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Picture of Bound By The Millionaire`s Ring
rating by Tara, Sep 27, 2017
"Ramon and Isidore 😍💞 wow what a couple !!! The third book about this family, two sets of twins, (can't spell their name) 😂 This was an amazing book !! I loved the other two and couldn't wait to get my hands on this .... and boy did it deliver !! It had such amazing dialogue amazing chemistry amazing passion absolutely amazing everything !! Hero was just the best Heroine was even better A hundred stars for this book 💞"
Bound By The Millionaire`s Ring by Dani Collins
Picture of Undone By The Billionaire Duke
rating by Tara, Sep 27, 2017
"I really liked this book !! Which kind of surprised me because from the first page I knew it was going to be a bit old fashioned, like an old school M&B, but it really kept me turning the pages, it was very well written and had a lovely theme all the way through 💞 It had a great pace and I was happy I had bought it 💞 5 stars because it really reminded me of when I first started reading M&B 💞👍🏻"
Undone By The Billionaire Duke by Caitlin Crews
Picture of His Majesty`s Temporary Bride
rating by Tara, Sep 21, 2017
"Loved this book, Cat and Alex had such a connection, beautiful emotion from both of them and wow such passion, It was so well written, you just couldn't help loving both of them. The storyline was great, it was a real page turner, can't wait for her sisters story. Another fabulous read from Annie West "
His Majesty`s Temporary Bride by Annie West
Picture of The Virgin`s Shock Baby
rating by Tara, Sep 21, 2017
"Wow what a book, it made me cry in parts, such emotion. Heidi really stepped out of the box with this book, it really moved me. An amazing read from start to finish, couldn't turn the pages fast enough, it really did have everything "
The Virgin`s Shock Baby by Heidi Rice
Picture of The Tycoon`s Outrageous Proposal
rating by Tara, Aug 10, 2017
"Well what can I say, this was the second book of a two parter, the first I found boring and this wasn't much better. Couldn't in all fairness recommend either. They just weren't exciting. I hate to say it because Miranda Lee is an amazing author but I just didn't like them. It might have been because there wasn't any real glamour and dialogue was lacking any excitement and I don't like my heroine to be this downtrodden, I can't describe my feelings for this book, just to say it was a very ordinary book, with very ordinary characters that I really couldn't care much about. The title didn't even live up to the book, as far as I could tell from reading it they both decided to have sex. There was nothing outrageous about it. "
The Tycoon`s Outrageous Proposal by Miranda Lee
Picture of The Italian`s Virgin Acquisition
rating by Tara, Aug 10, 2017
"Wow absolutely loved this book, I actually laughed out loud at some parts and woke my hubby haha, I had a little tear in my eye at others. It was so enthralling I couldn't put it down. I loved every single word that was written, every page I turned brought me nearer to the end and I just wanted it to go on forever. Two amazing characters, amazing dialogue and banter, so much sexual chemistry, so much love !!! Thanks so much Michelle for renewing my faith in the modern line xxxxx please M&B if you read this review can you bring us the modern reader more books like this with amazing quality , it was outstanding 💞🍾🥂 "
The Italian`s Virgin Acquisition by Michelle Conder
Picture of Engaged For Her Enemy`s Heir
rating by Tara, Aug 10, 2017
"I hate to say it because Kate's one of my favourite authors but this was a very boring book. From start to finish I just went through the motions, the only reason I finished it was because I paid good money for it. I really found both main characters dull, the dialogue was dull and I actually skipped some of the lines, maybe it just wasn't suited to the modern line, a cherish reader might love this book. Or maybe I'm just bored with M&B, but of late I've become very disheartened by the lack of excitement and sassy dialogue and sexual tension in the modern line of books. This is just the straw that broke the camels back, so to speak. No excitement what so ever !! My God I thought it would never end, at one stage I looked to see and I had 60 pages left and I thought to myself"how am I going to get through this" ... "will this book ever end" so I'm really sorry for this review, but it is only my opinion, you might find it to be a great book. Really looking forward to your next book Kate, I really am a huge fan and usually love your work xxx"
Engaged For Her Enemy`s Heir by Kate Hewitt
Picture of The Di Sione Secret Baby
rating by Tara, Jul 23, 2016
"Loving the 'Di Sione' family 😍 The first one was amazing and so was this, read it in a couple of hours. Can't wait till the next one. Maya Blake is an amazing author "
The Di Sione Secret Baby by Maya Blake
Picture of Marrying Her Royal Enemy
rating by Tara, Jul 23, 2016
"Loved this book, Stella was so strong and brave, so much passion and chemistry between the two of them, great book, loved all 3 of these books "
Marrying Her Royal Enemy by Jennifer Hayward
Picture of In The Sheikh`s Service
rating by Tara, Jul 23, 2016
"An amazing start but I don't think it lived up to it !! Good book but a bit disjointed "
In The Sheikh`s Service by Susan Stephens