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Taming the Notorious Sicilian

TAMING THE NOTORIOUS SICILIANThe face of a god and a body made for sin!Women like Hannah Chapman, pure and untouched, have no place in Francesco Calvetti’... read more

ISBN: 9781472042828
Published: August 2014


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The face of a god and a body made for sin!

Women like Hannah Chapman, pure and untouched, have no place in Francesco Calvetti’s world. He doesn’t do damsels in distress – except for that one time…

Since losing her sister, Hannah has lived a sheltered existence, but a wake-up call leads her to the one man who can help tick off her to-do list. But will the gorgeous Sicilian oblige her?

The best book in this series!

Rating By Sarina,12/07/2014

Francesco appeared in first book and he was portrayed as this dark gangster! I thoroughly enjoyed how Michelle got him to become a M&B hero. It was the most thrilling story with a powerful bike and leathers thrown in for that added punch! I did not read Pepe's story, this one made me go back and read it. But this is best story in this series, and I eagerly look forward to more stories from Michelle. And five stars for getting the best looking 'Francesco' on the cover, who is gorgeous but looks dangerous too!

Reviewed by Desere Steenberg, South Africa

Rating By Desere,01/07/2014

Michelle Smart's books have become more than just an addiction to me, it has become an uncontrollable craving I cannot live without! In her latest read she takes us into the world of clubbing, big bad gangsters who with just a mere look can scare anyone off who dares to double cross them, added to this we have Francesco, who tries to be as bad as possible, you know the real " Look at me , am rich, powerful, can have any woman I want and will break your kneecaps if you so much as even blink without permission' kind. I know that most woman will say that a man such as this does not sound sexy at all, except when you enter him in to the mind of a writer such as Michelle Smart, she made this man sound so incredibly sexy it made my toes curl and had me seeing stars within the first few pages. Francesco meets Hannah after she's knocked down by a passing car, saves her life and off he goes back to his seedy lifestyle but, Hannah is immediately entranced by Francesco and wants into his world, just for one night. Franceso does everything within his power to make Hannah see that he is no good for her, and his dangerous lifestyle is not what she deserves, but Hannah is insistent, and when she finally gets what she craves she's knocked down again, but this time she's not so sure Francesco will pick her up. The character of Franceso was as I mentioned the kind of man you just know is bad news, sexier than you have ever seen , but dangerous to any woman's heart, for you just know a guy branding a gun and oozing danger is bound to dispense of you at some stage. When the author got into his frame of mind I got to see a man that had built a life in order to be a better person than his father , but along the road to success lost his way and in turn became the opposite of the man he wanted to be, and it is through this character that the author reminded me that sometimes revenge completely obscures our ideas and we are more blinded to life then if we were walking around with out any idea's what so ever. The character of Hannah was one that in the start I thought very kind sweet, it is not everyday I read about a Dr that devotes every single waking moment to their patients, but as the read went on I actually starting liking Francesco and his coldhearted acts more than I liked Hannah, this because the author showed just how cool, distant and isolated Hannah had become and even though she is such an amazingly dedicated Dr she is in so many other ways worse than any of the gangsters out there. It did teach me that you are not meant to go into a world so silent that when life knocks you down you can't hear the slightest bit of sound trying to bring you back from the silence you've created. I am taking away a message of everyone has a reason for what they do or don't do in life, there is a story behind everyone's pain, or the mask they slot in place when someone gets too close, but when that little nagging voice in the back of your mind stats telling you that someone has a point, listen to them, even if you don't want to , the point is you will learn what the outside world sees is never as important as what the person who loves you for you and only the real you, is so much more valuable than anything life and it's evil has to offer. This book was infused with so much spice, passion, romance and even humor that I experienced each and every single one of those delicious and yes even murderous emotions I love to have during a good book. I highly recommend this read for any and all romance readers who live and breath romance. This is one tale of mindless passion, intrigue and a new zest for life you will not want to miss! It's the Godfather meets Pretty woman ! Michelle Smart is a true master in creating stories that leaves me smiling and stuck in a dream world long after the story is over and she does it , each and EVERY time! 5/5 star review " She craves his body, he craves to free her soul"

Can you forgive and forget............?

Rating By R,17/07/2014

Very mixed feelings on this book. Certainly Ms Smart has a wonderfully compelling style of writing but the hero Francesco was introduced in a previous book and came over in a very bad light. No matter how sympathetically she tries to write his character I have reservations and a deep dislike of his past actions despite a better side to him which she introduces. In the words of the Diana Ross song the premise behind "sorry doesn't always make it right" is how I feel. Hannah was a surprising heroine too, unhesitatingly painted as reserved and lacking emotion outside her job (which basically was her life and in which she did show compassion) with a calculating inner core - maybe they deserved each other. What i thoroughly enjoyed was the reversal of the usual roles so that it was the woman who wanted a no strings attached sexual encounter and then to walk away. Francesco didn't know what had hit him! However while most of this might sound negative I have to say that rather surprisingly I was kept hooked on the story and it became a page turner! Eight out of ten

An A* delightful, superb, engrossing, sensual Modern Romance!

Rating By Arpita,26/08/2014

This is worth reading at least more than once. The attraction between Hannah and Francesco is totally riveting . Their first meeting is unbelievable.and so endearing. The writer very cleverly did not go into details of the accident which is brilliant.. Some readers like fantasy and Michelle has been able to strike the correct balance. Thereafter the way they deal with each other through funny and serious events/ issues is absolutely engrossing.! A book you cannot put down till you come to the end of the story. It fulfills all the salient points of Modern Romantic genre; it is international, sensual and passionate. Excellent indeed! Please write some more like this story!

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