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#TemptedToWrite - The final thought...

3 years ago • 0 comments

After all the excitement of Friday's announcement, we thought we'd get one final thought on the competition from Charlotte Phillips, Modern Tempted author and #TemptedToWrite judge!  

I absolutely love writing for Modern Tempted/Harlequin KISS and my own writing career began with one of Mills & Boon’s writing competitions (New Voices 2011), so I was thrilled to be a part of the judging process for #TemptedToWrite, an exciting short-story competition which ended on Valentine’s Day. Competitions are a great way to get your work in front of an editor and the camaraderie and interaction with other aspiring writers throughout the process is great fun. Run via a nifty Facebook app and with a real buzz of discussion on Twitter, daily questions were posted for the first ten days to get participants thinking about character, motivation and conflict, followed by another ten days to write a 10k story in the style of M&B’S new Modern Tempted line.

Modern Tempted launched back in September and I absolutely love writing for this line. The stories are smart, sexy and modern, centred on that whirlwind exciting time at the start of a new relationship, with heroines who are sparky and fun and gorgeous 21st century alpha heroes. Those intoxicating early weeks of a romance with all its dilemmas and ups and downs are something we can all relate to, and it makes the stories super fun to write as well as to read.

All this meant that I had a fantastic time last week in the run up to Valentine’s Day. What better way to get ready for the most romantic day of the year than being immersed in the shortlisted #TemptedToWrite stories?

Fellow judges Heidi Rice, Joss Wood and I had a fantastic time reading and discussing the finalists’ entries. It was so hard to choose an outright winner because the standard of the entries was incredibly high but it was clear from the outset that Kara Marshall’s entry Law and Disorder was a frontrunner. Kara has a fresh and funny voice which is perfectly suited to Modern Tempted. Her police officer heroine was adorable, her hero was seriously cute and sexy, and the sparks between them flew right from the outset. She opened with a great fun premise and then her flirty writing style just swept me along. It has all the ingredients of a Modern Tempted story, exactly what we were looking for.

I’ve had such a great time being involved in #TemptedToWrite and I’m absolutely thrilled for Kara and looking forward to seeing what’s next for her. 

Read Charlotte's latest Modern Tempted book - The Plus-One Agreement

Click here to read Kara Marshall's winning #TemptedToWrite short story 

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