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Trick and Treat

Written by Cara Lockwood

Chapter Six

He raised an eyebrow and she barked a laugh. “So, does an amazing woman like you…have a boyfriend?”

She barked a laugh, as if she were allergic to them. “Boyfriend? Me? No! How about you? Boyfriend…or girlfriend?”

“I’m straight,” he clarified. She looked relieved. Good.

“So? Girlfriend?”

Hunter thought about Tamara. No. He didn’t have anyone. No matter how often she might have drunk-dialed him this month.

He shook his head. “Nope,” he said, failing to mention that he’d been considering proposing to Tamara, even though he now knew that would’ve been the biggest mistake of his life.

“Uh-oh. On the rebound? You are dangerous then.” She bit her lip and twirled a bit of curly blonde hair around her finger. He inhaled and got a whiff of her tantalizing perfume: something with a hint of coconut, as if she’d just come from the beach. He loved that smell.

“The best kind of dangerous,” he said, and she laughed a little.

“Who doesn’t love a little bit of danger?” Her green eyes shone.

“That’s what I’m saying!” He leaned in and lowered his voice. “I was thinking. We probably only have fifteen minutes in this car. We should make the most of it.”

“What did you have in mind?” She leaned forward and her crimped hair fell over her forehead. He tried to keep his eyes there and not let his gaze wander down to her corset, where her cleavage was on full display.

I have so many things in mind, he thought, but all of them require a bed and more than fifteen minutes.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling this crazy chemistry between us. Which is going to make the whole ride awkward.”

“Oh, I agree. Awkward.” She bit her full lip and nodded fiercely.

“So, I think we should just kiss each other, you know? Then we can sit back and enjoy the ride.” He gestured to the scenery flowing outside the window. “Otherwise, you’ll just be staring at my lips the whole time, and I’ll have to pretend you’re not—awkward.”

“You think I want to kiss you?” She quirked an eyebrow, her green eyes flashing with amusement.

“Oh, I know you want to kiss me.”

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