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On the Run with the Lawman

Written by Delores Fossen

Chapter Fifteen

Cassie was pacing again, and Pete didn't think there was anything he could do to calm her down. All they could do was wait.

And worry.

Cassie was clearly doing enough of that for both of them, but Pete knew in this case there was a reason for the fear—Everett and his hired thugs.

Thanks to a call from Cassie, Anna and her bodyguard knew about the possible breach in security at the second safe house. Cassie had managed to phone them in time so they could head in the opposite direction. That meant for now they were probably out of harm's way—probably—but he doubted Cassie would even begin to relax until she got a call from Anna saying they were somewhere safe.

Pete had made his own call to Cooper to get an update on the hunt for Everett, but he hadn't exactly gotten good news on that front. Everett was still at large, and even though Cooper had Bruce Cantores in custody, the former emergency dispatcher wasn't fessing up to anything about an involvement with Everett. Perhaps because Bruce didn't actually know who'd hired him to leak information from the sheriff's office. Everett wouldn't have wanted to leave a loose end like that around.

"This is all my fault," Cassie said, something that had turned into somewhat of a mantra for her.

"No. It's Everett's fault." Pete grabbed her hand, eased her back onto the sofa with him. That wild look of fear in her eyes let him know though that she wouldn't stay put for long.

Thankfully, her phone kept her seated. Before the first ring had even finished, she answered it and put it on speaker.

"We're okay," Anna said. "Frank drove around a long time to make sure we weren't being followed, and we just checked into a hotel. We're in—"

"Don't tell me the location," Cassie interrupted. "I know our phones are safe, but I'd rather not take the chance."

"Of course. We'll stay here for a day or two, regroup and once Frank has set up a new safe house, I'll call you." Anna paused. "Is everything okay there? Are you still with that hot deputy?"

That put some color back in Cassie's cheeks. "Yes, he's here."

"Good. He'll take care of you. Stay safe," Anna added and ended the call.

There was still enough of a dark mood lingering in the room, but Pete thought he might punch some holes in that mood. "Hot deputy?" he questioned.

She paused, even fought a little smile. "I told Anna about you."

"Did you now?" Pete figured it was stupid to be flattered about that, but he was. Especially flattered about the hot part. However, there was a serious message in what Anna had said. "Your sister's right, you know. I will take care of you."

That suddenly seemed a lot more intimate than he'd planned. Probably because of the look Cassie gave him. Not an "I'm thankful you're here to protect me" kind of look. But more like the one that had landed them in bed in the first place.

No more fighting a smile. Cassie just stared at him. And Pete stared back. With the energy and fire zinging between them. He figured the energy had to do with the relief of knowing Anna was okay and the spent adrenaline.

Or maybe it was even more than that.

Whatever it was, Pete didn't stop it. He slid his hand around Cassie's neck, pulled her to him.

And he kissed her.

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Delores Fossen

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