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One Night in the Di Sione Mansion

Written by Carol Marinelli

Chapter Fourteen

‘Who sent you?’ Luka said. His mouth was by her ear and his hand around his thick base as he asked the question.

For that was how it felt—as if the perfect woman had been sent for him tonight.

Maya didn’t know the answer but even if she did she was unable to speak as he entered her.

Or tried to.

He stretched her, and she dug her fingers into his back and for a second assumed it was done, yet he seared in farther and Maya bit back a scream.


‘Please…’ For a moment he thought she was asking that he stop but then she specified. ‘More.’


Luka had never known more than this.

He was usually a far from gentle lover, but realizing he was her first Luka fought rapidly for self-restraint and filled her tight space slowly.

It hurt.

How the hell she had thought he might not notice had been foolish at best. After giving her time to acclimatize and gather her breath he started to slowly move.

Each stroke dispersed the pain and replaced it with intense pleasure.

And the pleasure was also Luka’s—feeling her unwind and start to move under his tender command, feeling her hips rise to meet slow thrusts and the press of her fingers in his buttocks, urging him deeper, had him unleashed.

He moved up to his elbows just so he could see her and Maya loved watching him.

She adored how his hair was all tousled, how he closed his eyes in focus and angled himself so exquisitely, but then opened them to her gasp of pleasure.

He started to thrust faster and then Maya felt him hold back.

‘Don’t,’ she told him, for she wanted him untamed. Now her legs wrapped around him.

Maya remembered their first meeting and how badly she had wanted to be the recipient of that smile. Now she got more.

So much more.

His kisses were fleeting yet both deemed them essential. He captured her lips in his as below he drove into her in rapid blunt thrusts that sent her into a frenzy.

For Luka, any thought of withdrawal was fading as her intimate vice dragged him deeper in. He felt her briefly still and saw the flare of panic in her eyes as he drove harder in.

With intent.

Her hand reached behind for the bedhead and held it, and her legs unwrapped and splayed to the sides as she opened herself fully to him.

Luka moved up onto his hands, and the slow kisses he delivered belied the gaining momentum of his thrusts.

They were locked in abandon, and for Maya the riot of sensation he delivered felt almost too much. She let go of the bedhead and captured his face to implore him, to what she did not know.

Yet her summons was urgent.

Luka met it.

He drove hard into her and tipped her right into deep orgasm, and the clutch of her, the union of them, made Luka let go.

And, already on the edge of heaven, Maya felt the final swell and then he shot deep within her.

It was overwhelming. The sensations he delivered were intense, and even as he collapsed onto her, still they moved slowly together, relishing those last flickers, drawing the other out until they were utterly spent yet still locked in deep kisses.

Both wishing the night would never end.

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About the author

I was born in England to Scottish parents, and then emigrated to Austr...

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Carol Marinelli

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