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1 month ago • 2 comments

For Mother’s Day, we’ve asked our lovely authors for special moments with their mothers and to tell us all about why being a mum is so wonderful! You’ve read their fabulous books, now here’s your chance to read #MumsTheWord!

One of the greatest things about being a mother is watching my daughter with her own children. She is so brilliant with them, so patient and does all kinds of creative things with them. She makes me proud to be her mother.

Liz Fielding, Cherish Author

My Mum, my inspiration. From working as a District nurse to nursing in Africa, and from running a business to being an incredible mother and wife, she has so often lead by example. Strong and independent yet brimming with love and support, Mum has never failed to be there for me.

She knows when to encourage, when to empathise, when to be angry on my behalf…and when to tell me to get a grip! Sometimes she gives that perfect little nudge, other times she simply stands back and lets me go freely.

She is my best friend. The only thing better than having her as my Mum is that my little boys have her as their Gran-nan!

Charlotte Hawkes, Medical Author

If you ever meet my mum, you’ll notice how eternally upbeat and happy she is. But she has this quirk of using Death in everyday conversations. It was never: “Put on your coat…or you’ll catch a cold.” It was: “…or you’ll DIE of pneumonia.”

One time we were playing Scrabble. I was younger, and used the word ‘rose’. My mother praised me. “Oh, good honey, like: ‘Rose up from the dead.’ “I, of course, reminded her of the flower….

Nicole Locke, Historical Author

I have three amazing kids. My middle son is Autistic. He sees the world in a way that I never understood until he came into my life. There are hard days, but when my expressionless guy has a smile for me, that’s what makes my day. It lets me know that all the stress, and every struggle is worth it. And I’m blessed that he’s in my life. He almost didn’t make it at the start, so every day I’m grateful that he’s mine. I’m blessed to be a Mom.

Amy Ruttan, Medical Author

No one ever cooks or bakes as well as your mom! When I got married and moved out, I immediately lost 15 pounds. Every time I visited, I took food home. I miss that. She died last year.

Susan Meier, Cherish Author

As the youngest of five children growing up on a busy working farm in Australia, how I loved cooking huge batches of scones with my Mum in the wood-fired stove in our big kitchen. We would pack most of the scones with home-made jam into Mum's big woven basket but they would never quite fit. I would have to 'help' with my little woven basket to carry the rest. Off we'd go to the shearing shed to feed all the hungry outback men working to shear our flock.

Jennie Adams, Cherish Author

My mum in a million taught me so much over the years, but her very special gift was to share her love of words, books and poetry. She taught me to read when I was three, read to me every day when I was growing up and was my proudest fan when my first book was published. Funniest thing; when she was just drifting in Alzheimer’s she recommended one of my own books to me. ‘Read this,’ she said, ‘you’ll just love it.’ Even though she’s forgotten so much, I’ll never forget. #MumsTheWord

Louisa George, Medical and Single Title Author

When my daughter was a baby, my husband took a beautiful photo of us in black and white that captured the love between infant and mother. Many of our friends and relatives loved it and asked for copies of their own. My daughter knew this photo meant a lot to me, and when she was in high school, secretly did a charcoal drawing of it and gave it to me for Mother's Day. I confess that it made me cry! I now have the drawing on my office wall, and whenever I'm feeling frustrated with any of my children, I look at it to remember how fast they've grown and how lucky I am to have them in my life.

Robin Gianna, Medical Author

My mother had me, wiped my tears, made my meals and clothes. She was a school room mother during my early years, taught me to sew, and stepped in as guide and confessor during the tough times. When I needed her to keep my children for weeks at a time, she was there without question. She has always been my strongest cheerleader both personally as well as professionally. Most of all my mother taught me how to show love.      

Susan Carlisle, Medical Author

My mom loved hats and any excuse to wear them. Mother's Day was one such day. She and I would show up for brunch with all my sisters and our families, wearing hats you might see at Ascot and outfits that in no way matched them. Oh, how I miss my crazy, but delightful mom! Maybe this year I'll wear a great big hat in her honor!

Lucy Monroe, Modern Author

My mother and I live 100km/60 miles apart. When my children were little, once a fortnight to give me a break, she would make the drive, pick the kids up from school, take them to the park, cook dinner and always produce a great bottle of wine. It taught me that mothering never stops no matter how old your children are.

Fiona Lowe, Medical Author     

Thank you, to our lovely authors, for taking the time to share their special moments with us! #MumsTheWord  


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Julie • 1 month ago
Being a mum is feeling needed, wanted, and getting that unconditional love you receive. Feeling whole and cherishing special moments and milestones. Having to be strong and play many different roles from nurse to teacher, but that feeling of never wanting to let go or be apart from your babies what ever their age. Not everyone can do it mentally or physically. I'd be lost without my kids they are a gift however stressful.
Deborah • 1 month ago
Being a Mum and Grand mum, I feel blessed everyday I look after the little ones. Yes they can be a trial at times especially when they are having a tantrum (funny how you forget how they can be in drama (Oscar Winning). Until they start. Their mums (my daughters) work hard (s0 do their partners), being a parent isn't easy these days, everyone seems time pressured. I do what I can, when I can. Thought I would be taking it easier now and working myself. Still we all have time and they are keeping me young and on my toes. I am still learning New things everyday. I still miss my own Mum even though she passed 9 years, she had special wisdom for all situations. #MumTheWord

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