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If You Dare...

Written by Isabel Sharpe

She takes hers tall, dark—and extra hot!

Barista Megan Katowsky is unnerved to find Ethan Roberts standing at the counter in NYEspresso. The last time she'd seen the sexy professor—three years ago—she was minus a few essential clothing items. Worse he doesn't seem to recall their little, uh, awkward near-naked encounter…

But he looks interested in far more than ordering a steamy latte this morning!

Megan is cautious—she's from small-town Jersey after all. Should she let things percolate slowly with Ethan or go for something grande-sized…and risk it all?

Enjoy a short coffee break with If You Dare…which links to both SOME LIKE IT HOTTER and THE PERFECT INDULGENCE by Isabel Sharpe, where you'll meet the twin sisters who switch lives—and coffee shops!

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Chapter One

It was him. Megan Katowsky turned away from the entrance to NYEspresso so quickly a muscle burned in her neck.

Of all the coffee shops in all the cities in all the world, Ethan Roberts, teaching assistant for her literature class at Rutgers had to walk in here? This was worse than Murphy's Law, this was karmic retribution.

Megan had been starting to settle into her job working the register at NYEspresso, had sold a few online articles, had started to feel justified moving to New York over her parents' objections. Maybe a New Jersey farm girl could make it in the big city.

Thanks to Ethan's appearance, she was now fighting another longing: to run back home and milk cows.

How could she avoid facing him? She'd just taken a break. As a brand-new employee, she didn't dare ask for another. Megan had met her manager, Eva Meyer, while researching an article on how Eva and her twin sister Chris had swapped their New York and California coffee shops for what was supposed to be a month, but was now going on several. When Eva mentioned a job opening at NYEspresso, Megan had jumped.

Ethan joined the line, staring up at the menu. Four people between Megan and total mortification.

But, sigh, he was still so hot. Hazel eyes under dark thick hair, tall with a powerful body—more bad boy than academic.

Megan handed a middle-aged man his change with a manufactured smile.

Three people.

Ethan pulled out his phone and studied it.

One punchy late night, three years earlier, Megan and several of her friends from senior year, had decided to write their cell numbers on their final exams to see what Ethan would do.

He'd only called one of them.

"Thanks for coming, happy holidays." She gave another fake smile.

Two people.

Megan's best hope was that he wouldn't recognize her. Since college she'd upgraded her mousy brown hair to a vibrant auburn shade, traded contacts for funky glasses, and lost twenty pounds.

One person left. Megan took her order. Rang her up. Accepted the cash.

Ethan still hadn't looked up from his phone.

A staff member passed behind Megan. Inspired, she grabbed his Santa hat and jammed it on, pulling the brim low.

Deep breath. "Hi, what can I get you?"

"Regular coffee." His voice made her shiver. Megan remembered that night so clearly. The anticipation, the excitement, the utter humiliation….

Ethan looked up long enough to pass her a bill. "Cute hat."

"Happy holidays." She handed him his change and pointed to the pick-up window.Go. Now. "Your coffee will be ready in a minute."

"Thanks." He pocketed the coins, already on his way.

Megan's shoulders slumped into relief. She turned a bright smile on the next woman in line. Thank God Ethan hadn't—

"Excuse me."

Megan froze. He'd stepped back.

"Yes?" She forced her gaze toward him, trying to calm herself. He might want to ask for the bathroom. He might need to find the milk station. He might—

"Do I know you? You look very familiar."

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About the author

I was not born pen in hand like so many of my fellow authors. After I ...

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Isabel Sharpe

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