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If You Dare...

Written by Isabel Sharpe

Chapter Seventeen

"See you tomorrow, Megan." Ethan gave a devastating smile and walked out of NYEspresso into the snow.

Megan's failed attempt at an answering smile wilted the second his back was turned. She closed her eyes, willing herself not to cry.

Day three of this horrible farce after their night of "no-strings" lovemaking. Ethan came in as usual, got his coffee as usual, left as usual…as if nothing had happened between them.

Agony. The more Megan saw of him the more she realized her deep feelings for Ethan were indelibly etched on her heart. And the more casual and distant he seemed the more she realized she couldn't go on like this. She'd have to find another job. Maybe admit defeat and move back home. Her roommate's couch was getting less and less comfortable, the situation more and more crowded, though they remained great friends. She could live so much more frugally in rural New Jersey. And she'd be able to get over these crazy feelings for Ethan.

She hoped.

"Hey, Megan, can I see you in back for a second?" Megan's boss, Eva, came up behind her. "Jinx can take over the register if anyone comes in."

"Sure." Megan followed Eva's colorful figure to the back. Maybe she was about to be fired. That would make the decision easy.

"So." Eva closed the office door and folded her arms over her crazily patterned sweater. "What's going on with you and Ethan these days? Something's not right."

Oh, no. Not this. Megan would rather be fired. "Things are…complicated."

"Need a friendly ear?"

"No, thanks." Megan shook her head. "It's just that…"

A few minutes later she decided Eva had magic powers. At first, Megan wasn't going to talk about it. Then she thought maybe a basic outline would be okay. When that was a huge relief…she ended up spilling the whole story.

"He said he'd call, but that was the last I heard of it. So…"She steeled herself for this next part. Eva had been so kind giving her a chance. "I'm thinking of getting a job somewhere else. Maybe moving back to New Jersey. I'm still not convinced I'm a city girl at heart."

"Hmm." Eva frowned, tapping a finger vigorously against her cheek, making the whimsical caterpillar pins in her hair wiggle. "My sister Chris, who took over my shop in California, is going through this same thing you are, trying to explore a different part of her personality. As if you can separate yourself into bits? She's got three hot guys after her, and she just wants to experience inner peace at some weird New Age place. I keep telling her, 'If the man is right, she can figure out all she needs to know about herself. Stop hiding!'"

"Now you're telling me the same thing."

"Of course I am."The office phone rang. Eva rolled her eyes. "Listen, we need to talk further. Why don't you come over for dinner at our place tonight? Ames will be out and we can have a good bottle of wine and a good girl talk, what do you say?"

Megan shrugged. Anything was better than moping alone at home. "Sure. Thanks, Eva."

"No problem. See you tonight." Eva's smile was sweet…but just as Megan turned away, she thought she caught a glimpse of triumph.

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About the author

I was not born pen in hand like so many of my fellow authors. After I ...

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Isabel Sharpe

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