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The Millionaire's Redemption

Written by Barbara Wallace

Chapter Twenty

"So I suppose this means I have to come to Newport for all my legal advice." From over the phone, Ian Black's gravelly voice sounded more growl than grouse. "They better have decent coffee there."

Jack laughed. Naturally, the tycoon's first concern would be the coffee quality. "I promise, Angela's coffee is every bit as good as the stuff you serve in your coffee house."

"You only say that because you're in love. Stuff could taste like sludge and you wouldn't care."

"True." He didn't need a mirror to know his smile went ear to ear. He hadn't stopped grinning since the night he told Angela he was moving to Newport.

The night she let him into her heart again.

Funny. Only a few short weeks ago he'd stood on this same sidewalk convinced he'd never be happy again. Life was full of surprises.

The two men talked a little longer, ending with Jack promising he'd always be a phone call away if Ian needed him. Although, Jack suspected Ian and he finally had their demons under control. Sobriety would always be a challenge, but with women who loved them in their corners, the challenge seemed less daunting.

He hung up just as he reached the sidewalk outside The Bread and Breakfast Café. On the other side of the front window, Angela was wiping down the counter. When she spied him watching, she looked up and beamed. As always, the sight of her smile took Jack's breath away. It always would.

"I was wondering when you'd show up," she greeted. "You've become a permanent fixture."

Jack had continued his habit of spending part of his day working at one of the café tables. Most of the day, actually, unless he had a client meeting. Sometimes he held those at the café, too. As far as he was concerned, Angela and he had already wasted too much time apart. He wasn't about to waste another minute.

"Would you mind if I did?" he asked, slipping an arm around her waist.

Love sparkled in her eyes. "Never." Leaning in, she kissed him soundly; a kiss Jack would have deepened had the bell over the door not interrupted them.

"Damn," he whispered against her lips.

"Tell you what. You settle in at your table, and as soon as I get rid of these pesky customers, I'll bring over some coffee."

"Only if you join me."

"I think I can steal a couple minutes." He tried to steal another kiss, causing her to giggle and swat his shoulder. "Go sit."

Who knew life could be so good? Taking a seat at the corner table, he watched as his girlfriend turned her attention to two very envious male patrons.

Girlfriend. The word didn't come close to describing Angela, did it? Best friend, lover, soul mate. She was all of those and more. Jack didn't know how lost he'd been until she returned to his arms.

He smiled, thinking of the ring box in his jacket pocket. It might be a little early yet, but sometime soon he was going to drop on one knee. Then Angela—and the rest of the world—would know just how important she was to him. It might have taken two decades, but he'd finally come home.

This time, he planned to stay forever.


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My love affair with writing can be marked by two milestones. The first...

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Barbara Wallace

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