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"This event on the 28 February last year was worth the ticket price. The advice and information offered on the day was insightful and encouraging and I have since had a offer to read my full ms by the MODERN editors and recently finished my latest ms for MODERN which benefited from what I learn at the event. Further proof were it required that Mills & Boon genuinely seek the talent of the future!! "

Karim • 3 years ago

New Mills & Boon Romance Writing Class Date Announced!

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Picture of Claiming His One-Night Baby
rating by Karim, Apr 18, 2019
"An absorbing & enjoyable read!! The author kept me guessing in this MODERN what the twists and turns she had in store for her reader, which is always pleasing in a book even though that with Mills & Boon the anticipated satisfied ending was coming. I preferred Francesca, the heroine in the first installment a little more than Natasha, however the swiftly moving pace of the story made it a hugely enjoyable read and I shall look forward to reading the final title in the trilogy in due course, along with many other Michelle Smart titles for MODERN/PRESENTS in future. This series has demonstrated the author's narrative flair and writing talent. I recommend this book! "
Claiming His One-Night Baby by Michelle Smart
Picture of Martinez`s Pregnant Wife
rating by Karim, Mar 29, 2019
"A Highly enjoyable read!! This second in the Christmas Brides duet, seemed to move at a slower pace than the first, but that didn't spoil my enjoyment of what was another first rate story from the immensely talented Rachael Thomas who must certainly now be of the MODERN / HARLEQUIN PRESENTS series most popular authors, with her intense closely written romances which center on a very strong emotional internal conflict between the hero and heroine from the very start, and this one demonstrated her deftness of touch immaculately. A deserved five stars for a superb romance. "
Martinez`s Pregnant Wife by Rachael Thomas
Picture of The Truth About De Campo
rating by Karim, Mar 5, 2019
"This third book in the series was as enthralling as the previous two and showcased Jennifer Hayward's incredible talent as an author in the romance genre. The cover image for the UK MODERN edition was superb so the design team at Harlequin Mills & Boon should be justifiably pleased with having produced such an eye-catching cover for a riveting story which had all he usual elements that devoted fans expect from Mills & Boon, with a heroine the reader can engage in, and a hero with another baggage to make him multi-dimensional. This was the author[s] third book for HMB and it is evident in subsequent books, which I have read and thoroughly enjoyed how she has grown in the genre but having started with a debut that won her the SYTYCW contest & and has followed it with two subsequent books in a trilogy that can only be described as masterly shows, this was an author blessed with a rare gift for deft story-telling from the start. Jennifer Hayward deserves all the acolade[s] that are sure to come her way. "
The Truth About De Campo by Jennifer Hayward
Picture of The Sheikh`s Bought Wife
rating by Karim, Feb 21, 2019
"This MODERN title with it's engaging cover was a HUGELY enjoyable read by one of Harlequin Mills & Boon[s] most talented authors. I usually always enjoy a Sharon Kendrick title, however some of the many of hers that I have previously read have stood out, her 100th MODERN /PRESENTS "A Royal Vow of Convenience" along with the first in her Lollipops [Girl band trilogy] being another and this title was right up there as one of Sharon Kendrick's very best. The story flowed easily and the hero and heroine were intricately drawn from the imagination of an author with a deftness of touch, who had demonstrated once again that she is at the top of her game. TRULY SUPERB!!!"
The Sheikh`s Bought Wife by Sharon Kendrick
Picture of The Tycoon`s Marriage Deal
rating by Karim, Jan 28, 2019
"This MODERN contained all the ingredients and that make MILLS & BOON[s] so compelling readable and the down-to-earth feisty heroine in Tillie that the author has created reminded me of some of the heroines found in books by the much missed Sara Craven. The author has imbued her story with splashes of humour and it's tinged with a little sadness, however with an author as accomplished as Melanie Milburne the various elements have been measured perfectly to giver her legion of fans a whole satisfactory read! Superbly written by a great exponent of the genre of romance writing!! "
The Tycoon`s Marriage Deal by Melanie Milburne
Picture of Valdez`s Bartered Bride
rating by Karim, Dec 27, 2018
"Rachael Thomas always delivers a tight, controlled romance with an equally strong hero and heroine who are well developed to take the story forward together, invariably with a few plot twists along the way to keep her legion of fans [of which I am proud to be one of many] guessing. This one didn't disappoint, demonstrating once again her deftness of touch in the art of romance story-telling. I'm sure that Rachael Thomas wins more and more additional fans with each MODERN she writes as having read her very first and now upto this one I know her writing gets better with each new book. This FIVE star roller-coaster reaffirms her talents as an author and I HUGELY recommend it!"
Valdez`s Bartered Bride by Rachael Thomas
Picture of Moretti`s Marriage Command
rating by Karim, Nov 29, 2018
"I have read a few titles by Kate Hewitt in recent months and all have been hugely enjoyable. I have always liked MODERN[S] with Italian settings/ heroes and this one doesn't disappoint. There were numerous shorter chapters which also makes for a fast paced raunchy read and although this wasn't overly sensual it had the right blend. Felt the heroine could have been stronger, although overall it had all the necessary ingredients to make an enjoyable read destined to satisfy Kate Hewitt's legion of fans and win her many more. Highly recommend it! "
Moretti`s Marriage Command by Kate Hewitt
Picture of Wedding Night With Her Enemy
rating by Karim, Nov 12, 2018
"This was another startlingly enjoyable read from Melanie Milburne, who in my view is one of the MODERN / PRESENTS [series] star authors. I have always enjoyed her books for Mills & Boon ever since reading the Sabbatini series in 2010. This MODERN started at a rattling pace and the author managed the story with her usual deftness of touch. Both the hero and heroine came across extremely strongly on the page, and the Greek setting added atmosphere and colour. I would highly recommend this title as I'm sure devoted fans of Melanie will have lapped it up already, while newcomers couldn't expect better than a Melanie Milburne title for their first Mills & Boon read and where better to start than with this consistently impressive author. "
Wedding Night With Her Enemy by Melanie Milburne
Picture of The Secret Sanchez Heir
rating by Karim, Sep 20, 2018
" The author has been writing for Mills & Boon for a number of years and is a very accomplished. Although I confess to having enjoyed other MODERNS from her pen more, this was still an enjoyable read by an author, whose hero and heroine ticked all the boxes readers expect from a MODERN / PRESENTS. A satisfying read! "
The Secret Sanchez Heir by Cathy Williams
Picture of Salazar`s One-Night Heir
rating by Karim, Sep 9, 2018
"A STUNNING read by the highly accomplished Jennifer Hayward who has never disappointed with any of her books for the MODERN/PRESENTS series. I loved the equestrian setting, and Kentucky isn't a location I've previously come across so that was an original aspect to the story. I thought "The Magnate's Manifesto" was her best book to date, but she has surpassed herself with this one, which I believe is the best of three in "The Secret Billionaires" series. Dani Collins and Rachael Thomas are also very accomplished authors for Harlequin Mills & Boon that I read frequently, and overall this has proved a superbly conceived series by the editors and contributing authors, however I think Alejandro and Cecily's story the best. So Jennifer Hayward richly deserves all the acclaim that she SHOULD receive for this book. Once again if I could give a MODERN a six star deluxe rating this one would deserve it! Superb!"
Salazar`s One-Night Heir by Jennifer Hayward