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The Ultimate Proposition

Written by Maya Blake

Chapter Eight

Q Virtus - Winter Caucus

Alaska, USA

Eight months later

"Zeus requests the presence of El Halcon & Boudicca at the club's winter caucus on 1 December…"

"I can't believe you talked Zeus into giving me that moniker," Sabine said as she placed their three-month-old daughter in her crib and arranged her blanket over her tiny body.

Luciano dropped the invitation on the bed, joined her and reached down to run his finger over their baby's soft cheek.

"It suits you perfectly, my warrior queen."

Her husband picked up her hand and kissed each knuckle. The warmth of his lips on her skin fractured her breathing and her stomach clenched hard as his heated eyes met hers.

They'd flown on Luciano's private jet this afternoon and checked into the five star Herrera Hotel with their daughter and her nanny.

Their nanny would be looking after Sophia while they attended the two-day Q Virtus event. And while Sabine was heartbroken to be leaving her baby for one night, she was secretly thrilled to be spending uninterrupted time with Luciano following the complications of her pregnancy and the relief of giving birth to a healthy baby.

Despite the emotional closeness that had budded in the moments before her wedding and grown through the challenges of her difficult pregnancy and life as new parents, they had yet to share a bed as husband and wife, a selfless move on Luciano's part that made her heart swell larger with love.

But selfless or not, it was time to put a proper seal on their marriage.

As the limo carrying them to the secretly located event turned up a long snow-blanketed driveway, she glanced at Luciano.

Her heart skipped several, essential beats and her breath caught all over again at her feelings. The shadows that came from losing Angelo and his father hadn't faded from his eyes and she doubted it would for a very long time. But his devotion to his remaining family and to their daughter constantly took her breath away.

Tonight she would risk taking a leap of her own. Just like she had a year ago.

The limo drew up to their destination and she gasped as they entered the main hallway. "Wow."

The mansion had been turned into a winter palace. Shards of ice had been sculpted into countless diamond shaped pieces of art in varying sizes and suspended from the ceilings.

She lifted a hand to her white silk and diamond-studded mask and felt an overwhelming awe and a touch of shame creep over her.

For a long time, she'd believed that rich and affluent meant callous and cruel, that the people who wielded power were prone to abuse and oppress those who didn't.

Being with Luciano had taught her differently.

She had a new family whose love was unquestioning and a husband whose devotion blazed in his eyes each time their gazes met.

She just needed to find the courage to take things one step further…

"You're thinking too hard for my liking, querida."

"Hmm, I'm looking forward to tonight," she replied.

Luciano glanced at her. "Anything in particular?"

"That's for me to know and you to find out."

He groaned under his breath as they entered the lift that would take them to their exclusive suite. "That smile makes me nervous, Sabine mia."

She pretended to study the gold embossed schedule card although she'd committed each event to memory. "Can we skip the fire and ice show? Oh and the champagne mixer too? I don't want to drink while I'm still nursing."

He nodded and led her out of the lift. He activated his smartwatch and the thumbprint device that opened their suite doors.

Leaving him to direct where their luggage should be taken she walked into the master suite and quickly went to work.

"Querida, what time would you like to have dinner—Dios mio…" He froze in the doorway, and swallowed hard.

The turquoise lace panty and garter belt set she'd worn under her dress was one she'd settled on after a painstaking search through countless designer boutiques.

Sabine watched flames of passion leap into his eyes and her heart turned over.

"Are you going to stand there all night or are you going to come over here and make love to your wife?"

"Si…I want to do…the second thing. Very, very much."

He kicked the door shut and stumbled towards her.

Their first coming together had been sizzling and turbulent, their passion escalating out of control.

But tonight, knowing how full her heart was for him, added another dimension to their lovemaking that had her bursting into tears when she climaxed.

"Mi dulce, your tears move me." He kissed her with such gentleness more tears formed.

"I love you," she blurted. "So much. I feel as if my heart's too full to contain it. I know it was not supposed to part of our deal but—"

He stopped her words with a finger. With a stunned look in his eyes, he exhaled harshly. "Gracias a dios. I thought I was alone in this feeling." His body trembled as he lowered his mouth to hers once more. "I am so thrilled to know that I am not. Te amo, mi vida."


"I've been going out of my mind wondering if I was on a countdown to you ending our marriage when our year was up. I haven't wanted to rock the boat in any way…"

"Which was why you didn't push to make love to me even after Sophia was born?"

He nodded. "Dios, it's been agonizing."

Tears fell faster and her heart flipped over when he gently brushed them away. "You do realize that you've completely stolen my thunder and ruined my seduction technique?"

"Don't worry, mi amor, you'll have plenty of opportunities to practice some more."

He rolled her on top of him and proceeded to extract more passionate confessions of love from her.


Luciano pulled his wife closer and wondered whether a heart could burst wide open with happiness. "I want to hear it again, mi corazon."

Her eyes sparkled bright enough to rival the diamond ornaments hanging in the white, glittering ballroom.

"For the three millionth time, I love you."

Emotion welled through him as he kissed her glossy mouth.

A couple danced close. The flash of silver eyes and dark hair gave away the man behind the mask. Luciano knew the other man's reputation enough that he turned Sabine in the other direction.

His all-seeing wife and mistress of his heart cottoned on immediately. "Who's that?"

"The Warlock of Wall Street. He's a shameless playboy. Stay away from him," he gritted out.

"You know I belong to you, halcon mio."

He stared into her exquisite green eyes and concluded that if there was a perfect way to die, it would be like this, in the arms of the woman he loved. "And for as long as I live, my heart and soul belong to you. And only you."

The End

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Maya Blake

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