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Santa's Plus-One Surprise

Written by Melissa Senate

Chapter Eighteen

While Santa held Colt and posed for photos—both Felicity and Drake had taken at least a hundred shots—Drake couldn’t help but wonder what Felicity didwant for Christmas.

To get over her ex, the one whose wedding they’d be attending?

Nah. She didn’t sound so broken up over the guy.

The bell jangled on Santa’s cottage door, indicating someone else had arrived, and Santa handed Colt to Felicity.

“Here you go, Mama,” Santa said, carefully transferring Colt into her arms.

Felicity’s expression as she gazed at the baby told him everything he needed to know about what she wanted for Christmas.

A baby of her own. The combination of being called Mama and Colt’s sweet, trusting blue eyes staring at her had completely mesmerized her. Unless Colt was reading this all wrong, and he didn’t think he was.

Hey, over here, he wanted to say to her. Man and baby needing good woman in their lives.

But come on. He was learning as he went with Colt, and that was bad enough—that he couldn’t hit the ground running as a good father. He was a dad in training, when Colt deserved Father of the Year. Felicity didn’t need a man who had to learn how to love, how to commit—and who might not be able to get there in the end.

That he could commit to Colt was not in doubt; Drake knew he could. This baby had his heart. But commit to a woman?

He mentally shook his head. People left. People died. People changed their minds. Being on his own was the way to go, the lone wolf he’d always been and always would be.

And now he had a cub to raise and protect. His energy and focus had to be on his son. Not trying to be something he wasn’t in a romance.

He felt his resolve tighten. Felicity needed to find a great guy who’d give her everything she wanted, all that she deserved.

He wasn’t that man.

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