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On the Run with the Lawman

Written by Delores Fossen

Chapter Nineteen

Pete couldn't shoot because he couldn't risk hitting Anna, but the two hired guns didn't have that problem.

Both fired shots at him.

He scrambled to the side, hoping they'd come in pursuit so that Cassie and he could get to the truck. But then Pete saw something from the corner of his eye.

Something that put his heart right in his throat.


Everett had Cassie.

Of course, he'd known something like this could happen. At best this had been a risky plan, but he certainly hadn't seen Everett waiting in the bushes. However, that's exactly what the man had done.

"Don't," Everett warned when Pete pivoted and took aim at him. "You might be a good shot, but I've got the advantage here."

He did. Because Everett was using Cassie as a human shield.

The hired guns stopped firing, thank God, because Pete didn't want Cassie hit by a stray bullet, especially since she already had a huge threat standing behind her.

Pete heard the sound of a car engine. Maybe Cooper. Except he doubted the sheriff would just drive into this. He hoped more hired guns hadn't arrived.

"Did you see Anna?" Cassie asked Pete. Several things went through her eyes. Fear, yes. Worry, that too. But Pete also saw something else.


Cassie wasn't just going to give up without a fight.

"Anna's fine," Everett said. "One of the men just drove away with her and will drop her off on the main road leading to Sweetwater Ranch. She'll be by the cattle gate. I did you a favor, you know. I could have let her see my face, and then she would have had to die, too. This way, she can't connect me to what's about to happen, and someone else will be blamed for this."

Everett was wrong. Anna would still make the connection, but what she wouldn't have was any proof that Everett was responsible.

Pete didn't have to guess what Everett had in mind. He'd spared Anna, but Everett fully intended to kill both Cassie and him.

"You've already murdered his brother," Cassie said to Everett, her voice low and dangerous. "I'm not going to let you kill Pete."

Everything happened fast. Practically a blur. Cassie rammed her elbow into Everett's stomach, and in the same motion, she dropped down.

And Everett took aim at her.

Pete dove at the man, crashing into him, and Everett didn't stay on his feet. All three of them landed in a heap.

Cassie scrambled to get Everett's gun while Pete bashed his fist into the man's face. The first punch didn't do the job. But the second one did. Everett's head flopped back, and Cassie ripped the gun from his hand. She stood, taking aim at him.

For a moment Pete thought she might shoot Everett. Pete couldn't blame her. Everett was responsible for a lot of pain and misery. Hell, Pete wanted to shoot him, too. But he had enough of a calm head left to know that there was a better way to get justice.

The shots blasted through the air, and it took Pete a moment to realize the bullets hadn't come their way.

"It's me," Cooper shouted, coming up behind them. "Those hired guns won't be a problem."

Pete was thankful that Cooper had taken care of them, especially since Cassie looked ready to collapse. He gladly handed off Everett to Cooper so Pete could take hold of her.

"You're under arrest," Cooper told the man. He latched onto him, dragged him to his feet and cuffed him.

However, Everett didn't have the reaction that Pete expected him to have.

Everett laughed.

"You think this is over?" Everett said, his attention nailed to Cassie. "It's not. Hurry or you might not make it to Anna in time to save her."

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When I was a child, I used to sneak around collecting fingerprints, ha...

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Delores Fossen

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