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Executive Pursuit

Written by Andrea Laurence

Chapter Twenty

Six Months Later

Tybee Island, Georgia

A soft, warm breeze fluttered Penelope's lace veil. She sucked in a lungful of the salty sea air and couldn't help smiling. Her wedding day had been perfect. More perfect than she ever could've imagined, especially considering how her proposal had taken place.

She sipped a glass of champagne and watched the groom and his mother share a dance. They had come so far, so fast. Moving back to Michigan from the protective bubble of the White House had helped Mrs. Ramsey realize that real life was not perfect, nor did it need to be. His parents had flown to Atlanta to see them in March, and the first words out of Mrs. Ramsey's mouth had been an apology. They'd started rebuilding from there.

Her mother-in-law had realized that her son wasn't an unruly child, and Penelope wasn't a naive secretary. They were well-suited adults that made a couple any parent—including her—would be proud of. Of course, watching the latest D.C. scandal erupt with the new president had made them all look at their own situation with appreciation. It was nice to be out of the spotlight for good.

There were still remnants of that life around them. Secret Service agents inspected the wedding venue and stood watch over the reception. There were at least three senators eating cake on the deck overlooking the ocean. But their new life was here, as well. The newest attorney at Kellan's firm had come with his wife. And so had a few of the kids participating in their rehabilitation program. One of the girls, a teenager named Melissa, had been a bridesmaid. It was perfect.

Penelope turned to look at the sunset over the ocean, smiling when she felt the heat of Kellan's body against her back.

"What are you doing out here by yourself, Mrs. Ramsey?"

At first, she flinched at the sound of her mother-in-law's name, then remembered that now it was hers, as well. It was the first time anyone had said it to her. She turned in his arms and smiled. "I'm thinking about how lucky I am."

"Well, I'm sure that you're quite lucky, but I've got you beat." He wrapped his arms around her body and tugged them close together.

"And how's that?" she asked.

"You may have a great husband and a rewarding job, but I've got my lucky Penny. You can't do better than that. Let's go dance."

Penelope giggled as Kellan took her hand and led her out onto the dance floor. He'd certainly changed her life for the better. She was glad to return the favor and forever be his lucky Penny.


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