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My most memorable hotel moment was...

Flo • 5 years ago
Let me set the scene. It was the last night of the 2013 RWA annual conference in Atlanta, and myself, Jo Grant, Megan Haslam and Bryony Green were catching the lift up to our rooms in the (very plush) Ritz-Carlton Hotel. We were buzzing – it had been a fantastic week. And then he got in with us. We’d spotted him a few days before – what can I say, we’re romance editors, we’ve got an eye for a looker! But he was looking decidedly worse for wear that night, and clearly a bit too full of Dutch courage. Because he then propositioned all four of us. I’m not going to lie, we were stumped. Editing shameless nights of passion is one thing, but being offered a fivesome in real life was quite another! Should we be offended? Impressed?! In the end, we politely declined (so British!), sent him off on his drunk and deluded way, and settled for crying with laughter. Definitely my funniest hotel memory!
Sarah • 5 years ago
My partner decided to treat me to a week-end in the Hilton Hotel in Wembley. We had a fantastic room and after a relaxing swim in the pool we decided instead of having to dress-up and go down for dinner he would order it up to our room. I sqeeled with delight like a teenager, we could just cozy out for the evening with some nice food point being we are vegetarians! And this is where the fun starts! For some reason my partner decided to go down to see what was on the menu instead of the usual room service snacks. He was gone a long, long time. When he returned he said the he had met the head waiter who was a scouser and he said no worries he would take care of us we where all scousers so he wanted to treat us my hubby left the order all in hand. So we waited and then when our meal was delivered (with no charge) it was a full three course meal we where suspicious though as we thought we could smell chicken under the plate covers and we dared each other to peek.... My partner eventually did and low and behold a chicken dinner. Save waste I ate all the veggies and left the chicken & gravy...problem what to do with the chickens?? We could not leave it outside our room the waiter would think we where highly ungrateful so hubby packed it in plastic carrier bags and went down in the lift to dispose of it outside... He got some funny looks in the lift with this bag and the chicken whiff from them was evident! The concierge asked if everything was alright, he said yes a going to get some evening air. Very good sir he said, my partner said you could smell the chicken and could he get out of the lift and lobby quick enough? No, but eventually he did and placed it in some land adjacent the hotel for the animals to feast on. But what a palava! A friend said later you should of thrown it out of the window but that would not do at all, imagine a chicken flying past guest's windows on it's way down the switchboard would be jammed up with folks saying they just seen a chicken flying! We still giggle about the incident though with much mirth. The chicken story is definitely a party piece.
• 3 years ago

The perfect Easter egg looks like...

Diane • 5 years ago
This is not any Easter egg. This is a Mills and Boon Easter egg. Melts in the mouth, creamy tasting, thickly moulded heart shaped Lindor chocolate. Wrapped only in golden foil laid gently on a homemade Easter basket. Tongue tingling perfection on the outside and on the inside..a gift. A Mills and Boon historical novel to tantalise your heart and mind whilst satisfying your taste buds.
Jan • 5 years ago
The perfect egg is a surprise egg with a six foot two hero inside, with a big red ribbon to be undone with care....oh, is this allowed? Hmmmm, just add chocolate and strawberries and champagne on a desert oasis. And my six foot two hero feeding me chocolate eggs before they melt, washed down with champagne. Rich, dark, and decadent just like my sexy sheikhs... maybe some chocolate melted that need to be seen to.... lip service ;)
Clare • 5 years ago
My egg would be like my hero - Russian, rich and with lots of diamonds. And with a discreet Faberge mark 😃

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