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Sarah Morgan – Living the fairytale

4 years ago • 1 comments

Once upon a time a little girl dreamed of being a writer, but she believed earning a living making up stories wasn’t something that happened to real people so she ignored those dreams and did a ‘proper job’ instead. She trained as a nurse but carried on writing in secret (because all good heroines have secrets).

Then one day she sat down, tired and worn after a long day of drama in the ER and read a medical romance. By page two she was gripped and by page three she thought, ‘I can do this’. So she did. And she sent the story to a fairy godmother, Mills and Boon, went back to her proper job and tried to remember that dreams only came true in books.

Mills and Boon wrote back and said the story wasn’t quite right but they wanted her to try again so she did. That one wasn’t right either (it was like Goldilocks, the three bears and the bowls of porridge) so she sent in a third one and that one was just right. They bought her story and from that day forward they waved their magic wand (more commonly known as an editor) over every book she wrote.

After a few years she stopped writing Medical Romance and started writing Modern Romance, swapping doctors for princes and sheikhs. She met her own Prince Charming, fell in love and had two baby Princes. She gave up work to play with them, but carried on writing stories (including stories for the princes, full of dinosaurs and other creatures that roared) until one day she realized writing WAS a proper job. Ten years passed and there were dark times as well as sunshine but through it all she wrote her stories, loved her Prince and taught her princes to be heroes. The princes grew taller and by then, with the help of her fairy godmother and the truly amazing wands, she had written more than 60 books and had readers all over the world. She received lots of letters and emails telling her their stories, sharing pieces of their lives and telling her that her books made them happy and those letters made her happy.

Just when she thought it couldn’t get any better, she was shortlisted for a RITA® award, the most prestigious romance writing award in the US. She packed her bags and flew to Disneyland with a gold dress to wear at the award ceremony and matching gold shoes that killed her feet. Unlike Cinderella, she didn’t lose her shoes but by the time the award ceremony began she almost wished she had because they hurt her feet so badly. With no expectation of winning, she removed the gold shoes and hid her bare feet under the table. Just before the winner was announced she decided she’d better put her shoes back on, just in case, and it was fortunate she did because she won.

The dream didn’t stop there. For a long time she’d wanted to write a bigger book with more characters and when she asked her fairy godmother if she could do this, she was told she could and that they would publish it across the land.

When she told her Prince and the Princes there was much celebration, and then she sat down and wrote the book and they all lived happily ever after.

Which just goes to show:

  1. Dreams can come true if you work hard and believe in yourself
  2. If you are an aspiring writer, don’t just talk about it – do it.
  3. If someone doesn’t like the first bowl of porridge you make, make them another and then another.
  4. Don’t take your shoes off before an award ceremony.

This is a true story. It’s mine. The ‘big’ book was Sleigh Bells in the Snow, which was published last October. Seeing that book on the shelves was my dream.


I hope you find yours.


Love Sarah


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tara • 3 years ago
sarah i just adore your novels thk u for sharing ur treasure wiz us

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