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On the Run with the Lawman

Written by Delores Fossen

Chapter Thirteen

Pete watched as the color drained from Cassie's face. He was sure his color wasn't too great, either. Because Everett's threat no doubt went straight to Cassie's greatest fear.

"You're lying," Cassie blurted out.

Pete had wanted her to stay quiet, but after that bombshell Everett had just delivered, there was no way that could happen.

Tell Cassie I know where her sister is, and better yet, I know how to get to her.

"You wish it was a lie," Everett taunted. "Like I said, it took me a while, but I finally tracked her down through some business dealings with the security company you two own."

Cassie hurried to her bag, riffling through it to get her burner cell, the one she'd had Pete use the night before to text Anna. She pressed in the number. Waited. While it rang. And rang. Before going to voicemail.

"Oh, God." Cassie looked ready to run right out there, and that might be exactly what Everett wanted her to do.

"This could be a trap," Pete reminded her in a whisper. "Try the bodyguard."

Her hands were shaking like crazy, but Cassie pressed in the numbers. Like the call to her sister, it also went to voicemail.

Hell. That couldn't be good.

Everett laughed. "What's the matter, Cassie? Are you scared? Well, you should be. Your kid sister's no match for me."

"Don't you dare hurt her!" Cassie yelled, and she frantically tried to call the bodyguard again.

"What do you want?" Pete asked Everett. He doubted he'd get a straight answer from the man, but maybe Everett would say something, anything, that would help Pete diffuse this situation.

"I want Cassie, of course, and if she doesn't meet me, her sister will pay the price." And with that threat still hanging in the air, Everett ended the call.

Pete didn't waste any time phoning the sheriff to let him know what was going on. Or rather what was possibly happening. He still wasn't sure this wasn't all some kind of bluff to scare Cassie.

If so, it'd worked.

"Cooper's contacting the marshals," Pete relayed to Cassie once he'd finished his call. "He's not going through Marshal Lassiter in case he still has security issues with his phone."

"I can't just wait here," Cassie insisted.

That's what Pete was afraid she might say, but before Cassie could bolt for the door, her phone rang.

"Anna," she said on a rise of breath. She put the call on speaker. "Are you okay? Everett said he'd found you."

"He might have," Anna answered. "We're okay though. Frank is moving me now."

Frank, the bodyguard. "How did you learn about Everett finding you?" he asked.

"That's Pete," Cassie provided.

He wasn't sure Anna would even know who he was, but she didn't question it so obviously Cassie had told her about him.

"I got a call a few minutes ago from the IT folks," Anna explained. "I was on the line with them and that's why I didn't answer your call. They said someone had hacked into my email account. Don't worry, Frank's taking me to our backup safe house."

And that was likely the reason the bodyguard hadn't readily answered his phone, either.

"Be careful," Cassie insisted.

"We will…wait," Anna said, and Pete had trouble hearing the fear in her voice. "Oh, God. Someone's here."

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When I was a child, I used to sneak around collecting fingerprints, ha...

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Delores Fossen

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