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Trick and Treat

Written by Cara Lockwood

Chapter Twenty Seven

Come again? Could she? Lizzie didn’t know if she could.

He pushed down his underwear then, and she gaped. The man was so thick, so big. She wondered if she could take him. Then she realized she wanted to. All of him. He rolled the fresh condom down himself, and she felt her own juices run down her inner thigh.

“I want you to come again. I want you to come hard.”

She knew then that she would. She wouldn’t be able to help herself. She’d come in a way she’d never come before.

Somehow she was so ready for him. Oh so ready.

He rose and she shifted on the couch, allowing room for him. He moved on top of her, teasing her opening, sliding himself against her. He flicked her clit with his smooth end, and she nearly came right there. She just wanted him inside her now.

When he claimed her, pushing deep inside, she gasped, feeling herself giving way for him, feeling the tight muscles loosening. He groaned, too.

“God, Lizzie. You feel so tight. So very tight.”

She no longer knew where she ended and he began, as he began moving slowly at first. Little thrusts, exploring her, little by little, as her body struggled to accommodate him. She stretched for him, opening her legs even wider. She wanted him deeper still in her darkest places. She wrapped her legs around him then, feeling his bulk, feeling his weight on her chest. He dipped down, flicking her nipples again with his tongue. Her whole body was on fire. She no longer had control. But he did, as he pushed deeper, setting her nerve endings alight. His mouth found hers, and as his warm tongue caressed hers, she knew she was going to come. This was what she was made for; this was thousands of years of biology, and she could not fight it.

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