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Picture of The Soldier She Could Never Forget
rating by Lucy, May 20, 2015
"I was looking forward to the subject matter in this book but unfortunately I just couldn't seem to engage with these characters at all. Think I would have preferred the 21 year old daughter's story"
The Soldier She Could Never Forget by Tina Beckett
Picture of It Happened in Vegas
rating by Lucy, May 8, 2015
"Really enjoyed this story, liked the Vegas setting and both the main characters. The medical drama was good, and the epilogue finished things off well. As for the strange word - Assystiline? It's the first time I've googled something and only got one hit! That's because it doesn't exist. I think the author meant asystole since she was doing a resus scene but odd that this got past the edits. Never mind, looking forward to Amy's next story."
It Happened in Vegas by Amy Ruttan
Picture of A Doctor By Day...
rating by Lucy, Mar 6, 2015
"Loved this entertaining read, Scarlett and Jake were fun characters. I liked that not only was Jake a stripper, but that he was younger and less qualified than Scarlett. The romance seemed real and the medical detail was good."
A Doctor By Day... by Emily Forbes
Picture of Playing the Playboy`s Sweetheart
rating by Lucy, Mar 6, 2015
"I really enjoyed this emotional read from Carol Marinelli. The characters were believable and what was nice about this story was that the story line wasn't entirely predicatable. Both Emily and Hugh were well portrayed with the medical situations believable. I do wish I had a £ for every clinician who'd managed to fall accidentally pregnant!"
Playing the Playboy`s Sweetheart by Carol Marinelli
Picture of Flirting with Dr Off-Limits
rating by Lucy, Feb 25, 2015
"This book was a really enjoyable read with two captivating main characters. The medical detail was interesting enough but the main relationship between both characters was the true focus of the story. Great read."
Flirting with Dr Off-Limits by Robin Gianna
Picture of Flirting with the Doc of Her Dreams
rating by Lucy, Feb 20, 2015
"This book was a real fun read with both Eli and Beth being engaging characters. Beth might have needed a little kick up the backside near the end, but for the most this was an enjoyable read. "
Flirting with the Doc of Her Dreams by Janice Lynn
Picture of Return of Dr Irresistible
rating by Lucy, Feb 17, 2015
"A medical book based in a circus seems full of promise, but this book just didn't deliver. Most of the storyline seemed to be based around a horse and the color and excitement of the circus just didn't come through for me. I found both the characters lifeless and dull and the medical detail almost non existent. Just not what I expected from a medical romance."
Return of Dr Irresistible by Amalie Berlin
Picture of Risk of a Lifetime
rating by Lucy, Feb 12, 2015
"This story was a real pull at the heartstrings kind of story. Ed and Annie were two great characters and the whole idea of a hereditary illness was fully explored with sensitivity and realism. This book is definitely for the keeper shelf."
Risk of a Lifetime by Caroline Anderson
Picture of The Surgeon`s Baby Secret
rating by Lucy, Feb 12, 2015
"This book just wasn't as good as the last. The first few chapters were like one giant prologue, the story didn't start properly until it reached Boston and by that point half the book was gone. It was strange seeing scenes you've already read being played out from the point of view of another character, and because you knew what was happening this book seemed to lose emotional punch. The ending seemed rushed. I would much rather have had one short prologue and the rest of the book exploring the relationship in Boston between the two main characters."
The Surgeon`s Baby Secret by Amber McKenzie
Picture of After One Forbidden Night...
rating by Lucy, Feb 12, 2015
"This book seemed to have more heart than the author's first. The story moved at a good pace and the characters and setting were believable. Chloe and Tate were compelling, the friction between them good and the medical scenes realistic. A really enjoyable read."
After One Forbidden Night... by Amber McKenzie