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A Match Made In Maui

Written by Nina Singh

Chapter Sixteen


The way she said his name sent a slow ache of longing through the entire length of his body. She shifted in his arms and the feel of her wet skin against his was enough to make him want to cry out.

There was no hiding his physical reaction to their closeness. She had to know he wanted her. And she wanted him just as much. The heat that showed in her eyes and the way her arms instantly wound around his neck left no question.

Miraculously, there were hardly any sunbathers or swimmers in this area of the beach. They were essentially all alone.

Tessa’s gaze fell to his lips. And it was all the invitation he needed. She repeated his name just before he claimed her mouth with his own. Then he could hear nothing but the pounding in his ears.

She tasted like paradise, like the sweetest, ripest fruit that he would never get enough of.

He’d dreamed about this, wanted it so badly he’d woken up countless nights aching with the longing for her pounding through his veins. The reality was so much more than he’d dared to imagine. Tessa shifted in his arms, then moved to wrap her legs around his waist under the water. His entire being shuddered with unadulterated need.

He wanted her more than his next breath. But this was neither the time or place. It was late afternoon for heaven’s sake. They were mostly alone but this was still a public beach, after all. Any manner of people could happen along at any moment. As much as he wanted to ignore the outside world, Jason had no desire to provide some kind show for any unsuspecting spectators.

“My room is much closer than yours,” he uttered against her mouth when he could finally get his mind to focus enough to speak.

It was the wrong thing to say. Tessa instantly stiffened in his arms. She pulled away and jumped to plant both feet in the water. Slowly, she removed her arms from around his shoulders and wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

Jason felt her loss like a physical blow. He itched to pull her back, knew she would not resist if he did so.

But something told him that would be a mistake. So he clenched his hands into tight fists instead, took several steadying breaths. With no small amount of restraint, he silently watched her dive under the water and smoothly swim back until she reached the sand of the beach.

He couldn’t afford any more mistakes where Tessa was concerned.

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