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Picture of Conquering His Virgin Queen
rating by Tash, Mar 28, 2018
"A fantastic debut which I really enjoyed. It was different in a good way and i really liked the build up, plot and back-story. The cover is devine and I adore second chance stories and I think Pippa did a fab job in this element. I wish Pippa the bestest of luck with her release and a wonderful and long career. Looking forward to the next story."
Conquering His Virgin Queen by Pippa Roscoe
Picture of A Debt Paid In The Marriage Bed
rating by Tash, Feb 22, 2017
" An exquisitely emotive story of second chances which starts with the most beautiful author's dedication. Lorenzo is presented with the most shell shocking news about his divorce and one the shock subsides he knows this is his once in a lifetime chance to get his wife back in his life where he's always wanted her, by his side. Angelina reluctantly returns, yes with the requisite blackmailing, but it's about there things take a different path, Lorenzo truly want a his marriage back and he is written in the most devine way, all the while also submerged and consumed in trying to land the deal of the century and accept his past to be able move into his future. Angelina loves her husband but past hurts with him and her family have made her stronger and she's not going to be walked over and 200% consumed by everyone then discarded, like she once was. I loved she could say what she wants and I really believed in her character and what she was trying to achieve; a career that she worked hard for as well as a marriage that she did want to succeed. I could not put this book down, luckily I'm on holiday, but I stayed curled up, duvet and all, soaking up the emotive, intense and passionate world, characters and atmosphere created by Jennifer Hayward, the characters, the intensity and the drama of two people who belong together. A wonderful epilogue rounded out the perfect story!"
A Debt Paid In The Marriage Bed by Jennifer Hayward
Picture of The Spaniard`s Pregnant Bride
rating by Tash, Oct 4, 2016
"Perfection - no other word! It is destiny in motion when two strangers meet at a masquerade ball. Their attraction, while dancing, is through the roof and the consequences of the night leaves no stone un-turned with changing everyone's life and changing the path of fate. I was 27% of the way through this story knowing I'd be giving it 6 stars. I give it 6 stars because 100% satisfied is how I was felt at the conclusion. I loved how the last sentence referred back to the beginning of the book. I loved how Allegra and Christian discovered each other was each other and how Christian found Allegra. I love Allegra's brother, his way of standing by his sister (more than once) and can not wait to read his story in the trilogy. I love Allegra's personality and how the author portrayed her lot in life and Allegra's take on it all. I loved Christian and how he was written and what makes the story is a combination of their engagement with each other and the amazing way the author has with the words she uses. I loved the background of Christian and Allegra and how they've been involved with each other's lives since way back and I just loved loved loved the flow, the banter, the plot and everything imbetween to bring it all together. I loved how there were signs of how Christian felt about Allegra and despite coming across as gruff you could tell deep down he cared. In regards to the first chapter, I think it's nothing short of amazing skill to have an entire chapter written with basically no words - just the thoughts of Allegra to carry the story and be completely blown away by the storyline. To be caught up in her world and her story and be curious enough about the stranger at the masquerade ball who has made Allegra feel alive and feel like herself for the first time ever. I wish I could describe how wonderfully written this book was - it truely swept me away from today! I am so so so looking forward to book 2 and 3. I can not thank Netgalley and the publisher's enough for giving me the opportunity to read this book."
The Spaniard`s Pregnant Bride by Maisey Yates
Picture of Marrying Her Royal Enemy
rating by Tash, Jul 19, 2016
"Through the trilogy the devastating story of Stella's brother has been a backdrop to help us reach this point – Kosta's story – king of the neighboring kingdom who was racing with Stella's brother when he plunged over the cliff and died. Although Stella loathes Kosta for taking her brother away from her, there's history between the two, from when they climbed tree's when they were little right up until she shamed herself waiting for him in his bed a decade ago. Asking Stella to be his Queen starts the emotional and heart tugging story of Kosta and Stella. A brilliant story that I give 5 stars to because from page one I was invested! I was drawn in by the great opening, I was captured by the recalled memories of Kosta and Stella, I felt the feelings the author was brilliantly laying out on the pages and I loved the setting and the plot that unfolded in such a way I was completely invested. Stella, being the youngest of the siblings, is so over pompous princess life, she wants to make a difference to the world and Kosta's needs a Queen, to help him win the upcoming elections and a person by his side who he knows will make a difference to his people and who believes in his vision he has. Stella is just the person, but he knows Stella hate's him for what happened with her brother but convinces her to help him and together they form a tight unit and it's clear they genuinely have feelings for each other but are the hurdles jumpable? A great adventure, a fantastic love story and a wonderful way to wrap up the trilogy. Could it be possible to make a fourth book with the appearance of the dead brother? Hmmmnnn..... "
Marrying Her Royal Enemy by Jennifer Hayward
Picture of His Mistress For A Week
rating by Tash, Jul 19, 2016
"Mistress for a Week is a passionately warm love story of two adults who have the worst parents in the world and have spent their adult life trying to rise above the rottten examples that were set for them. Bought back together by their naughty younger siblings Alastair and Clementine take off to Monte Carlo to find the missing wayward teens. The past lives of Alastair and Clem were cleverly woven together and their love story was as equally spellbinding. I enjoyed their thoughts and verbal sparing and I think the younger siblings were an enjoyable asset to the story. It also showed you can’t judge a book by the cover because appearances can be decieving. Clem is a most imperfect heroine who spends her life looking out for everyone else. I loved that Alastair helped her grown into the beautiful swan she was. It was refreshing to read a hero who wasn’t so macho and his inner caring bubbled up more than once. A lovely read full of interesting characters who all deserve their happy ever after in the beautiful locations they were in."
His Mistress For A Week by Melanie Milburne
Picture of Taming Hollywood`s Ultimate Playboy
rating by Tash, Jul 12, 2016
"An awesome addition to a fantastic series. Fast paced, humorous and and a thoroughly enjoyable read which is hard to put down. Liam needs to attend an important premier but doesn't want the world to know he's injured and can't walk properly. His next project, a life changing, career changing project, depends on it. Enlisting the help of his friend James's clinic, he's put into the hands of the best physio there is, Grace. Unfortunately Grace and Liam go way back and this meeting is awkward times a million. I loved the fast paced story, the glitzy glamour of the premier, mixed with the behind the scenes look of what probably does happen with celebrities while they're getting ready for their interviews. I loved Grace's no nonsense approach when it came to her job and I loved the back stories and how the characters developed. I also liked that Grace wasn't the Grace that Liam remembers and how he handles her scars and dashed dreams. In my opinion Amalie Berlin writes with a freshness that's thoroughly enjoyable to read and I throughly recommend this story to anyone who hasn't read medicals before, anyone who's following this series and anyone who's not read Amalie before (and especially if you have). This story was the sunshine of my day! "
Taming Hollywood`s Ultimate Playboy by Amalie Berlin
Picture of Wedding Date With The Army Doc
rating by Tash, Jul 12, 2016
"I've just recently said that Lynne Marshall writes about stories that are not always of the norm for this type of genre and approaches the story with such a solid depth that you always have a big sigh at the end of the story. A good big sigh, it represents the emotion of the journey taken on as a reader, it represents the tears that may have been quietly shed during the book if little things written about you can relate to, it represents the happiness of the two characters, in this case Jackson and Charlotte, who achieving their happy ever after and it represents true appreciation of the hard work it must have been to write such an emotional story with a double whammy of heartbreaking topics. Both topics are approached with caring and sensitivity as well as boldness and I loved how both Jackson and Charlotte got to know each other and liked how the inevitable was handled. I applaud the story and the choice to write about such topics. I recommend this story if you are looking for something special."
Wedding Date With The Army Doc by Lynne Marshall
Picture of Bought By Her Italian Boss
rating by Tash, Jul 12, 2016
"Another dramatic story from the pen of Dani Collins which ticks all the boxes, again. Great opening, tick. Interesting characters, tick. Great plot, tick. Page turner, tick. Don't want to put down, tick. Sad to finish but happy at the conclusion, tick tick tick. Accused of fraud, having an affair with a married man and having intimate pics posted on line, Gwyn's day is starting out pretty bad. She's whisked away by Vito while the company figure out what on earth is going on. So Gwyn has to drop everything, as well as plead her innocence and help restore her reputation all the while realising that working closely with Vito is doing her head in, for all the wrong reasons. A true Harelequin Presents world which Dani is so talented at creating. I love getting lost in her amazing stories that are so so far removed from my world. I love the drama and the tension she makes me feel along with the beautiful locations we're in. I love the plots and the openings which have you on the edge of your seat while you ride it out. Thank you for another amazing story Dani."
Bought By Her Italian Boss by Dani Collins
Picture of Married For The Boss`s Baby
rating by Tash, Jul 12, 2016
"Grant is a surgeon who's last relationship turned to custard when his girlfriend left him for his father and they had a baby together. Unfortunately they died in a nasty accident and Grant is left Lily. Desperate for a nanny - a transplant patient waiting for him on the table - when Sara walks in she's a gift from god - but of course nothing is as it seems and so begins a beautiful, often hilarious, wonderfully written tale of two people who grow to love little baby Lily and as well as each other. Faced with a custody battle Grant proposes to Sara and the two embark on a temporary married life journey. As each day passes Sara finds it harder to accept one day she will walk away. Lily is a wonderful addition to this story, she's a central character but written in such a way she's a delight to read about and she's the reason Grant and Sara are essentially "together". I love Sara, she's like a ray of sunshine, she's funny without trying to be and she's just delightful. Grant is engaging and quite the read! With Lily thrown in and the perfect penmanship of Susan Carlisle, I adored this story."
Married For The Boss`s Baby by Susan Carlisle
Picture of His Pregnant Sleeping Beauty
rating by Tash, Jul 12, 2016
"Joe, owner of the ambulance service that is contracted to Hollywood Hills, meets a beautiful Jane Doe. Unfortunately it's during a mugging and she's knocked out. Joe can't explain what makes him stay by her side when she's in her coma but when she comes to he learns she's pregnant and is escaping her violent partner. Offering Carey a place to stay seemed natural and so begins a wonderful story about two people offered a second chance a life, love and hope. The reason I really like Lynne Marshall's stories are because she writes with depth and plots that are not always the norm in this genre but has the ability to do so in such a way I find myself slowly, surely and very softly drawn into the heart of the story. Joe with his heartbreaking story, Carey with her baby and the two of them growing closer and closer – something has to give. His Pregnant Sleeping Beauty is a fantastic addition to a wonderful series. I enjoyed both Joe and Carey and I was very very interested to see how the happy ever after was going to pan out. Coupled with Lynne's depth of writing I really really enjoyed this read."
His Pregnant Sleeping Beauty by Lynne Marshall