Regin were also targets of her father but Sayrid made sure she protected them as well as she could. Kettil their Jaarl, relied on Sayrid who had proven her worth. Regin was in love with Blodvin daughter of Bloodaxe. A note is sent from Blodvin telling Regin that Hrolf Eymundsson has made an offer for Blodvin and Bloodaxe has agreed however, Sayrid has already paid the Bride Price for Blodvin to marry Regin and then Regin drops a bomb in Sayrid’s lap and tells her that Bladvin is pregnant with his child. Sayrid decides that no one cheats Ironfist’s children and especially not Bloodaxe who is known for his cheating of others. They go to Bloodaxe’s home and find Blodvin confined in the barn. After liberating her Sayrid is caught by Hrolf who is confused by the turn of events and by his reaction to Sayrid. Regin, Blodvin and Sayrid escape. Bloodaxe called them to account asking for the Jaarl to make a judgement about his daughter. Outside the hall Hrolf, Sea Rider, encounters Sayrid and tells her he knows who she is. The ruling with Hrolf’s statement went for Sayrid and her brother. Bloodaxe disowning his daughter and said she was dead to him now. Regin and Blodvin had already married and now they held a feast for everyone to celebrate. During this time Hrolf has more words with Sayrid. He makes her an offer in front of the hall and Kettil tells him about her father’s ruling that she must be defeated before she can consent. He agrees to the challenge. Both contestants surprise each other. Their fight was amazing to watch even for Hrolf’s men who had fought many battles. Hrolf had underestimated Sayrid’s skill. In the end endurance wins and they are married. Kettil gives the care of her lands to Hrolf. After the wedding night however, they find his flagship has been sabotaged. Also Sayrid gets a shock at the end of the wedding finding herself taking care of a little girl. After her experience with her stepmother she was trying to be careful of Inga, Hrolf’s daughter but the child insists on calling her a frost giant and giantess and the nurse is just as bad. Magda is over protective and sees Sayrid as someone who will get rid of her. They make their way home and find an attraction developing. They know there is a traitor but who they are not sure. Inga saw the ghost of her mother by her father’s ship. Sayrid takes this on board and tells Hrolf. All things start to go well and slot into place. Sayrid is trying her hand at being the lady of the dwelling and turning her hand to baking and sewing but she is still restless and wants to train. She makes a bet with Hrolf and loses again when her brother, his wife and a set of rough travellers arrive. Blodvin sets Sayrid to thinking she is not good enough again and she feels there is something not quite right with Blodvin. Hrolf and Sayrid have a falling out. She heads to the fishing pond early morning where Hrolf finds her. They have just finished making up when the horn blasts and they go running for the hall only to stop as Magda bursts out and cries at them that the hall has been taken, she also tells them that Inga has been taken by Blodvin. Sayrid assumes this is for Inga’s safety but finds differently when they find Regin. Both arm themselves and despatch the two who were sent to kill Magda. They make it to the hall to see it burned. They are attacked and fight off all comers finding that some of Hrolf’s men have survived. They take back the hall and Lavrans gets the reckoning he was looking for with Hrolf. Both prove strong but only one won. When they find Regin they find out about Blodvin and chase after her to save Inga. All turns out for the best and the ending is a really beautiful one looking at the family 2½ years on. It has some surprises within the story and the story is very hard to put down. There are a few surprises at the end too and I have tried not to give them away as they are worth the read. I hope the author will give Inga, Regin and Bragi their own stories. It would be wonderful to see that the fates could be kind to them too.

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