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Dorothy Secaucus

Married for 50 years have 2 children and 4 grandchildren and love to read.

Favourite authors

Alessandra Torre, Alana Matthews, Alegra Verde, Alan Handley

About me

Married for 50 years have 2 children and 4 grandchildren and love to read.

Current read
A deal for the Di sione ring


Reading especially Mills and Boon and Harlequin

Favourite books

any romance especially Jennifer Hayward, Annie West, Maisey Yates, Dani Collins and Sharon Kendricks ;

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Picture of Reclaimed By The Powerful Sheikh
rating by Dorothy, Jun 18, 2019
"The final book in The Winners Circle trilogy and its amazing. This is such a wonderful series and each was fantastic by itself but this is the icing on the cake and all I can say is wow. I fell in love with Prince Danyl and Mason McAulty who have a past that ended with great sadness. They meet again 10 years later and Mason has loved him for all these years. Danyl turns up at her farm requesting she come to a gala at his castle by request of his mother. He doesn't really want to invite her as he is in the process of using an agency to find a wife to be queen. Mason is still living in the shadow of the fact she was a jockey on a horse that died with drugs in his system. One of the finest presents I have read it will leave you with such a wonderful feeling. Ms. Roscoe has again written a compelling outstanding story that will keep you enthralled till the last word. What amazing love story."
Reclaimed By The Powerful Sheikh by Pippa Roscoe
Picture of Second Chance With The Best Man
rating by Dorothy, Jun 2, 2019
"Hannah McGinley loved Laurent Bonneval and thought there was a forever in their romance. Not to be and when he suddenly ends it by walking away suddenly she is devastated. Finally accepting the past is that she moves on until she finds out her best friend is marrying his brother. How can she avoid him at the wedding, how will he handle seeing each other again? What they don't expect is the attraction to still be there but Laurent doesn't want long term or does he? Lovely story and its fun to watch these two try to avoid the inevitable. Enjoyable read from the first page."
Second Chance With The Best Man by Katrina Cudmore
Picture of A Scandalous Midnight In Madrid
rating by Dorothy, Jun 2, 2019
"Alejandro de Alegon is taking care of all his sisters wedding plans so as he is about to meet with her he spots a women across a room and he feels an instant attraction. Sadie Montgomery is a chef and when she is asked to meet someone she becomes unavailable. If you ever read a Susan Stephens book you will know that avoiding each other doesn't happen so when they finally cross paths the chemistry between them is hot. Sadie gives into the passions which produces consequences. Trust is a nebulous force with these two and as you become embroiled with the story you will wonder if they can get over the past and all the emotions to find their HEA. Love the sisters involvement as she tries to play cupid even with her own romance crumbling. Loved it. A fantastic story"
A Scandalous Midnight In Madrid by Susan Stephens
Picture of Reunited By The Greek`s Vows
rating by Dorothy, May 21, 2019
"Kate O'Connor is working and notices Nikos Nikoladis and tries to stay our of his line of vision. However he spots her when someone tries to coax her into sitting on his lap. What she doesn't know is that Nikos was looking for her as he needs her help . He needs to adopt his Goddaughter but may have a problem as he is not married. His plan is Kate marry him which should have happened as he was one her fiancé. She has inherited her fathers candy company called Kandy Kate but it has been struggling. Nikos will help her business is she marries him. Sounds like a plan but life is funny and being together again rekindles the love she had for him. What starts out as pure business becomes pleasure and love and like all Ms. Brocks stories you will be carried on the wonderful story to its HEA. Never miss one of her books they all are keepers. "
Reunited By The Greek`s Vows by Andie Brock
Picture of Untouched Until Her Ultra-Rich Husband
rating by Dorothy, May 21, 2019
"So outrageously wealthy Gabriel Dean wants to nothing . He just enjoys the fruit of his labor to the extreme and thinks nothing about the homelife he never had. When he finds that his grandmother has passed he goes to her home to claim his inheriteance from her estate. Not needed but he finds Luli Cruz there. she has locked up all his grandmothers accounts so that he cannot access them from his own computer programs. How to get into it? Lilu has secrets of her own and has been basically a prisoner in this home as she has no papers and if she comes out she may be deported. If you figure out where this is going you are right but the journey is so much fun. Ms. Collins has again written an amazing story and the fun you will have with the extravagance that Gabriel lives with and takes as the norm. He has everything in the world anyone could want but does he really. Maybe Luli will help him find what is missing. "
Untouched Until Her Ultra-Rich Husband by Dani Collins
Picture of Shock Heir For The King
rating by Dorothy, May 21, 2019
"Matthias is all prepared to take his position as King to his country and marry a chosen bride, except for the little nudge he feels that he needs to go back to see Frankie. Frankie was a one night escape for him and he regrets he took her virginity and left before she woke but his future is mapped out for him. Frankie is busy trying to earn a living as an artist and is at a gallery getting ready for her show. What she doesn't expect is to see Matt again. Her feelings for him come to the surface but she must be strong he must not know about Leo the child they created on their one night. He could not be found he left no name of address and she tried but to no avail. In her eyes he lost the right to know. However plans don't always work the way you want and when he finds out about his son the only answer is to marry. His son is his heir and since Matthias lost his whole family years ago in an accident its not negotiable. Now if you think this is cut a dried you are wrong Ms. Connelly always delivers amazing stories and this one is another example of her amazing talent. Follow these to his kingdom and find out how Frankie deals with her new life. I love that there is an epilogue and that we see into their future. a true keeper."
Shock Heir For The King by Clare Connelly
Picture of Claimed For The Greek`s Child
rating by Dorothy, May 10, 2019
"Dimitri Kyrakiou is chased by demons , feeling he has never truly been part of a family. His two best friends he considers more his family than his father and stepmother. He has never fit and makes a life for himself alone which is what he feels is best for him. Anna Moore has her own demons, one that she has a father that she never knew and a mother who has spent more time in a bottle than with Anna. Running their bed and breakfast more times alone while her mother is unable, she has one night with Dimitri who thinks she is Mary Moore. When Anna finds out she is pregnant she realizes that Dimitri is in prison. When he is released he decides to look up his one night stand and finds he has a daughter. Discovery of his daughter is just the beginning of an emotional story with twist and turns and a truly emotional roller coaster, especially when he finds the letters she wrote daily. Ms. Roscoe has written one of the finest Presents and you will not want to put it down. Part of her winners circle series but can be read alone. I truly loved Dimitri and felt all his pain and the love that Anna tries to give him that he rejects. A truly amazing story and a keeper."
Claimed For The Greek`s Child by Pippa Roscoe
Picture of The Sheikh Doc`s Marriage Bargain: The Sheikh Doc`s Marriage Bargain / The Surgeon`s Convenient Husband
rating by Dorothy, May 8, 2019
"Dr. Laurel Martin lives with the memory of an incident with a boy years before that gives her a good excuse to keep herself isolated. She spends all her time trying to find a cure for hemophilia as she waits for a grant to continue her research. When Sheikh Tariq Al Marktum comes to her lab offering her an opportunity in his country with all the funding she would need. She refuses but finding she didn't get the grant she agrees. Taking Laurel out of her comfort zone is a challenge and you will enjoy all her firsts that Tariq shows her especially the first that she must marry him to enter his county. lovely book "
The Sheikh Doc`s Marriage Bargain: The Sheikh Doc`s Marriage Bargain / The Surgeon`s Convenient Husband by Susan Carlisle, Amy Ruttan
Picture of A Cinderella To Secure His Heir
rating by Dorothy, Apr 16, 2019
"Talk about an amazing story this is one. Beth Hardingstone can't seem to cut a break. Sadly losing her parents and having been put in foster care should have been enough. However she befriends her foster care sister thinking life finally will be good. Not happening, Domenico Palvetti who wants nothing to do with his family in Italy, finds out that his wife Caroline is diagnosed with cancer that she refuses to get treatment as she is pregnant. To protect the child in case something happens to them they make a will and make Beth guardian to their unborn child. Probably no necessary. When Domenico is killed in a motorcycle accident before the birth of their child and Caroline passes right after Beth knows she must keep the child safe from the Palvetti family. Financially in a bind she takes a job as an event planner in a castle and has no idea that the person using a fake name is the uncle to the child and his goal is to get the child back into the fold of the Palvetti family. Sounds cut and dried but this is an incredible story of family and Beth's love for the child and Ms. Smart wraps you up into an fantastic story of two people truly finding each other and how some things are not written in stone. Loved it from the first page a book not to be missed"
A Cinderella To Secure His Heir by Michelle Smart
Picture of Penniless Virgin To Sicilian`s Bride
rating by Dorothy, Apr 16, 2019
"Billionaire Gabriel Salvetti is trying to project a clean image which is difficult since he comes from a notorious family. He has stood alone many years after the death of his mother when he was young . He helped raise his siblings and still worries about his sister Carli. His brothers no pun intended have gone to the dark side. Carli has a hard time with life and Gabriel tries so hard to keep her safe. Being such a caring person he approaches Francesca Mancini with a deal. Her father who helped him in the past, has died after a short illness, but managed to put everything he owned in bankruptcy, and left her penniless and owing more than she could possibly find to pay back. Gabriel offers to pay all debt and give her the house if she weds him for one year more than one year is not negotiable . What could he possibly gain from this? Not going to spoil this wonderful book all I will say is savor this story. Ms. Milburne always writes such fantastic stories and didn't think it possible but she even did more with this one. I fell in love with Gabriel and Francesca , You will too while they fall in love. Not to mention his sister Carli who I would love to meet again. Don't miss this story it is such a treat and truly a love story. "
Penniless Virgin To Sicilian`s Bride by Melanie Milburne