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A Match Made In Maui

Written by Nina Singh

Chapter Eighteen

This wasn’t how she’d meant to tell him. As a matter of fact, she hadn’t even been sure she’d meant to tell him at all. But somehow the words had just started pouring out of her. As if she needed to let them go, needed them to finally be heard. Like she’d held on to them long enough. Once started, Tessa couldn’t seem to stop the torrent.

Jason had let go of her and now stood less than a foot away. He’d turned white as a ghost.

Tessa forced herself to breath, taking in a deep breath, then slowly releasing it. Repeated once and again until she thought her brain might finally be working.

As if to match the mood, the sky suddenly turned dark and gray as a thick cloud covered the sun above. The only sounds to be heard were their breathing and the steady crash of waves behind them. Jason remained unmoving. He still wasn’t looking at her. A shiver ran over her skin, whether due to the sudden loss of sunlight or the unexpected turn they’d just taken, Tessa couldn’t guess. She couldn't read Jason’s expression for the life of her. He appeared to be in shock.

“I needed so much to get a hold of you. I had all the symptoms.”

Jason stood still as a stone, only his mouth moved when he finally spoke. “Tessa, just tell me.”

She shook her head. “False alarm.”

Jason exhaled and dropped in a collapsed heap into the lounge chair behind him. He rubbed both hands over his face, then bit out a mumbled curse.

“But it took close to a week to know for sure. A week in which I tried so desperately to reach you.”

He didn’t look up when he finally responded. “Obviously, you didn’t try hard enough.”

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