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Coffee & Cake with...Heidi Rice

"A hero is one that pays attention to the needs of others, and gives special attention to the small things. Instead of diamonds a note that says I love you or a stunning dress left with a note saying "Dinner is at 7 wear the dress love xx" means more than big gestures. And your hero's are all stunning in their own unique way keep them coming ! "

Desere • 5 years ago

Lost in Romance #1 - The Musketeers and Sherlock

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Picture of Seducing His Enemy`s Daughter
rating by Desere, Oct 20, 2015
"Being a pawn or rather finding out you’re nothing but a pawn in someone else’s game is enough to make any person’s blood boil. Heck I would think that I would most likely go more than a little nuts, and afterwards not get blamed for losing my cool. But what I was thinking when I started this read, is that I wonder if the pawn ever stops afterwards to really think about why they were the pawn in the first place? I know there is naturally always a reason, but how does that person see it as justified? Of course I will never know, but I will say that the author certainly sent my mind into overdrive. Now onwards to the story. We meet Donato Salazar, he cannot forget his tragic past and he has not intension of ever forgiving the man responsible either, he is so intent on making the man pay that jilting his enemy’s daughter will be more like icing on the cake then blood in the water, and besides beautiful Ella Sanderson is a treat he will certainly enjoy. But there is a little hiccup in his plan, you see Ella isn’t the vacuous socialite he expected, and she straight out refuses to marry him! This refusal in turn only makes Donato more determined to have her, so out comes the charm, the promises and the seduction of a life time. Soon he finds himself completely enthralled by their magnetic connection and his game of pawns for revenge becomes one of surviving love without falling. And as time goes on and their wedding day approaches, it comes down to love, honor or betray? This was one of those classic romance reads that sucked me in and once there I could not escape not even if you paid me a billion dollars would have stopped reading! It was that good!! It starts as a super sexy revenge fueled romance but became so much more. It’s a story of forgiveness, trust, understanding and realization of there is more to life then fighting your enemy till you have it all. And life is about fighting your way to top ,pulling yourself out from the slumps of hell, but not at the expense of someone else’s happiness, even if that person is the very reason you were in hell in the first place , stop and ask yourself if it’s really worth it. So you had to fight to get to the top, you might have done things no human ever wants to do, but what will you gain from revenge? Happiness or hatred from those you thought you to be a better person? I loved the characters, I will admit that Donato was my favorite, yes I know he’s an evil no good set on revenge idiot, but there’s a reason for it all, sure he takes all the wrong reasons into account but he also learns , he learns to see the light through the eyes of Ella. Tremendously great story, fantastic, mesmerizing and one for the record books! I highly recommend this one for all fans that want romance with the ultimate kick of pure delight! 5/5 star review “ Revenge turns into romance, but will it end that way?” "
Seducing His Enemy`s Daughter by Annie West, Amanda Cinelli
Picture of Reunited by a Baby Secret
rating by Desere, Oct 16, 2015
"Michelle Douglas writes the prettiest books, they are always so romantic and gosh darn it I don’t how she does it but she always manages to make me cry before the end of chapter one. This time I met Marianna, after a vacation in paradise she returns to her family vineyard. She’s determined to make a fresh start but two blue lines on a pregnancy test reveals she’s about to face the pitter patter of two little feet instead. It’s not the kind of souvenir anyone brings back from holiday so to say she’s a little freaked out and should rather have grabbed some other trinkets is an understatement. But the unexpected is about to get a lot worse when she finds out that the farther , Ryan , is nothing like the laid back , charming surfer she met on the beach. He is the opposite as in no shorts but instead a tailored suit, and as far from laid back as can be, and living in a penthouse ! Instantly Marianna is worried about what life would be like for their child if he or she has to grow up with a high flying corporate father. Firstly I have to say how much I adored the character of Marianna, she was feisty and in your face the whole time, or well rather she was in Ryan’s face the whole time. Worried and scared of course but certainly not the type to back down. Ryan was the tear jerker character for me and his past brought me to tears. But their journey to happily ever after is one that overshadowed the hurt and anger, it brought such a huge smile to my face that I definitely looked like I just got some kind of love note. In a way I did because the author gave me a stunning message , just as she always does, through the characters and their journey of up’s and down’s I was reminded that our past hurts, but it hurts even more when you don’t face up to it. The pain, anger and frustration from the past will never just up and leave, it will always come back again and again and yet again. Learning to face up to it, to control it, to understand it, is the only way you will be able to find happiness. I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads that have a lot of emotion, emotion that is literally drawn out of you from the very depths of your soul. Michelle Douglas is a true romance author in every sense of the word! 5/5 star review “She’s back, but can she get him to come back?” "
Reunited by a Baby Secret by Michelle Douglas
Picture of Newborn on Her Doorstep
rating by Desere, Oct 15, 2015
" As far as unexpected situations go I think the one that pretty much always is the worst kind of wonderful is a baby. You‘re in shock, you’re thinking how, what, when, where, stupid questions because no doubt you know the answer to all of the above. But then comes the really scary part is how will I do this, can I do this? Now that aside imagine if you really want a family of your own, then of course an unexpected baby is not bad at all. But when it’s someone else’s baby that shows up! It’s what you always wanted but not quite how you wanted it. In this read this is the realization for Lily Baker, she has for many years dreamed of having her very own family, but when a newborn baby accompanied by a so delicious man so hot he should have come with a warning label arrives on her doorstep, she’s thinking she got more than she wished for. But what Lily does not know is that Nic Johnson is not the kind to love, nor is he really the father type either, not after the loss of his son. But one kiss draws Nic to Lily like a moth to the flame, but as we all know a moth will eventually fly off, unless Lily can brink Nic’s dead heart back to life. This was a very emotional roller coaster read, there was so much sadness mixed with happiness that I found it hard to try keep my emotions under control. The characters were well developed, the plot was a little too familiar, almost as if I have read it before which with the amount of books I read, entirely possible. So with that in the back of my mind I went hunting though my shelf and I found the book it reminded me about, the story immediately came rushing back to mind and I immediately knew why this book was familiar, but there is a huge difference with this one, Ellie Darkins did not try to sugarcoat the tragedies in the book, she put it out for all the world to see, I felt the heartache, the drama, the sadness that nearly tears the characters apart. The other read never had it, it’s by an unknown author and I don’t think I have ever seen her write anything else so I hope that she is out there perfecting the craft of drawing on each and every emotion the reader has to give. To close off I will say “Well done Ellie!” you not only had me emotionally drained at the end , but also showed me that there is always happiness in tragedy , take it any way you can get it, even if it shows up on your doorstep looking sexier than sin and carrying a baby! 4.5 star review “ Be careful what you wish for, or it might show up on your doorstep with a whole lost more than you expected!” "
Newborn on Her Doorstep by Ellie Darkins
Picture of Reunited For The Billionaire`s Legacy
rating by Desere, Oct 14, 2015
"No one really ever wants to get a divorce, yes sure you do if your husband has gone from kissing you senseless to knocking you senseless , so sure sometimes there is a good reason but for the most part I think it’s never really a I want to. But imagine for a second if you really do for whatever reason, and it gets denied? Heck what do you do then? That’s the reality Diana Taylor has to face, her marriage to playboy Corburn Grant was short, passionate and blazed brighter than the sun, until the reality of their worlds kick in. Years later , it has come to either we just continue this mess or we end it, so Corburn finally agrees to a divorce, but then who wants to let his or her partner walk away without one last fling amongst the sheets? Not these two, but their last night seals their fates when Diana becomes pregnant. Now what? Diana knows what, she will never get Corburn to sign the papers and she will never get away from him. Being whisked away to a paradise island and having to deal with the ever growing always persistent huger between them certainly does not help her quest. Will he win her back again or will she once again want to run? In the start of the book I really did not like Coburn, but as the author started to show him as he truly was I got quite the kick out of his little antics. Diana was fun and creative, I really liked her “Oh word what do I do now” moments of panic, I felt sorry for her of course, but it was very entertaining to see how the author got her through those moments of panic. A brilliantly written read of life aiming a curveball and striking its target head on! Beautiful plot with exquisite emotion, tears, joy, passion, heartache, frustration you name it this book had all of the emotions that make an A class romance read. One thing that struck me as particularly fun was the intense fire between the characters, I have felt that in this author’s other books but this time it was more amplified, almost as if the author has found some new way of expressing herself, the fire was intense, in your face and very much leapt from the pages, the read was alive! I highly recommend this read for all fans of romances. Jennifer‘s books are like diamonds, they will always, always be the magic to make hearts melt! 5/5 star review “ Reunited in the heat of passion, but will it see them to the end?” "
Reunited For The Billionaire`s Legacy by Jennifer Hayward, Amanda Cinelli
Picture of The Sinner`s Marriage Redemption
rating by Desere, Oct 14, 2015
"I don’t know about other readers out there but I for one get super, super excited when I see Annie West’s name on the cover. Her books are inspiring, magical and just amazing, sometimes so amazing I struggle to find the words to let the world know. In this read we meet Flynn Marshall, he has three goals in life: 1. A multi million dollar business empire 2. Acceptance in the highest echelons of society 3. A wife to make him the envy of all men Through pure ruthlessness he has achieved the first goal and he’s well on his way to achieving number two. As for number three, he reckons it should be as easy as take, make, win to rush the stunning, well connected Ava Cavendish to the altar. But Ava is no ordinary always saying I do for the sake of wealth and fame, kind of gal, she’s got a lot of spunk and she’s not going down the aisle unless things are settled her way. I loved to hate the character of Flynn, ruthless to the core, but so darn charming I could not help but fall hopelessly in love with the guy. I loved how he pushed Ava, almost very nearly to the breaking point, but him backing down at the right moment really was what made me go all gooey. Ava was the character that broke my heart, I can’t very well tell you why exactly but I will say this, her past is one of the very worst! But I loved her fire, always pushing for her ultimate happiness. Now onwards to their journey, it was exquisite so much so that it was almost as if the book was pure sexy sin, laced with the idea of true love hiding in the shadow. I loved the back and forth pull of emotions, the author certainly had me at well at the very start of the book. The powerful message of life is life, it will always go downhill but eventually it will go uphill again, it’s a rollercoaster, the trick is to know when to get off and when to stay on and when to try a new kind of ride. I highly recommend this read for all fans of Annie West romances, it’s so shockingly exciting it will feel as if you’re the one sinning instead of the characters getting a little too raunchy! 5/5 star review “ Who says the high rolling life of a ruthless millionaire can’t be turned around?” "
The Sinner`s Marriage Redemption by Annie West
Picture of The Marakaios Baby
rating by Desere, Aug 15, 2015
"We have all heard the deal of marriage for convenience , there is always a catch , but when it's set inside the wonderful world of romance delivered by Kate Hewitt it's always more than just a convenience story , it' a romance of epic proportions! In this read we have Margo who knows Leo is no good for her, except when it comes to the bedroom, other than that the man is no good for her soul. So she decides to give up his sensual kisses and start new life. Only she chooses the wrong time to do it. Because it comes at a time that no woman wants to be alone, she's pregnant ! So now she finds herself in the plush offices of Marakaios Enterprises about to tell Leo he's going to be a father and he has to marry her. With the tables now turned things get really interesting , and it turns into a beautiful story of learning a new curve of life and dealing with reality. I shed many tears and as Leo and Margo opened up to each other ,shared their hopes and dreams , and as the author delivered an emotionally packed romance that will live in my heart forever. Highly recommended for all fans of romance and reads that leave you breathless and quite frankly an emotional wreck but in a really good way! 5/5 star review " A deal is a deal, but when you walk away from it, will you be able to renegotiate when the time comes? "
The Marakaios Baby by Kate Hewitt
Picture of First Time in Forever
rating by Desere, Jul 9, 2015
"This is the first book in the new Sarah Morgan series , and I personally have been waiting for it for what has felt like forever. This time we set off to Puffin Island and the secrets it's residence, permanent and temporary hold. Windswept, isolated, ruggedly beautiful are just some of the words to describe Puffin Island. It's the isolation that Emily Donavan needs to hide out from her new life, however the close knit community of Puffin Island has a way of rather bringing everyone out of hiding and into the world they call their own, and that is the last thing Emily needs. Nor does she need sexy Ryan Cooper kissing her senseless and letting her truly feel emotion for the first time since a day at the beach changed her life forever. But Ryan knows all about secrets, she's hiding far more than herself and the child she calls Lizzie. He makes it his personal mission to extract her secrets one kiss at a time, but what happens when she discovers who he really is? From page one this book promised to me amazing , and it was in more ways than one. The characters main and secondary were all magical. From the somewhat crazy old ladies attending nude art classes to heartbroken ice cream shop owners and of course the hero and heroine who both stole my heart. I simply adored the character of Lizzie, she is after all the key that brings Emily and Ryan to their journey of love. I could not get enough of the community and how they protect their own against all costs , the author placed me front and center for the show of the year! Ryan is this laid back, go with the flow and very handsome, guy, but under his laid back nature there is also the hard hitting always push for answers persona that grabbed my attention and my readers brain refused to let go. It is his quest to push for answers that made me adore him more and more with each question he asked to get to the truth. The character of Emily was understandably hiding as much of her life as she could, and let me tell you when the author revealed the truth about Emily's past and current predicament my heart broke, and I felt various emotions, ranging from first anger then utter disbelieve. And then I started fighting just as hard as Ryan to bring back out the person I knew Emily is meant to be. Through both characters the author showed that secrets can destroy us, the longer we hold on to them the worse the fear of exposure gets and the worse the outcome will be. Secrets fester in our souls, and letting go is the only way you can be freed. Most importantly this book and the journey of Ryan and Emily showed that that past shapes us , but it does not determine the person we ultimately need to be, anything can be overcome with a helping hand, all you need to do is accept that helping hand when it is thrust towards you. I highly recommend this book for all fans of romance that sizzles with red hot passion, beautiful romance, heartfelt emotion and a journey that will live in your heart for many years to come. Mrs Morgan has once again shown she is more than capable of knocking any reader's socks off, she writes with the type of enthusiasm we all need to live our lives with. First time in forever is uplifting, sensual, a real page turner and the very essence of island romance perfection! I very much look forward to the second book in this series, where the truth about Britney and Zack will be revealed! 5/5 star review " Sometimes doing the right thing is the hardest challenge to face" "
First Time in Forever by Sarah Morgan
Picture of Some Kind of Wonderful
rating by Desere, Jul 9, 2015
"The remarkable talent of Sarah Morgan is back! This time we get to know the low down on Puffin Islander Brittany Forrest, her whole life she has dreamed of adventure. So at the age of eighteen she thought she'd found the adventure in bad boy Zach Flynn. But after just ten days of romantic bliss their marriage goes up in smoke. Brittany resolves to put Zach and her failed marriage out of her mind forever. Zach knows he really let Brittany down but being back on Puffin Island stirs up memories he has long fought to bury. He's been a daredevil in life with everything he's done but daring to fall for Brittany again is something he 's sure will never work, he just doesn't feel worthy of her affection. But the off the charts chemistry forces them together and as long hot summer days on the beach dissolve into sultry, starry nights Brittany and Zach find that the sparks between then are more powerful then ever. Can they make it work on round two? Sexy, sexy, SEXY!! Yep that is one of the first words I will use to describe this book. Being a major Sarah Morgan fan and having read all of her books and knowing the woman knows how to rock any scenario, charm any character and entrance any reader all I can really say is she 's done it again!! I was in love with heartbroken Zach from page one, I wanted to cuddle this man and just be there for him, and the man was so sensual it drove me crazy , but of course in a good way. I love characters that just totally blend with the story and Zach was perfect. I really liked Brittany, fun and funky and full of spunk and bravado! I really felt for her when Zach tries so hard to show he cares but just cannot fully grasp that it's okay to care. I adored being transported back to Puffin Island, just as the first time I could not get enough of the stunning scenery and the truly come to live little island. From the remarkable characters with fascinating background stories, the breathtaking heartache and happiness to the story of finding love and the strength to believe, this book is the absolute perfection addition to the world of romance. I cannot wait for the next installment, Sarah Morgan you keep getting better and better ! 5/5 star review " She's his some kind of wonderful, but can she be the one who saves him?" "
Some Kind of Wonderful by Sarah Morgan
Picture of Tempted by Her Billionaire Boss
rating by Desere, Jun 8, 2015
"Everyone knows making a good impression on your boss in the first 24 hours is always the key to making yourself known as capable to pull anything and everything off. . So of course when Francesca Masseria is more than just mortified when her new boss discovers her sitting in the chair of his PA's, shoe-less, skirt riding up showing off legs and stockings , bottle of wine on hand and to top it all off she hits the panic button and has him placed in handcuffs. Harrison Grant is less than impressed with Francesca's escapades but because he discovers she's the replacement PA he pretty much has no choice and tries to smooth over the disastrous first encounter. First things first he has to focus on the ultimate revenge deal of his career and Francesca has some skills that will come in handy. Secondly all he has to do is ignore the sexy dreams his mind has started conjuring up ever since the handcuff incident, and last but not least he cannot under any circumstances allow Francesca to get under his skin, it will ruin her. With is cold heart and ability to shut the world out, it should be easy, but then he allows Francesca a glimpse into his heart and his entire plan falls apart. This is by far the sexiest book this author has written, from page one there is this overwhelming in your face sexual chemistry between the hero and heroine that is so strong it leaped from the pages and dragged me into their world. I absolutely adored the conflict moments, it was as if I was right there for fire and ice coming together for the number one game of the year. The character of Harrison is the typical cold hearted bastard found in these reads, but with a whole lot more depth. The author did not just give him the cold attitude with the little glimpses of warmth, she layered this man out with so many layers and each and every single layer revealed was like discovering a new hero. I loved Harrison's passion for revenge, of course I know that revenge is never the answer to anyone's past misfortunes, it never makes you feel any better and it drains the life out of you. But the author let his mission for revenge seem so valid and so real that I actually wanted him to execute it, and that is a definite sign that an author knows exactly what she's doing. Through this character the author certainly showed just how convincing revenge can seem when in actual fact there is a whole other message one needs to be seeking. The character of Francesa was well in the simplest way I know how to explain it, me. I saw myself through this character, I am just like her always making sure my work is up to date, the long hours, the making sure all i's are dotted and t's are crossed to ensure my boss looks like the professional the world needs him to be, of course there are plenty of woman out there that do exactly the same, not everyone's boss of course is the sexy Harrison, and thankfully not all of us leave our boss in handcuffs the first time we meet him! But we push ourselves beyond our limits and most of the time we, and just as Francesca, we don't realize that our hard working nature is causing us to miss what other's are able to see. That we mean more to certain people than what we want to believe , and that when the time comes for us to see it, we will need to remember to push the ourselves to believe we can achieve happiness just like we achieve success in our workplace. This read was perfect and had everything that makes me fall in love with HP 's books a super sexy hero that goes from being pretty much a real zero to the ultimate hero, a heroine that totally rocks and the simple yet very elegant plot that had me hanging onto the edge of my seat. Tempted by her Billionaire Boss is a true gem of a read, passionate, sexy, fun, flirtatious, emotional, heartwarming the list of perfection goes on and on. This author is one that will go down in history as an absolute master of the romance craft. I will also add that during this read I was also introduced to Harrison's brother , and my oh my what a brother he is, the author gave me just enough info to wet my appetite and I cannot wait to read all about Coburn and his guaranteed brought to his knees downfall. I highly recommend this read for all romance lovers, if you are in need of an escape into the world of true reach into the depth of my soul romance this is the book to pick up. 5/5 star review " Temptation is the ultimate downfall, or is it the rescue by the angel he's always needed?""
Tempted by Her Billionaire Boss by Jennifer Hayward
Picture of Seduced into the Greek`s World
rating by Desere, Jun 8, 2015
"Every woman heck every man even , has a fantasy they dream about. It's usually in the dead of night when no one is around to hear you accidentally say the dream out loud or do something stupid like make a facial expression that borders on your 'sex face'. In the new Dani Collins read we meet Natalie Adams and we are taken straight into her fantasy when it becomes reality as she embarks on an affair in Paris with infamous billionaire Demitri Makricosta, reality surpasses her wildest dreams and it's a memory she will always treasure. But Demitri has other ideas, one night isn't enough and to quench his new found Natalie-diction he suggests she becomes his mistress. Natalie is course thrown off kilter but show me the woman that will say no to a hot billionaire when she has nothing to lose, but the closer Natalie get's to the emotions that Demtri has carefully locked away the more he distracts her with dazzling gifts and a life of luxury holidays to ensure that seduction is the only that remains between them. But can he really carry on with this little game of seduction only or is Natalie getting to his closed off heart ? The author wrote a very enjoyable read, I very much liked Natalie. She was the kind of heroine most woman think they can be when they get burned in life, but as all woman know, when the time comes it doesn't seem that you are able to really be the person you always told yourself you would be should you get burned. She had spunk but not the overwhelming large dose that some heroine's have, nope just enough to let me know that she will fight to have her little fantasy but she also won't let it shift her focus from her child to the point where she will be a ' it's all about my love life and not what's best for my child' kind of mother . Demitri was of course the typical bastard hero found in the HP line, but he he had a lot more depth than most. The author did a fantastic job of taking this tortured black heart hero with all his emotional closure and turning him into this remarkable man that no woman can resist, and the man certainly had me weak at the knees when he goes from tortured to saved! Loved it!! Strong characters, wonderfully crafted plot and a great ending to a beautiful journey of redemption, self discovery and best of all a stunning message of life being full of surprises and when reality comes knocking it's never what our fantasies were, it's always so much better ! Recommended for all fans of Dani Collins books. 4.5 star review "Fantasy becomes reality but it's not quite what they expected it to be""
Seduced into the Greek`s World by Dani Collins