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Picture of The Rancher`s Secret Son: The Rancher`s Secret Son / Taking the Boss to Bed
rating by geraldine, Nov 30, 2015
"Sara Orwig's The Rancher's Secret Son tells the story of Nick who previously lived to please his family now finds out that he is the Daddy of his ex's son. What follows is an emotional story that show that Nick must live his own life in order to win back his ex and their son. Loved it. Joss Wood Taking The Boss To Bed tells the story of Ryan and Jaci who through a series of unfortunate events realise that they both have what the other needs and wants. Excellent read."
The Rancher`s Secret Son: The Rancher`s Secret Son / Taking the Boss to Bed by Sara Orwig, Joss Wood
Picture of Bane: Bane / Triplets Under the Tree
rating by geraldine, Nov 30, 2015
"Another winner by Brenda Jackson. Bane has everything you expect and so much more from suspense, lost love and forever love. Superb chemistry between characters well worth a look. Kat Cantrell's Triplets Under The Tree show passion and romance as well as a softer side to fighters well worth a read. Loved it."
Bane: Bane / Triplets Under the Tree by Kat Cantrell, Brenda Jackson
Picture of The Mighty Quinns: Mac
rating by geraldine, Nov 18, 2015
"Kate Hoffmann makes her characters believable and love reading about the different Quinns who read great as a stand alone but also as part of the series."
The Mighty Quinns: Mac by Kate Hoffmann
Picture of Bought For Her Innocence
rating by geraldine, Nov 18, 2015
"An excellent romance that is both passionate and emotional and pulls you along for the ride. Well worth a read both characters have baggage and reasons to distrust. Loved it"
Bought For Her Innocence by Tara Pammi
Picture of Shackled To The Sheikh
rating by geraldine, Nov 13, 2015
"Rashid al Kharim has a reckless one night stand before he has to take his infant half-sister to Qajaran. He later finds out that his one night stand is the nanny Tora Burgess who has problems of her own. When these two meet again sparks fly and what follows is a fast paced romance."
Shackled To The Sheikh by Trish Morey
Picture of Brazilian`s Nine Months` Notice
rating by geraldine, Nov 13, 2015
"This is part 3 of a 4 part series that is great also as a stand alone. Chambermaid Emma Fane has a one night stand with Polo player Lucas Marcelos which leads to a pregnancy. Lucas lures Emma back to Brazil but Lucas finds that she is not a push over and is very spirited, loved the interactions between the characters well worth a read."
Brazilian`s Nine Months` Notice by Susan Stephens
Picture of A Marriage Fit For A Sinner
rating by geraldine, Nov 13, 2015
"Zaccheo Giordano has just been released from prison for a crime he did not commit and is seeking revenge on his ex-fiance Eva Pennington and her family who put him in prison. A well written revenge romance that has you hooked from the first page. Loved it."
A Marriage Fit For A Sinner by Maya Blake
Picture of The Sheikh`s Christmas Conquest
rating by geraldine, Nov 13, 2015
"Sheikh Saladin Al Mektala is a strong Alpha and is used to people granting his wishes. Olivia Miller has been badly burned in the past and is not interested in the Sheikh's request to help him with his horse. These two meet and sparks fly, a wonderful romance."
The Sheikh`s Christmas Conquest by Sharon Kendrick
Picture of Unwrapping The Castelli Secret
rating by geraldine, Nov 9, 2015
"An emotional read that at times makes you want to strangle the lead character Rafael. Both characters have a lot to learn and need a lot of growth but none the less an enjoyable read."
Unwrapping The Castelli Secret by Caitlin Crews
Picture of Larenzo`s Christmas Baby
rating by geraldine, Nov 8, 2015
"A well written emotional read that shows that love and children can heal and bring two people together that have been hurt in the past. Loved it."
Larenzo`s Christmas Baby by Kate Hewitt