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Trick and Treat

Written by Cara Lockwood

Chapter Twelve

Lizzie felt wild from want, from heat, and her body had taken control of her good sense. His touch drove her over the edge. She could no more resist where he was taking her than she could stop breathing. He seemed to read her mind, knowing exactly what she wanted, what she needed. In that second, her whole body felt as if it exploded with pleasure. Every single nerve ending in her body came alive and she wasn’t in the back of a car anymore; she was in her own mind, her own body, riding the wave of pure ecstasy that took her to her climax and beyond. Did she cry out? She didn’t even know. She was no longer in control. No longer the by-the-rules librarian. The woman who spent her spare time adopting foster kittens. She’d let a perfect stranger make her come, pleasure her, right in public, not caring who saw.

The car moved then—the traffic jam suddenly easing. They’d moved the accident from the road, Lizzie guessed. She met Maverick’s gaze and their eyes locked.

“How’re you feeling?” he murmured, and a cocky smile quirked the corner of his mouth.

“Fantastic,” she said, in a whispered exhale. Her body still tingled from the aftermath of her climax, the good chemicals firing in her brain like a lightning storm. This man made her come so hard, in literally two minutes in the back of a Ryde. That had never happened to her before. Not once. Not ever. She blamed her man-drought. It had made her desperate, on the edge. Then again Maverick might just be able to make her come without even trying, anytime he wanted. He pulled her close.

“You are the sexiest woman I’ve ever met,” he murmured, his deep voice making her earlobe tingle. This man thought she was sexy. This man. Surely he knew the truth. He kissed her then, fierce, passionate, holding nothing back.

“I want to get to know you better. What are your plans tonight?”

“My friends’ ’80s party,” she said and then felt struck by inspiration. “You’re all dressed for it. Why don’t you come?” The last part was out of her mouth before she even thought of the consequences. What was she doing by inviting this stranger out?

He hesitated just a beat and disappointment hit her like a cold rain. He’s not interested in you, Lizzie. He’s the kind of guy who kisses girls in Rydes all the time. Walking around with you in public is a whole other animal.

His phone binged then, a message coming in. From Tamara. Who was Tamara?

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Cara Lockwood

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