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At No Man's Command

The shock engagement of the century!. It looks as if our favourite tearaway, the notorious Aiesha Adams, is trying to change her spots. Inside sources hav... read more

ISBN: 9781472042675
Published: July 2014


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The shock engagement of the century!

It looks as if our favourite tearaway, the notorious Aiesha Adams, is trying to change her spots. Inside sources have revealed that not only is she currently holed up in the Scottish countryside with the gorgeous aristocrat James Challender, but the pair are secretly engaged!

We’ve always had a soft spot for Aiesha, and with rumours of her unhappy childhood trailing her footsteps wherever she goes, we knew her wild streak hid something more. But we thought Aiesha and James were sworn enemies… Perhaps when there are fireworks outside the bedroom, the sparks are just too impossible to resist!

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Stephen King?????

Rating By Charlotte,23/07/2014

Truly terrible book I had to stop ready it after the description of the incident with the dog. If I wanted this type of detail I would be reading a horror book not a romance novel. I don't know how this got past the editors

Exhilarating, scorching fantastic story

Rating By Arpita,30/07/2014

A true classic writer such as Melanie Milburne has used a template which time and time again attracts the reader to her genius of a story teller! It no doubt concentrates on the heroine Aiesha,who has deep seated emotional issues yet one can get attracted to her and empathise with her as she appears to be so endearing. Only a macho hero like James, with his insight, power and love deserves to win her. A definite ten out of ten for this Modern genre of fairy tale.

Reviewed by Desere Steenberg, South Africa

Rating By Desere,01/07/2014

So many people have been misjudged before. Sayings such as "She's from the wrong side of the tracks" or " Trailer trash ! Looking for an easy way to easy money." People like this are not only sadly misjudged they are accused of all kinds of nasty things, even more tragic some of them choose to not defend themselves and instead just goes with the reputation. Lucky for some they do find that one person who sees right through the facade and finds the real person. In the new Melanie Milburne read this is what life comes down to for Aiesha Adams. She craves the spotlight and to be taken seriously as an artist but her past life and family scandals have made it more than difficult. She however finds a stroke of luck when she finds herself trapped with the more than simply delicious James Challender. Many years ago he was part of her past and just like back then the man sends her senses into overdrive. Now he's back and the press are on the hunt for a new story, James and Aiesha are it! But what the outside world sees has not comparison to what goes on behind closed doors, James gets to know the real Aiesha and falls for her hook line and sinker, that is until she stabs him in the heart with a little jolt from the past involving his father. Will it send him running or taking her into his arms again? I so very much enjoyed this book. It was full of amazing emotion that made me bawl my eyes out again and again and again ! James was a real sweetheart of a man but he had that certain " Don't take me on for you will surely lose" flair about him, that just made him even more delicious. I loved his compassion and caring nature , not wanting to believe his heart and instead follow his head but at the same time fighting the obvious and trying to see the two worlds of decision making meet and live in harmony. Aiesha was absolutely stunning ! I adored this heroine, she was fun and spunky the one minute and snobby and all bossy the next. It was a little like reading about one of today's dolled up celebrities , the real Paris Hilton kind, but it also reminded me that some of those celebrities act all dumb and dramatic, but in real fact I think they are just hiding the various feelings of hurt and anger they face, because they just like the rest of us are only human. I particularly loved the hate -love vibe between James and Aiesha very entertaining reading material that brought me laughter and many tears. At the end of the day am taking away a message of life has many various types of people. Some are straight forward and let's the world see them for who they are , but even a little part of themselves are hidden for just a certain someone to see. Others are more complex-ed and instead of showing the world the real them they hide behind a mocked up personality. But the truth comes down to this, when we hide behind facade's because we have been branded as a bad person, we are only hurting ourselves. The outside world will always see what they want to see no matter what we do or say, so instead of going with the flow, rather make yourself happy by being true to yourself. And always go after what you want, giving up is never an option. But most importantly, never think you know someone from the side they let you see, there is always something deeper inside. I highly recommend this read for all fans of Melanie Milburne books, she has once again created remarkable characters , a stunning emotional story of deceit, love, scandal and showed how the truth shall set you free. 5/5 star review " She's ready to play him but he wants to do more than just play."

waste of my time

Rating By ,02/07/2014

I didn't liked the story , horrible heroine #SorryNotSorry

Not for me.

Rating By R,14/06/2014

I find it hard to believe that this is the same author who writes such great books for the Medical Genre. Any review is only the opinion of one person but I have to say that I found this awful. Aiesha, was one of the most immature and horrible heroines I have ever come across. I know Modern does have explicit sexual material now but that wasn't the problem here, in fact there wasn't that much of it but she unashamedly admitted to indulging in it on a casual basis which was a step too far for me. Without spoiling the plot - no matter what her past (one incident of which I found stomach churning and don't feel should have been included) the world did not owe her anything and make the reasons for her actions valid especially with regard to James basically because she just didn't like his character but who had done nothing against her. James was the one redeeming factor. He was able to exercise great self-control and was a brooding and charismatic hero but he deserved so much better and this is one of the very few M&B's where I would have been quite happy to see him walk off by himself at the end. At this stage the story had even move into fairy tale territory. Not for me but I will be interested to see what other readers make of this.

Enjoyed thoroughly

Rating By Rebecca,15/06/2014

Really enjoyed this characters fab looking forward to the next book by Melanie

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