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Picture of The Widow And The Sheikh
rating by Amanda, Mar 14, 2016
"What's great about a Marguerite Kaye book is that as you read it, you are transported into the story itself. Her vivid descriptions of the era and the clothing are mind-blowing. I thoroughly enjoyed Julia and Azkah's romance mainly because Julia is most definitely not a run of the mill Regency heroine. She is strong, gutsy and academic. As for Azkah, with his many hidden layers, each revelation is a delight to discover. Add into the storyline sensual and sexy love scenes causing this reader to turn down the central heating and stick her head in the freezer, this is regency romance at its very finest. Top notch. "
The Widow And The Sheikh by Marguerite Kaye
Picture of Sleepless In Manhattan
rating by Amanda, Mar 10, 2016
"I loved this book, the first of a series featuring three friends. Paige and Jake's round about road to romance kept me turning 'paige' after 'paige'. I particularly enjoyed the depth of the characters as the humour wove itself seamlessly through the story. A gorgeous, hot hero, a deceptively strong heroine and quirky friends...what else could a romance contain? A splendid read, especially when curled up under a cuddly blanket slurping vegetable soup. An indulgence while the kids are at school! I received this book in exchange for an honest review."
Sleepless In Manhattan by Sarah Morgan
Picture of The Soldier`s Dark Secret
rating by Amanda, Mar 1, 2015
" Ok, first off this isn't one of the run of the mill M&B historicals, it is something so much deeper. It is a gutsy read, full of intrigue, secrets and romance that a historical buff like myself can sink their teeth into. Jack, a colonel, tortured from the nightmare of war. Celeste, desperately searching for her identity come together with a subtlety and desperation that only Marguerite can portray with precision. With elements of today's issues woven seamlessly into the tale, The Soldier's Dark Secret is one that keeps the reader turning over page after page. Marguerite has not sugar-coated the horrors of war. Jack and Celeste's relationship keeps the reader guessing throughout the book, with a well deserved Yay at the end. To say I was disappointed when the book finished is an understatement. However, I'm anticipating Finlay's story and it can't be released soon enough. "
The Soldier`s Dark Secret by Marguerite Kaye
Picture of Strangers at the Altar
rating by Amanda, Nov 26, 2014
"I know when I buy a Marguerite Kaye historical romance I am in for a treat. No more so than with Ainsley and Innes' romance. Interspersed with unique snippets from an advice column. Set in Scotland during the early years of Queen Victoria's reign, when the industrial revolution in its infancy, it is a delight from start to a very reluctant finish. With the hero and heroine taking me on a journey I loved from start to finish. For me personally, this ticks all my boxes. This had me smiling, in tears, laughing and at the very end sad that the story had finished. Rather like haggis neeps and tatties, plenty of spice, hearty and full of good things, leaving me as the reader eminently satisfied. I particularly loved the setting in the Highlands of Scotland, including the Isle of Bute, which brought back memories as I was lucky enough to holiday there. Marguerite has researched the area well, as reading this I felt transported back there and could smell the salty tinge carried in the air."
Strangers at the Altar by Marguerite Kaye
Picture of The Couple in the Dream Suite
rating by Amanda, May 6, 2014
"Hot, sexy and thrilling. This short story whisked me back to the roaring twenties with a tale of two emotionally vulnerable people who come together in a blaze of passion. This was historical with heat! More of these twenties tales required! "
The Couple in the Dream Suite by Marguerite Kaye
Picture of An Invitation To Pleasure
rating by Amanda, Oct 21, 2013
"I always look forward to Christmas stories. Cuddled up under a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate, this novella certainly added the spice. The heat generated between Susanna and Fergus certainly warmed my cockles. I really enjoyed this book. Marguerite's descriptions of Loch Fyne and the highlands are so precise that whilst reading I could be there. All I need now is some gorgeous Highlander to sweep me off my feet. What's great about this novella is that it encompasses everything about the Christmas season, including the Clootie dumpling, which I have heard is amazing. A thoroughly good read. "
An Invitation To Pleasure by Marguerite Kaye
Picture of Her Firefighter Under the Mistletoe
rating by Amanda, Oct 21, 2013
"I loved, loved, loved this book. From the first chapter this was something I could not put down. Twists and turns, keeping me turning page over and over. The faster the story got, the faster I turned. The chemistry between Caroline and Sebastian is bordering on nuclear. Yet the descriptions of 18th Century England are fluid and smooth as a baby's bottom. I loved the emotion and the baggage Caroline carried. Sebastian, the perfect romantic hero, yet with an edge that borderlines on dangerous. A wonderful read. Highly recommended. Make sure you have plenty of tea and the kids and husband are out of the house. This is a book that is to be devoured."
Her Firefighter Under the Mistletoe by Scarlet Wilson
Picture of The Beauty Within
rating by Amanda, Jun 14, 2013
"I will keep this short and sweet. The Beauty Within is an amazing read. The storyline kept me turning page after page. Filled with unrequited love, passion and a heroine with a lack of self confidence. For me personally this has it all in a romance novel set in the Regency period. Marguerite does not hold back on the passion, but in such a way that it is not overtly explicit. The drama surrounding the couple combined with the humour makes this the perfect keeper in my opinion."
The Beauty Within by Marguerite Kaye
Picture of Outrageous Confessions of Lady Deborah
rating by Amanda, Oct 10, 2012
"Marguerite has written quite simply the best opening chapter of any book I have read. I love the whole scenario of a book within a book. Lady Deborah is gutsy, no-nonsense and she is a delight to read about. Elliot (fans self) is a bundle of sexy, suave and heroic gorgeousness. Sprinkle a backstory exposing the sinister side of Regency life, and you have a FABuLOUS read in between your hands. I loved the chemistry between Lady Deborah and Elliot. Their intimate scenes were spectactularly written and full of oommf and passion and sensuousness. Would love to know where Marguerite got the inspiration for the Japanese figures from. Such a fabulous read, could NOT put down at all, even got rather frustrated when my toddler interrupted me. Well done Marguerite, this is GREAT! "
Outrageous Confessions of Lady Deborah by Marguerite Kaye
Picture of Tempted by the Highland Warrior
rating by Amanda, Jun 3, 2012
"Never Judge a book by its cover.....wrong! The cover is the perfect case for the jewel inside. From start to finish Michelle immerses us into the conflict between the Scots and the English. Richly described so much, I was able to smell the heather and see the richness of a much simpler time. The heroine is feisty, yet gentle and with a tenacity that is endearing. She feels torn between her duty between her father and the love she has for her mute highlander! Did I say mute highlander? I did indeed. This silent 'archer' (how cool is that), is strong, silent, virginal, determined and passionate. He has a inner strength and, well I can understand Marguerite's passion for him. Family feuds, secrets galore, power, passion and of course the will they, wont they, keeps the reader (me) turning page over page, willing them to have their happy ever after. It's quite simple. I loved this!"
Tempted by the Highland Warrior by Michelle Willingham