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Marriage Made in Monte Calanetti

Written by Susan Meier

Chapter Twenty

Lily pulled herself together as best she could, but it wasn't good enough. She needed to go home and cry this out.

She walked into the kitchen to ask Chef Rafe if she could have the afternoon off, but the back door opened and Mic walked in.

Her heart sped up, then slowed to a crawl. He was probably back for something he forgot. She turned and raced out of the kitchen just in time to see Gino escort customers to a table. She grabbed her order pad.

She got as far as saying, "Today's specials are…" When she was lifted off her feet and swung around.

She blinked a few times and Mic's face came into focus."Mic?"


"What are you doing!"

"I'm taking you with me."

"To Paris?" At first the idea thrilled her. She couldn't bear to be without him. Then the whole thing sunk in. He was taking her to a city she didn't know with no promise of a future. No mention of love.

"Put me down!"

"No. I lost you once. I'm not losing you again."

The words were nice, sweet, and filled her heart with such hope it almost burst, but they weren't enough. "I'm not going to Paris."

"Good because I'm not going to Paris either."

By this point, they were at Gino's Maitre D podium. He reached behind him and slid her coat off its hanger. Handing it to her, usually gruff Gino grinned. "It's cold out there. You're going to need this."

She caught the coat as they whipped by Gino. "Mic!"

He set her down beside his car. "Eight years ago, you gave us up so I could live my dream. Now, I give up one measly restaurant so you can live your dream."

She blinked. "What?"

"I can work anywhere I want!" He waved his arms as if to indicate the world. "I have two offers in Florence."

"And you're coming with me?"

"No. We're going together. We're getting married. And then we'll both live our dreams."

Her mouth fell. Her head spun. Her heart almost believed him. "But we don't know each other."

"We've always known each other." He paused, stepped closer. "Always loved each other." He laid his hand on her chest. "Your heart tells me."

Her lips trembled.

"You don't believe me?"

When she said nothing, he shook his head. "What is wrong?"

"I need to hear you say it."

"Say…That I love you?" He laughed. "I love you. I adore you. I have always adored you. And I will not let you tell me no this time."

A laugh broke through her tears. She bounced to her tiptoes and threw her arms around him. "Then I say yes. Yes. I love you. Yes, I will marry you."

She barely got the words out of her mouth before he kissed her and for the first time in eight years Lily Norelli was whole again.

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I was raised on a small farm in western Pennsylvania and attribute my ...

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Susan Meier

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