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Picture of Wicked Wager
rating by Mia-maria, Dec 15, 2013
"Good characters and an original story. It almost gets too much with the focus on reformation at times, but the author manages to make it work well within the story"
Wicked Wager by Julia Justiss
Picture of A Lady Dares
rating by Mia-maria, Sep 17, 2013
"More credible than a lot of other historical romances, but unfortunately I never really liked the characters or got caught by the plot."
A Lady Dares by Bronwyn Scott
Picture of A Date with Dishonour
rating by Mia-maria, Sep 5, 2013
"good characters and dialogue, with a fairly simple plot"
A Date with Dishonour by Mary Brendan
Picture of His Very Personal Assistant
rating by Mia-maria, Jul 19, 2013
"It was nice to see a couple in love acting like civilized adults, even when tempers fly. It's a good story with really good dialogue."
His Very Personal Assistant by Carole Mortimer
Picture of Trace of Fever
rating by Mia-maria, Jul 14, 2013
"A good, action packed story with larger than life characters."
Trace of Fever by Lori Foster
Picture of Not Just a Governess
rating by Mia-maria, Jul 11, 2013
"Good story, good characters, interesting romance"
Not Just a Governess by Carole Mortimer
Picture of Shadow Dance
rating by Mia-maria, Jun 30, 2013
"A nice set of twists, good characters, a sweet story and an ok plot."
Shadow Dance by Anne Stuart
Picture of Tall, Dark and Disreputable
rating by Mia-maria, Jun 29, 2013
"good characters but a strange story"
Tall, Dark and Disreputable by Deb Marlowe
Picture of Captured by the Warrior
rating by Mia-maria, Jun 22, 2013
"It's a very action-oriented if somewhat naive story. It has a good dose of modern values, but fortunately not enough to ruin the mood."
Captured by the Warrior by Meriel Fuller
Picture of Inheriting a Bride
rating by Mia-maria, Jun 20, 2013
"Very sweet characters, ditto story with a large dollop of romance to top it off."
Inheriting a Bride by Lauri Robinson