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Trick and Treat

Written by Cara Lockwood

Chapter Five

Hunter couldn’t believe his good luck: a gorgeous blonde had tumbled into the back of his Ryde dressed like Madge herself. And not just any blonde, one who knew Top Gun.

“Did you seriously quote Top Gun to me right now?” he asked, still not quite believing his ears. “If you keep doing that, I’m going to fall in love with you.”

“Someone hasn’t lost that loving feeling then.” She grinned, wickedly, and suddenly his lap felt tight. Oh, boy. She wasn’t just an amazing body. This woman had a brain, too. Trouble. She was trouble. Just the kind of trouble he liked.

“With you around? Never.”

Before now, he’d been dreading this night—for a number of reasons, but mainly because Halloween reminded him of things he’d rather forget, like his ex, Tamara. But who could think about exes when this little specimen was in front of him. She had legs that went on for miles, and that sexy corset… He wanted to run his fingers down the bodice and find out if her waist was truly as small as it looked. But more than that, he wanted to flirt with her some more. Find out just how that sexy little brain worked.

He had a feeling this wasn’t her normal way of dressing. He’d seen her trotting toward the Ryde on her wobbly heels. This girl didn’t usually wear them. Not like Tamara, who practically slept in her stilettos. He actually found the wobble adorable.

She glanced at him with her emerald-green eyes, lined with smoky eyeshadow. Her eyelashes went on for miles. Few women could pull off Madonna’s iconic white bride outfit from the Like a Virgin album cover, but she managed to do it in a way that put the vogue master to shame. Her curves seemed softer, more inviting somehow, even as she tugged self-consciously at the corset. Yep, this woman was not the kind who normally wore lingerie in public. That made her even more mysterious somehow. What did she do on nights other than Halloween?

“Where am I headed to, miss…?” Paul interrupted. Paul was seriously in danger of not getting his tip.

“Oh, sorry. Here’s the address…” She leaned over the middle seat, leaning her hand on his knee as she went. He felt the shock of the contact. You can keep that there as long as you want, he thought. Once Paul had punched her party’s address into his GPS, she settled back in her seat, her hands once more to herself. God, she was gorgeous. Those green eyes.

Paul pulled away from the curb, sliding into traffic.

“So, when you aren’t buzzing the tower, what do you like to do for fun?” she asked him, eyes bright.

Not think about my ex, for one, he thought. Talk to you, little miss sexy. “Get to know you better.”

“Really? This is your favorite hobby?”

“It is now.”

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