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A Match Made In Maui

Written by Nina Singh

Chapter Ten

They’d reached the outer border of the resort property. Tessa gestured to the building behind them. “Well, this is my room.”


He wasn’t getting it, didn’t understand that Tessa was done with this conversation. She appreciated that he’d traveled all this way to try and explain the last year. She really did.

But none of it changed the reality. She’d never told a soul, but she’d been lonely and missing Jason terribly once they’d returned home after last year’s wedding.

And then she’d missed her period. Her melancholy had turned to panic. Maddeningly, a home test had proven inconclusive. All the while, she’d been desperately trying to reach Jason. Only to have him respond via a quick email or text saying he’d get back to her.

By the time the doctor’s visit had concluded no pregnancy, that she was most likely suffering from some sort of virus she’d picked up along her travels, her faith in Jason Robahi had completely crumbled. She wouldn’t allow herself to open her heart to him again.

There was absolutely no reason to share any of it with him now. No, the only thing to do now was to leave the past behind. Tessa wrapped her arms across her chest, feigning a calm she didn’t feel. “Thank you for coming all this way to try and clear things up.”

He blinked at her. “And that’s it?”

“It is from where I’m standing.”

“At least have dinner with me, Tessa. We can go back to that beachside shack we discovered that first night. When it was just the two of us.”

A defiant voice within her told her to accept, that there’d be no harm in sharing once last meal with him. But her heart knew better.

“I don’t think so, Jason. It appears we’re done with the matter. Wouldn’t you say?”

Jason gave a quick shake of his head. “On the contrary, I actually don’t have a clue what to say to that.”

“I’ll say it, then.” Tessa struggled to form the words that had to be said, could only hope he didn’t see the pain behind her eyes. “Goodbye, Jason.”

She had to turn away before the tears could fall. But felt Jason’s grip on her upper arm before she could get far.

“I hate that we’re ending things this way,” he said, his voice thick. He leaned in to land a small peck on her temple. But in her fruitless attempt to avoid the feel of his lips, Tessa somehow turned her face just as he lowered his. Instead of her temple, his lips found her mouth. That small taste of him was enough for her to become completely undone. Her brain shut off and her treacherous body took over. She leaned into him, wrapped her arms around his shoulders and deepened the kiss. Jason responded in kind. His hands went around her waist and he pulled her tight against him. For countless moments, she just let herself indulge. She’d missed him so much that the taste of him now overwhelmed her senses.

The sound of an alert on her phone rang through her desire-fogged mind and brought her to her senses. She pulled away and out of his grasp. The alert tone was one she’d assigned to Rita. Tessa said a silent thanks to her friend for unknowingly saving her just now.

Jason’s eyes had darkened to a near ebony. “I have to say, sweetheart. That was some goodbye kiss.”

It was hard to speak through the pounding of her pulse. “There’s absolutely no reason to read into it, Jason. It was just a kiss to say goodbye. Nothing more.”

He leaned toward her then and lifted her chin with the tip of his finger. “Liar.”

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