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Summer or Autumn: Which is better...?

Katie • 2 years ago
I'd have to go with summer - you can't beat the long days of sunshine and all the BBQs!
Jo • 2 years ago
Summer all the way! Waking up to sunlight, long evenings... festivals, picnics, Pimms... autumn is beautiful too but winter comes too fast! Here's hoping the warm September continues!
Vicky • 2 years ago
It's all about Autumn for me - the changing colours, great seasonal food and that fresh but sunny weather. Plus, of course, I can break out the opaque tights again which takes hours off the grooming!

The Loedown - Episode 1

2 years ago • 0 comments

Have you been following our fabulous web series The Loedown? You can join thousands of viewers and interact with our heroine Jessie Loe, Exec PA at The Chatsfi...

What do you think is the most Romantic city in the world....?

Alina • 1 year ago
Rome is just so special for me that city is Rome........
Stephanie • 1 year ago
To me, the most romantic city is Savannah, Georgia. The history and beauty make it a romantic place to watch a sunset, take a stroll hand in hand, or just sit and watch the day go by ;)
Liz • 1 month ago
The medieval city of Verona at New Year has a truly magical quality with its cobbled streets festooned in twinkling fairy lights . On a romantic evening stroll around the ramparts, you can hear the sound of the river that wraps around the city and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Secret squares overlooked by half-timbered houses, street markets, haunting music from buskers and Italian joie de vivre all make Verona a city for lovers.

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“Wow!! What a wonderful interview! Especially the wonderful things u shared about yourself. Flaw in Raffaele's Revenge is one of the beautiful stories I have eve...”

Remya • 2 weeks ago
Q&A with Annie West!

“Hi Karen. Yes, definitely a great skill to have, though I've only ever used it for fun. Apparently my grandmother, who lived in the outback, could tell the best...”

• 3 weeks ago
Q&A with Annie West!

Fiona Lowe talks #LoveAtTheLibrary

1 week ago • 0 comments
As part of #LoveAtTheLibrary, we're asking our authors to share why they love their libraries. Check back over the next few weeks to read their thoughts an...

International Billionaires Quiz

2 weeks ago • 0 comments
We do love a Billionaire at Mills & Boon. In fact, we love them so much we decided to dedicate a whole month to them! But with so many to chose from, how do...

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