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A Match Made In Maui

Written by Nina Singh

Chapter Seventeen

Jason stopped by the beachside guest service cabana to grab two towels before walking back to the lounge chair where Tessa stood dripping wet. He draped one towel over her shoulders. As much as he wanted to, he was hesitant to help her dry off after the way she’d pulled away from him just now in the water.

She uttered a quiet thank-you and started to towel herself dry. Reaching for his shirt where he’d dropped it in the chair, he thought he heard a sniffle.

Was she crying?

The notion felt like a physical stab through his heart. He couldn’t bear the thought that he’d somehow made Tessa cry. Having her angry at him was one thing. But the thought that he might have brought her to tears was hard to stomach.

He gently took her by the shoulders to turn her to face him. And then he uttered a harsh curse under his breath. Her eyes were shiny with unshed tears.

“Oh, sweetheart.”

His endearment seemed to open the floodgates. Suddenly her cheeks were streaked and wet, her shoulders heaving as she sobbed into the towel he’d handed her.

Jason would have sooner jumped into an erupting volcano than witness the sight of her in such distress. “Tessa, please tell me why you’re crying. I’ll do anything to make it stop.”

Her lips quivered as she answered. “I shouldn’t let you affect me the way you do. But I can’t seem to help it.”

He couldn’t stand to not touch her any longer. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he pulled her close against his length.

“What’s making you cry, my love. What haven’t you told me?”

Tessa hiccupped before she could speak. But when she finally began, nothing she said made any sense. She was close to incomprehensible, her words a mad, random jumble he couldn’t seem to make out.

Jason strained to make sense of what she was saying. Then his blood froze in his veins as some of her words registered. So scared, missed the date, so late, test… baby.

The world went black as a singular question hammered in his confused, foggy brain.

Had Tessa been pregnant with his baby?

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