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One Night Dare

Written by Jessica Lemmon

Chapter Two

Cammie Sauza could tell by the smug set of Luke’s mouth that his cockiness had gone nowhere in the handful of years since she’d seen him.

Her friend Sabrina’s younger brother had spent the entirety of Sab’s birthday party flirting with Cammie. She’d thwarted his attempts to seduce her, which she’d told herself were “cute,” but he’d been potent then, even at age twenty-seven. By her estimations he was just over thirty now. And, good God, was he gorgeous.

She snapped her mouth closed, opening it to say, “Luke, right?”

No sense in giving him the satisfaction of knowing she hadn’t forgotten his electric green eyes or the slight dimple that dented his right cheek when he smiled.

He’d always been a good-looking guy, and fit, but he’d put on even more muscle since. The breadth of his shoulders was as jaw-dropping as the tempting span of his chest. And what was better was that he wasn’t a muscle-bound idiot. Luke was smart—Einstein smart.


“Right.” His devilish grin widened.

“What brings you to Chicago?” She pushed a lock of hair behind her ear. Thankfully she’d dabbed on a little makeup this morning. She was as far from a gym rat as could be, so she certainly hadn’t expected to bump into someone she knew.

From Seattle, no less.

“This is my place. I live here.” He propped his hands on his hips. “Well, not here. I bought a loft on Lakeshore Drive.”

Lakeshore. Fancy.

“I thought you were a math wizard.” With his IQ, Cammie had assumed he’d make millions off the stock exchange. “And you own a gym?”

“Several gyms.” A flash of anger flared in his eyes as his jaw squared.

“Oh.” She wondered if she’d inadvertently insulted him.

“Genius Fit is my brainchild.”

Before she could apologize, one of the TV crew behind him shouted, “Sixty seconds! Where’s Luke?”

Luke narrowed emerald-colored eyes at Cammie and she fidgeted under his scrutiny. “Come watch. It’ll be fun.”

“Oh, I…” But he was already leading her toward the cameras.

Luke took his mark next to Michael Fortner, Channel 7’s senior anchor.

Cammie hung back when they went live. Michael peppered Luke with questions, including, “What’s your biggest challenge as the owner of the newest fitness method sweeping the country?”

“Being underestimated by people who think I’m more brawn than brains.” Luke’s gaze clashed with Cammie’s and her neck grew hot. “Turns out I have both.”

She had insulted him. Her fair skin didn’t hide her mortification, but Luke wasn’t interested in letting her hide.

“Don’t take my word for it.” A mischievous glint lit his eyes before he extended a hand in her direction. “Just ask my fiancée. Cammie, sweetheart, walk your pretty self over here.”

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