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Suddenly Last Summer, by Sarah Morgan

One night with him was delicious...

two nights would be downright dangerous! 

Discover the fantastic new read from queen of romance and sparkle Sarah Morgan. It's the perfect summer indulgence that won't spoil your bikini diet!

There are some summers you’ll remember forever.

Fiery chef Élise is determined to make this summer one of them – but, with the grand opening of her café falling apart, it looks like it might be for all the wrong reasons. Until Sean O’Neil comes back to town. 

Last Summer Élise and Sean shared one hazy whirlwind night together and Élise is looking forward to repeating their encounter. As long as she can stick to her one-night-only rule and listen to her head rather than her heart. After all, Sean hates life in his home town and is planning on leaving again as soon as he can.

But recapturing last summer’s magic could change everything…

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Suddenly Last Summer...       a sneaky extract!

 Suddenly Last Summer, the brand new summer read from bestseller Sarah Morgan is on sale now.  Following the story of Sean O'Neil and chef extraordinaire, Elise Philippe, it's a rollercoaster ride through  the ups and downs of Snow Crystal resort. We're loving the  book here at Paradise Heights, and so we  thought we'd treat you to a breathtaking  extract to whet your appetite and brighten up your week.

 Don't forget to buy your copy here!

 He slid his hand behind her head and brought his mouth down on hers in a hard,  demanding kiss that  stirred up a raw hunger. A kaleidoscope of emotions ripped  through him but the prime one was need. It  spread through him, not slowly, but  like wildfire burning everything in sight. Gripped by it, Sean powered  her back  against the railing and trapped her there.

 Last time, she’d started it. Now it was his turn.

He felt the softness of her body pressing through the thin fabric of his shirt, the erotic slide of her tongue against his, and desire escalated to a dangerous blaze. Her arms went around his neck and she purred deep in her throat like a thoroughly contented kitten.

His brain blurred. No other woman had made him feel like this. No other woman had stirred this intense, desperate hunger that wiped all thoughts from his head.

Maybe it was because she didn’t want anything from him but this and knowing that meant he could relax and give in to it.

Rock-hard, he felt her tug his shirt out of his trousers and slide her hands over his skin, greedy to touch him. And he was equally greedy to touch her. His fingers were on her buttons, loosening them, giving him access to the smooth creamy skin revealed by the lace of her bra.

His body craved hers. It was a visceral, physical need that drove all thought from his brain.

And then she stilled, placed her hands on his chest and drew her mouth away from his.

Sensing the change in her he stopped himself from dragging her back. “What’s wrong?”

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Coffee & Cake with…         Sarah Morgan

We managed to grab the author of Suddenly Last Summer, Sarah Morgan, for five minutes to talk Macbeth, gerberas and the potential existence of ghosts...


Sarah Morgan

What coffee would you like?

Cappuccino please, really hot with chocolate on top and a teaspoon so I can poke at the foam.

And which cake can we get you?

Chocolate brownie

What’s your earliest childhood memory?

A ballet class. I remember wearing pink tights.

If you could invite 3 people, dead or alive, to a dinner party…

I’d invite the chef Jamie Oliver so he can cook the food, Queen Elizabeth and Richard Armitage.

What’s your favourite quote?

‘Come what come may, time and tide run through the roughest day.’ Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Love is…

The best thing that can happen to a person.

What achievement are you most proud of?

I asked my family this. My husband said it was marrying him, my kids said it was having them - I think it’s probably being a published author. It’s my dream and I feel very lucky to do this job.

Do you believe in ghosts?

I was going to say no, but then the lights went off as I was typing this and I decided maybe I do!

Who’s your favourite writer?

I find this a hard question. If I could only pick one I’d probably say Nora Roberts. I think she is a gifted storyteller and she’s also a lovely person!

What’s your favourite flower?

Gerberas. They always make me smile.

Who would play you in a movie about your life?

Emily Blunt

And finally,

The perfect man must have…

If he’s living with me then he’s going to need a sense of humour, patience and be calm and strong in a crisis (which will probably be of my making).