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"My all time favourite authors are notwithstanding Sharon Kendrick who is so close to her 100th book are as follows:Lynne Graham, Chantelle Shaw, Abby Green,Andie Brock, Caitlin Crews/Megan,Carol Marinelli, Carole Mortimer,Cathy Williams, Dani Collins,Jennifer Hayward,Kate Hewitt,Kate Walker, Kim Lawrence, Lucy Monroe,Maggie Cox,Maisey Yates,Michelle Smart, Sarah Morgan,Susan Stephens, Susanna Carr, Melanie Milburne, Sandra Marton to name a few. It is definitely NOT the ones that M&B site has assigned to my Profile. I cannot even delete them Apologies to these writers but I only ever do read M&B Modern genre the writers who follow the template with no harsh references to physical impediments which belong to the Medical genre or others! These above writers on my chosen list have stood the test of time and have been showered with accolades as there are fans out worldwide who love this particular Modern genre.!"

Arpita • 3 years ago

Sharon Kendrick: 100 Books and never a dull moment!

" Congratulations in advance to Sharon Kendrick who is definitely one of my favourite Modern Genre Romance writers like my all time favourites, Lynne Graham, Chantelle Shaw, Kate Walker, Andie Brock, Susan Stephens, Sandra Marton,Michelle Smart, Cathy Williams, Melanie Mliburne,Carol Marinelli and ofcourse Abby -Green to name a few creative writers who are in a league of their own! Best wishes to all these writers and others who too will join this list of mine at some point in their future!"

Arpita • 3 years ago

Sharon Kendrick: 100 Books and never a dull moment!

"I have agreed about the views on Sarah Morgan's Romance 'Playing by the Greek's rule' which is a typical, engrossing Modern genre story that can be only written by a genius like Sarah Morgan. Excellent! I strongly disagree with your comments about Tara Pammi who strays from the norm of Modern genre with her describing a hero or heroine with certain physical flaws which does not feature in a Fantasy world. As for Avril Tremayne the less said the better. If her book has to sell under this category of Modern Romance genre, she needs to read books written by the Classic veterans in the UK."

Arpita • 4 years ago

The Diversity of Desire

My Reviews (188)

Picture of Demetriou Demands His Child
rating by Arpita, Sep 8, 2016
"‘She looked pure and lovely.’ ’Her slender body was encased in a white gown beaded with diamonds, her face hidden behind an ivory demi-mask , the light gleamed off her blue-black hair , touched the round curve of her cheek and the slender hollow of her throat.’ Alekos was, ’intent on finding the woman who had captivated him from a distance’. Iolanthe, found ‘his voice low and authoritative and strangely sensual.’ ‘He was tall, dark ‘well over six feet’ with ‘eyes the colour of topaz, perfectly defined lips that could have graced a Grecian statue’. He smiled, ’a dimple appearing in his cheek’. ‘She was clearly very young and even more innocent and beautiful.’ ‘Her silver-grey eyes widened as Alekos drew her towards him.’ ‘There was an innate loveliness to her face.’ ’Revenge was a long game’. Everything about this encounter felt magical and surreal. Alekos said to her, ‘You are a breath of fresh air’.’You are exquisite’. ‘He had not thought of her in ten years.’ While ‘Iolanthe felt and thought ,he was just as darkly and devastatingly attractive now as he’d been ten years ago’. ‘Iolanthe had changed. He had changed’.’He looked so forbidding’. ‘She tried to gather her scattered thoughts.’ Alekos’s voice was like a blade.’ ’He continued implacably, my prospective bride, my only bride is you’.’The attraction, the overwhelming force of it was still there’, even after ten years. He realised he was more attracted to her now than he’d been back then’. Kate Hewitt has magic in her finger tips and is a tremendous writer of Classic Contemporary Modern genre.. She has used extremely witty remarks, innuendos to excellent effect and impact on the characters who develop into mature adults in an engaging story line which will grip the readers. They will be transported to a world of fantasy with obviously happy ever after ending. A must book to buy and grace the home library of romantics at heart. Exquisite indeed! Tonight was for magic. "
Demetriou Demands His Child by Kate Hewitt
Picture of The Secret Beneath The Veil
rating by Arpita, Sep 8, 2016
"‘Grigor handed her icy fingers to Trina’s groom, the very daunting Mikolas Petrides.’ ’Lord he was handsome’, carved cheekbones, small cleft in the chin, and ‘his eyes were a smoky gray.’ ’Viveka was taken aback by the quiet force he emanated’. He had ‘wealth, power and looks notwithstanding’. Viveka had, ’these icy blue orbs and natural blond streaks she’d covered with the veil.’ This ensnared and captured him. When he spoke, ‘he had an arresting voice and the velvet-and –steel-cadence of his tone held her. ’Mikolas could hardly see her face, but the intensity of blue eyes couldn’t be dimmed by a few scraps of lace’.’She was beautiful.’ ‘While, he was really good –looking.’ ‘I’m a man who gets what he wants, I want this merger’. ’Marry me in your sister’s place’.’It was utterly enthralling, to watch her parted and quivering mouth’ at this statement! To which Viveka retorted, ‘I’d rather take my chances with the sharks’. Mikolas says with flatness of his voice, ‘You already have’. ‘She had no idea whom she was dealing with’.’She might be impulsive and a complete pain in the backside, but she was perceptive’.’She should have known that there’d be a cost to his saving her life’.’Men expect things when they do you a favour ‘.’Let us be clear, the debt you owe me is the loss of a wife’.’She was not built for fair- weather frolics’. In his mind, ‘it was the authentic beauty that shone through her’. The plot is engaging, enticing, with not much of extraneous detail, the story line flows through till the end. There is plenty of sparring, humour and wit and their love is there for all the readers to see! Ofcourse their issues need to be resolved before any headway in their attraction and chemistry for each other can take place between them. The characters develop by the end of the story with a particular icing which the Romantics will love! A must buy book as it is a page turner and brilliant to cherish this story for a long, long, time. Exquisite! "
The Secret Beneath The Veil by Dani Collins
Picture of To Blackmail A Di Sione
rating by Arpita, Sep 8, 2016
"Bianca ‘turned and looked up into the hard but undeniably handsome face of Liev Dragunov, Russian billionaire.’ ‘He was a force to be reckoned with.’ ’She was a necessary means to an end. Nothing more.’’ Her smile lit up her face and the cold mask she hid behind slipped briefly away’.’Even among other wealthy businessmen he had a commanding presence which dominated the room’.’His height and undeniable good looks ‘, was a contributory factor.’ His ‘grey eyes held hints of blue ‘,’which also appeared to be assessing her with calculated coolness’.’She looked quite beautiful, stunningly passionate, ’that,’he wanted to kiss her into silent submission’.’She was the key to everything he hungered for’.’When you have quite finished making ridiculous offers, I have a proposition to put to you’.’I need acceptance’, came back the sharp retort from Liev. ’I need you at my side.’ ‘You will be my key to their world’, of New York society. ‘Our engagement’, she almost choked over the words. ’A force of Nature let loose on her Achilles heel. Her grandfather ’.’How could she find a man attractive and hate him at the same time?’’She was stunning, but he was also glimpsing someone much more vulnerable beneath.’ He admired her and said ,Not only are you very talented, but you look even more beautiful this evening’.’She was truly beautiful’.’But she didn’t hate him’. Therefore where was the problem and how would it end? The writer’s creativity comes out in every descriptive detail and the constant wit and sparring that takes place between this lovable couple. It is a fairy tale come true for them though the story line will go through no doubt till the readers come to the last eighth book of the Billionaire’s Legacy’. Rachael Thomas is a brilliant writer to keep the storyline simple with not much of extraneous detail. A must book for all those who love Modern genre romances in any format. Unmissable indeed! "
To Blackmail A Di Sione by Rachael Thomas
Picture of Trapped By Vialli`s Vows
rating by Arpita, Sep 8, 2016
"Leandro Vialli, a multi millionaire/billionaire is attracted to Marnie Clarke, a waitress! What can the romantic at heart expect from the combustible pair who gets attracted to each other instantly? For her, who had known him for over a year, ’nothing about his lean, lithe, jaw-droppingly handsome, persona like a model from a glossy magazine’, could detract his attraction for her. ‘He exuded an air of power and charisma that sent a thrill of excitement through Marnie’.’ The steely gleam in his grey eyes told her he was furious’. While Marnie’s ,’skin was peaches and cream and her honey-blonde hair rippled halfway down her back’, still held his attention. ’Her brown eyes were soft with sensual promise’.’You are not and never will be my wife’. ‘You are my mistress’. Leandro said to her brusquely. Yet ’her blonde hair and her delectable hour-glass figure had forced him to acknowledge how much he had missed her’. She was staring at him as ‘he was so gorgeous and his grey eyes were as soft as wood smoke as he held her gaze’, while pondering what his next move would be! Chantelle Shaw as always has mastered the art of holding on to the reader’s attention in a tight grip and will not let go of one till the very end! There is plenty of scintillating dialogue, wit, and conversation between the lovers within the framework of the storyline! The Epilogue is superb and the story will leave the romantics at heart with a good-feel-factor enticing them to read the story all over again! Stupendous and exquisite must buy book in any shape or format! Unforgettable! "
Trapped By Vialli`s Vows by Chantelle Shaw
Picture of Indebted To Moreno
rating by Arpita, Sep 8, 2016
"‘Of course! The Spanish aristocrat- what was his name? Nairo something. It was the sexiest voice, deep and dark and so beautifully accented.’’ It was no problem to wait, Nairo reflected.’’ He was perfectly happy to stay here and enjoy the spectacle of a deliciously rounded bottom stuck up in the air..’’Got it!’ The triumph in the woman’s voice made him smile. The smile leached from his lips as he saw her lift her head. Red hair. His personal curse. The woman, who had once filled his days, haunted his dreams.’ ‘Again the sound of that sexy accent coiled around her, bringing memories of another man who had spoken with just that hint of an exotic pronunciation’.’That mouth was an invitation to sin’.’I am Nairo Moreno’.’Did you think I was here to see you? That I would have hunted you down after all this time?’ ‘He had once known a young girl who had always the promise of being a looker, but he had never anticipated her growing into the sleek, sexy vision who stood before him’. His smile was dark, devilish enough to send shivers down her spine’. They had not seen each other for the past ten years!’There was flare in those mossy-green golden eyes.’ ’Some things you just don’t forget’. ‘How could he manage to inject such deadly poison into six simple words? ‘The smile that he flashed on and off was like burning ice, no emotion at all in it.’ She had entranced him as a ‘skinny girl’ and now she’d grown up, matured, and he was swamped by a hunger he hadn’t felt before or since’. These lovers needed to resolve their personal issues before the readers can leave them as a happily –ever- after couple. Herein lies the genius of one of the most creative writers of Modern genre romances. Kate Walker has used succinct repartee, wit , sparring dialogue, engrossing and engaging plot to keep the readers guessing what will happen next? It is truly an exceptional, brilliant page turner for those who love fantasy world to the nth degree. Go for it! A must buy for all! Unmissable! Stamped on his heart. "
Indebted To Moreno by Kate Walker
Picture of The Flaw In Raffaele`s Revenge
rating by Arpita, Jul 20, 2016
"Reversal of gender roles and persona is not to one's liking for many readers of Modern genre. The beast being a woman is unacceptable! In some countries it may be the norm to try new ideas but then it should follow other templates like DESIRE, TEMPTATION or MEDICAL because in the Modern genre one would like to escape into a fantasy world which is close to near perfection, which will bring joy and happiness. There are so many out there who live the harsh reality of physical conditions day in and day out so why should such a person spend money to bring sadness. Think about it! There has to be issues and problems but that should fit into the correct template! Sorry this is MY opinion and view."
The Flaw In Raffaele`s Revenge by Annie West
Picture of The Flaw In Raffaele`s Revenge
rating by Arpita, Jul 19, 2016
"Again this Modern genre romance has the skeins of Desire, Temptation and Medical genres woven into it. It is as the blurb says a reversal of gender roles which to many readers would seem difficult to accept especially when one lives in a place where the norm is that the male gender has defined roles to play in reality. Why would anyone spend their money in reading a book which has underlying pathos till the very end? Modern genre in an escapism into a world of fantasy where most aspects of life is near perfect !"
The Flaw In Raffaele`s Revenge by Annie West
Picture of Return Of The Untamed Billionaire
rating by Arpita, Jul 1, 2016
"It has all the hallmarks of Desire, Temptation, Medical woven into a story of Romance. At times it borders on the melodrama with too much of physical scars, medical issues , looking back into the past. A modern genre takes the readers from the harsh realities of life into a near perfect Fantasy world where mainly it is emotional challenges and a 'normal' family skeins.! This was painful and I would never classify this story under Classic, contemporary modern genre romance. The themes are very unconventional too!"
Return Of The Untamed Billionaire by Carol Marinelli
Picture of One Secret Night, One Secret Baby
rating by Arpita, Jun 12, 2016
"The story-line had too many circles within circles that it was like a maze! At times one would have to grapple in the mind what skein of the story-line is that from ? There were instances where one would come up with the thought what norm of society do these characters live in? it was certainly not the morals of society that I was brought up on! It is a permissive society I know, where anything goes but wait, draw a line somewhere. Then using words like 'dibs' is not a word that is commonly used everywhere.It would be an idea to have a page where colloquialisms are used for the readers benefit. Some countries are traditional in their usage of English language some are not! The hero was macho enough but will not be able to win over everybody's heart! "
One Secret Night, One Secret Baby by Charlene Sands
Picture of The Rancher`s Marriage Pact
rating by Arpita, Jun 12, 2016
"This is my first Desire M&B genre! It had all the template of a Romance with capital R but it lacked the fiery- in-depth story-line of the Modern genre. There are too many strands in the plot with parents and family and touch of suspense which is not very gripping. No I wouldn't read this genre again and leave it to the fans who like such a wide network of friends, relatives and so on."
The Rancher`s Marriage Pact by Kristi Gold