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Her Secret Valentine

Written by Nicola Marsh

Chapter Seven

iara could've sworn she heard Greg introduce the gardener as his brother but that had to be the shock making her heart pound so hard it deafened her.

Seeing him semi-naked, glistening with sweat, had been something else but he looked just as good in dark denim and a white button-down with the sleeves rolled up. Those muscled, tanned forearms snagged her attention. She thought of their strength as they'd held her up as she'd ridden him with abandon, intent on pleasure and little else.

Her cheeks scorched at the memory, the tell-tale throb between her legs alerting her to how much she'd love to do it again. She'd never had sex in a garden before and it suited her. She'd been relaxed around Alice and Greg for the first time in forever, letting their wedding talk wash over her as she mentally replayed her X-rated romp with the gardener, currently staring at her with blatant appreciation.

"Come on, Ash, meet Kiara, Alice's sister." Greg stepped aside, allowing Ash into their circle.

He eyeballed her, a smug smile playing about his lips, daring her to acknowledge they'd already met.

As if.

"Nice to meet you, Ashton." She held out her hand out of rote politeness, unprepared for the surge of awareness that made her skin tingle when his hand enclosed hers.

"Likewise," he said, his mouth easing into a fully fledged grin. "And everyone calls me Ash."

She'd be calling him nothing if she had her way. What had he been playing at earlier? Alice had told her Greg's brother worked in finance, some big power broker who lived the high life. The last place she'd expect to find a guy like that was bare-chested with his hands in the dirt.

"I'm so glad you two have finally met," Alice said, resting her head against Greg's shoulder like a smitten kitten. "We're going to have so much fun together in the lead-up to the big day."

"Yeah, fun," Ashton parroted, shooting her a surreptitious wink that had her stifling a chuckle.

But surely this had to complicate things? Could they pretend like that quick romp in the garden hadn't happened?

"Actually, I have to go," she said, desperate to escape any last-minute wedding duties Alice might foist onto her. Not tonight. She'd had enough. "Sorry, guys, duty calls."

"You work too hard." Alice frowned but dropped a quick kiss on her cheek. "But we understand."

"That's good, because I have to go, too." Ashton's eyebrow rose in a quiet challenge, as if she wasn't the only one who could talk her way out of this. "The boss wants to see me about some new mega client coming on board." He shrugged, his smile endearingly bashful, the charlatan. "I can't get out of it."

"Go." Greg shooed them away. "Get out of here, workaholics."

Kiara didn't have to be told twice. She blew Alice and Greg air kisses and bolted for the door.

She'd barely made it to the elaborate marble foyer when a hand clamped onto her shoulder.

"Not so fast, maid of honour."

She tilted her chin in defiance and spun around.

"Did you want something?"

His eyes darkened with need as his hand slid from her shoulder upwards, where he cupped her jaw and his thumb brushed her lower lip in a slow, sensual caress.

"I want you," he murmured, his thumb dipping between her lips, tantalising her, so she licked the tip and sucked it into her mouth.

He exhaled on a hiss as he reluctantly pulled it back. "Again."

"You want me again?"

He nodded and stepped in close, the heady scent of sandalwood body lotion and freshly showered male making her head spin a little.

"I want you all night long."

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