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The Ultimate Revenge

‘I will annihilate your world. As you destroyed mine.’. For over a decade Nicandro Santos, heir to a legendary diamond legacy, has lived with one unrelent... read more

ISBN: 9781472042941
Published: September 2014


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‘I will annihilate your world. As you destroyed mine.’

For over a decade Nicandro Santos, heir to a legendary diamond legacy, has lived with one unrelenting purpose: to infiltrate the ultra-prestigious Q Virtus gentlemen’s club and bring it and its leader Zeus down.

What he doesn’t know is that Olympia Merisi, the daughter of his enemy, is now in charge. Olympia has her own reasons for wanting to keep Nicandro close, and will stop at nothing to protect what’s hers. But what happens when the battle lines between them blur and they enter more dangerous – sensual – territory?

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Passionate , enthralling, Romantic story indeed !

Rating By Arpita,12/09/2014

Victoria Parker spins superb Modern genre of romanticism! All the ingredients of a love story will be found in this story. The characters are so realistic that you might want to meet them and help them along! The repartee/conversation is scintillating and witty. The hero Nicandro Santos is so macho and attractive. It is only right that that both the hero and the heroine realise the meaning of true love, though at the very end. Highly recommended as it deserves more than one read

Deep and delightful

Rating By Helena,18/08/2014

I loved everything about this. I loved the way the tables were turned in the opening and Pia had the irresistible Nic tied up and bound and at her mercy. I loved the quippy clever banter and the settings were gorgeous and unique. I had to google the Ice Castle to see if it really existed. I've put it on my bucket list! First time reading this author and it won't be my last.

The Ultimate Romance!

Rating By Helen,12/08/2014

Another gripping sexy read from VP as she brings her usual fresh twist to the line and portrays an uber powerful gun wielding femme fatale who hides a heart of gold. I absolutely loved Pia and the devilish hunk that was Nic was her perfect match in every way. The banter between these two was hilarious and with all the secrets and lies flying around I was chewing on my nails towards the gripping finale. I could have throttled Nic toward the end but still, excellent read! Just wish this author would release more often

Reviewed by Desere Steenberg, South Africa

Rating By Desere,14/08/2014

For over a decade Nicardro Santos, heir to the legendary diamond legacy has lived with one unrelenting purpose, to infiltrate the ultra prestigious Q Virtus gentlemen's club and bring it and it's leader, Zues down. But what he doesn't know is that Olympia Merisi the daughter of his enemy, is now the one in charge! Olympia has her own reasons for wanting to keep Nicandro close and she will stop at nothing to protect what belongs to her. The only question that remains at the end of the day is what will happen when the battle lines of hate and anger start to blur and more dangerous and sensual ones start to emerge? I have been a fan of this author's books since the first time I picked up her debut, she has a way of luring you into a story that seems as dark as its characters and then slowly and so beautifully dragging you back to the light. And each time I step into the darkness I cannot help but wonder if am going emerge on the other side as the same person I was before I read the book, because with this author you know there is a guaranteed happy ending in the works but her writing is so full of life and so unpredictable ( I love her for the unpredictable parts as a predictable book is never any fun) that I am never sure if I will at the end of the read still feel that surge of joy and excitement when reading the back cover. It's almost and yes I know this sounds completely off for a Harlequin read, but it always seems as if she is going to kill of the main characters when I least expect it and then what? Thankfully it is ever the case , but it is in this unique captivating, keep my attention all the way through till the end magical way of writing that the true genius of this author shines through time after time. In this her latest read she has done it all again and ten times better! I was completely addicted to the book from the first page, I could not put it down for fear am going to miss something, and yes I realize it's a book and not a tv show and thus one is able to put down and come back later, yet I simply could not bring myself to do it. And the darkness was once again there in full force, and my oh my was it simply delicious! I was not nuts about Nicandro having thoughts and such a drive to take revenge , because let's face it, seeking revenge never makes you a nice person it makes you cold, dark and totally not likable, but what I did love is how the author changed his outlook on life once he encounters Olympia. It was like reading about a lonely creature being dragged into the harsh reality of life in order to learn what truly matters in life. Olympia was really awesome, awesome heroine. I adored this woman for being so strong and fighting for what is hers, of course hiding behind a mask of identity showed her more in the light of weak yet she is so determined in making it all work that her weakness takes a back seat and more than once the author completely let me forget about it all together , and then suddenly gently reminded me , really brilliant work Victoria ! From this read am taking away a message of revenge is a very bad thing to go after in life, but sometimes it is the very thing needed to bring you back to reality. The trick is how you react when the chance for the return comes to be able to see it for what it is, a second chance at a life of happiness. And most importantly hiding behind facade, pretending to be someone you are not is never the answer, yes some people will not understand or even want you around but it's simply because they cannot handle the real you. Stand strong and be you it's what will ultimately let you win any battle in life. I highly recommend this read for all fans of brilliant, blow your mind, beautiful , stunning tear my heart to shreds and make it whole again with magical romance, reads. Victoria Parker has once again shown why she's a leading lady in each and every aspect of writing the perfect so close to reality read it will leave you in tears and begging to be dragged back for more! 5/5 star review " Revenge is what he seeks, what he finds will bring his soul back to life"

Modern Of The Month

Rating By R,24/08/2014

Wow! Far and away this month's best Modern as it leaves the others trailing in its wake. This is a powerful and fast paced novel in which you can almost feel the chemistry between the characters. Nicandro is a super alpha hero set on revenge but learns to show his finer feelings and compassion while Pia (Olympia) may very well be one of the strongest M&B heroines I have encountered although she does waver somewhat towards the end. As M&B Moderns seem to be veering in all directions many of them worrying like a phoenix rising from the ashes this book will restore your faith in them. Ten out of ten The beginning is particularly compelling as Pia "ties Nicandro in knots!"

Intense and amazing

Rating By Ipshita,30/10/2014

There is a reason why Victoria is one of my favorite authors and this is definitely one of the books which make me fall in love with her characters even more.Strong characters who hold their own and hot passionate romance.This is definitely a must read for every M&B lover!!

A strong woman, a beautiful book!

Rating By Niharika,13/11/2014

I really appreciate that the author has introduced such a strong businesswoman in the book. The guy was great too, and neither of the two characters over shadowed the other. A good, steamy read, with well-established and complex characters.


Rating By Helen,10/11/2014

Wow.... I loved this book by Victoria Parker! It was definitely one of those books I could not put down. Filled with every emotion and twists. One again VP did not disappoint.


Rating By Helen,10/11/2014

Wow.... I loved this book by Victoria Parker! It was definitely one of those books I could not put down. Filled with every emotion and twists. One again VP did not disappoint.

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