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A Match Made In Maui

Written by Nina Singh

Chapter Five

So now he wanted to talk to straighten things out between them. Tessa knew she was all manner of fool to even consider it.

But there was no denying the flutter her heart had given at Jason’s offer of a drink. He’d spoken the same words he’d approached her with that first night they’d met. In doing so, he’d catapulted her back in time. The memories flooded her mind now. She’d been watching him all night, right in the very bar she’d just run out of a few minutes ago.

Embarrassingly enough, Tessa had thought back then that she had a thing for the previous bride’s brother, Clint Fallon, who happened to be the current groom. Clint had fallen desperately in love with Rita, one of his sister’s university friends. They were getting married in three short days.

And any thoughts of other men had been fully obliterated from Tessa’s mind as soon as Jason crossed her path. He was introduced to her back then as Rob, a play on his surname. But it wasn’t long before he became her Jason.

She’d accepted his offer of a drink without hesitation that evening. Her body tingled as she remembered the night of pleasure and passion that one drink had led to.

Well, she was definitely hesitating to take him up on the same offer this time. Her sense of self-preservation told her to turn him down and walk away this instant. But her curiosity about Jason’s exact intentions served as strong temptation.

Could it actually be true that he had traveled all the way to Maui simply to see her? Because he wanted to talk to her? Her theory about Jason accompanying another woman here made so much more sense.

Didn’t it?

“What do you say?” Jason prompted after several moments. “You look thirsty to me.”

In fact, her throat was desert dry and her mouth felt as if she’d been dining on sand. Though none of it had anything to do with being thirsty. Just one of the myriad effects of seeing Jason again. Her whole body seemed to have gone into shocked apprehension.

There was no way she could casually sit down at some bar counter with him for a casual heart-to-heart as if nothing had happened between them. As if they were any normal couple.

“I’ll pass,” she responded. “Thanks anyway.”

Jason’s shoulders visibly drooped and a muscle jumped along his jaw. He let go of her hand. “I’m sorry to hear that.”

No, she wouldn’t go anywhere with him tonight. Her emotions were too on edge. Her nerves too raw where he was concerned. Every muscle still vibrated with the shock of seeing him again. Plus, it was just too much of a risk. She couldn’t afford to let her guard down around this man. He clearly still had the power to seduce her.

But she did want some answers. He did owe her that, once and for all. Against her better judgement, she set down a counteroffer. “But you can buy me a cup of coffee tomorrow morning.”

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