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On the Run with the Lawman

Written by Delores Fossen

Chapter Twelve

Cassie got lost in the heat of the kiss.

Being in Pete's arms was just what her body wanted, but she knew sex wouldn't fix anything. It'd be good, but no fixing. Besides, they needed to keep watch, and that was the only reason she was finally able to force herself away from him.

Gulping in a long breath, Pete stared at her. "A mistake?" he asked.

She hoped so, but it didn't exactly feel as if it fell into the mistake category. Cassie didn't have much time to dwell on it though because his phone rang, and she saw something on the screen that got her complete attention.

Unknown caller.

That probably wasn't a good sign. Pete must have thought so, too, because there was instant alarm in his eyes.

"The caller can't use my phone to pinpoint our location," he reminder her, "but don't say anything when I answer." She nodded, and he put the call on speaker, not saying anything, either.

"Cassie?" the man on the other end of the line said. Everett. "Are you ready for us to have that chat now?"

Oh, mercy. She wasn't ready for another round with Everett. But Pete obviously was. He hit the record button on his phone. Good thinking. Because Everett might say something incriminating. Of course, this was just as likely to be an attempt to push her buttons so she'd let something slip and give away their location.

"Cassie, does the deputy know you could have saved his brother?" Everett asked.

That tightened Pete's mouth, and all traces of the fire between them vanished. A new fire came—the anger that was still inside him. Probably always would be. Which did indeed make that kiss a mistake.

"What the hell do you want?" Pete snapped.

"For you to come to your senses and do your job," Everett readily answered. "Put Cassie under arrest and take her to the jail."

"Where your hired thug can kill her? No thanks, I'll pass on that. You've got a bad track record when it comes to keeping people alive."

"And you've got an equally bad track record with it comes to Cassie. Have you slept with her yet?" Everett asked. "I'm betting you have."

Pete huffed. "Is there a point to this call? Like maybe a confession, or are you just wasting my time?"

"There's a point. I want to talk to Cassie right now," he demanded. "Put her on the phone."

"People in hell want air-conditioning," Pete fired back. "Don't mean they're going to get it. Same with you talking to Cassie. Anything you want to say to her, you can say to me. If it suits me, I'll pass it along to her. Maybe."

Even though she couldn't see Everett's face, Cassie could practically feel the rage coming from the other end of the line.

"Fine," Everett growled. "Tell her I've been busy lately. It took me a while to pick through the dealings of her security company, but I finally found something."

Nothing about that sounded good especially since Everett wanted her dead.

"What did you find?" Pete demanded.

Everett took his time answering. "I found Anna. Tell Cassie I know where her sister is, and better yet, I know how to get to her."

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When I was a child, I used to sneak around collecting fingerprints, ha...

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Delores Fossen

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