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Thrills & Swoon - Fated Love

3 years ago • 0 comments

In Chinese legend, the god Yue Xia Lao ties an intangible silken red thread round the ankles of those who are predestined to fall in love. From that moment, nothing can keep them apart.

There’s always an element of fate when we think about love; whether that’s down to being in the right place at the right time or just being inextricably drawn to someone.

So in honour of celebrating what Valentine’s Day is really about (screw commercialism), I’ve selected books that echo just that.

In Melting the Ice Queen’s Heart there are so many things standing in the way of our two lovers. Virginia Potter is Gavin Brice’s new boss, she’s fighting to keep his job and the jobs of all the staff in Baywater Hospital’s ER, and Gavin has two orphaned nieces to look after and bring up. There are so many obstacles to this entanglement, not least because Virginia’s past means that she’s terribly afraid of getting too close to people, and yet there’s something that draws them to each other…

Each of the short stories in Moonlight deals with what happens when a werewolf mates (a bonding ritual that usually occurs through sex). A werewolf’s mate is their one true love, and they’ll do anything to stay together.But pack loyalty must come first, and when werewolves are drawn to their enemies, their cravings can endanger everyone and everything they hold dear…

There’s something utterly charming about Mills & Boon’s new Heartwarming imprint. Gently sweet romances that focus on the slow development of a relationship. Amy Vastine’ The Weather Girl is one such story. With an awkwardly sweet heroine who’s an expert in her field and a hero who’s determined to discover what his field should actually be, only the bonds that link them will keep this relationship from fracturing…

In romance novels the Ex Factor nearly always helps old emotions and frustrations to resurface; but along with that, there’s that niggling feeling that perhaps they should always meant to be. When Falcone’s World Stops Turning does just that.  Sam and Rafaele’s interactions are heightened by long-kept secrets and a passion for each other that was never fully doused… 
Marguerite Kaye’s Scoundrel in the Regency Ballroom holds two stories, with two very unconventional heroines.The first, Lady Serena, must contend with a gentleman whose history seems inextricably interwoven with her own…And Lady Celia, from Innocent in the Sheikh’s Harem, proves that sensible doesn’t mean lacking in sensuality when she is rescued by Ramiz of A’Quadiz…

When Ashley Parrish finds herself being stalked by a gunman during what started out as a normal day at the office, it’s only the beginning of a week filled with murder and abduction.

It’s down to SWAT officer Dillon Gray to help prove that she’s been framed in Tennessee Takedown, and it’s that bond between them that convinces him of her innocence when the FBI come calling… 

What are your favourite books starring characters that are just meant to be…?


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