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On the Run with the Lawman

Written by Delores Fossen

Chapter Ten

Cassie's heart went to her knees. She raised her gun, but it was already too late. Two armed men stood up from the truck bed, and they aimed assault rifles at Pete and her.

It was Everett all right even though he'd obviously tried to disguise his appearance. He'd dyed his pale blond hair to dark brown and let it grow long and shaggy. He was also wearing mirrored shades, and the sunlight bounced off them and right into her eyes.

"Get down," Pete told her. But he certainly wasn't doing that. He, too, lifted his gun and stayed put, his attention nailed to Everett.

"Move and we shoot out the tires," Everett shouted. "Or maybe we'll just shoot you instead—starting with the deputy, of course. Is that what you want, for him to die on this road out in the middle of nowhere?"

It was the last thing Cassie wanted. She'd already cost Pete and his family enough. Yet here he was, right back in danger. Later, she'd kick herself for that, but now she needed to find a way out of this.

"Well, Cassie?" Everett taunted. "I understand that's what you're calling yourself these days anyway. Why don't you step outside so we can chat? I figure we don't have a lot of time since the cowboy likely has back-up on the way."

Back-up was indeed on the way. But it might not get there in time. Pete and she were on their own.

"Don't you dare go out there," Pete snarled.

But that's exactly what he did.

Cassie tried to catch onto him to stop him from following her, but Pete opened the door and put one foot on the step of the SUV. The other he kept on the accelerator.

"This isn't going to end well for you," Pete said to Everett. "I'll get off at least one shot before your men open fire, and that one shot will go straight into your heart."

Everett laughed. "You're a lot like your brother, you know that? That's not a good thing. Because it was that kind of attitude that got him killed."

Cassie saw the muscles tighten on Pete's arm and jaw. Could practically feel the rage washing through him. She couldn't blame him. He was literally face-to-face with his brother's killer, but she prayed Pete didn't act on that rage.

Because it would only get him killed.

Cassie opened the passenger's side door and leaned out. As expected, that earned her a what the hell do you think you're doing glare from Pete. What she was doing was probably suicide, but she couldn't just sit there and do nothing while Everett gunned down Pete.

Everett didn't glare at her though. He smiled, but she had no trouble seeing that dark, dangerous edge beneath the oily grin. "There's my girl," he said.

That gave her a new surge of anger. "I'm not your girl. And I want you to let Pete walk away from this."

"Don't bargain for me," Pete warned her. "We're getting out of here now," he added in a rough whisper.

Before she could figure out what he was about to do, Pete threw the SUV into Reverse and hit the accelerator. Cassie's back flew against the seat, both Pete's and her doors slamming shut.

But that wasn't the only noise or jolt.

A bullet crashed through the windshield.

"Get down," Pete said a split-second before he slammed on the brakes and backed into a narrow trail.

Pete didn't waste any time turning the SUV around, and with the bullets still coming at them, he sped away.

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Delores Fossen

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