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One Night in the Di Sione Mansion

Written by Carol Marinelli

Chapter Thirteen

There was a thrill of trepidation when, fully stripped, he stood over her.

Luka’s body was sublime. His shoulders were broad and his chest was wide and those strong arms that had held her were enhanced by the shadows from the moonlight. Her eyes moved down to his flat stomach, the long muscular thighs, but his erection made her blink. She had felt it pressed against her stomach when they had danced, but seeing it and knowing that soon he would be inside her was another thing entirely.

Maya reached out and felt him hard and warm beneath her fingers, and his hips rocked at her touch. She ran a finger over the head and saw his stomach tighten and felt him grow some more in her hand.

She told herself it would be fine. Maya was incredibly fit and had explored herself on many occasions.

Her body simply reacted to him; it was as if it knew what to do to his touch.

Hopefully he might not even notice this was her first time.

But then as he removed her hand and she saw him at full length Maya gave a small nervous swallow.

‘I’ll be careful,’ he told her.

Luka wasn’t referring to his size—rather he meant that had no intention of fully taking her word for it that she was on the Pill. Whereas Maya assumed he meant he would handle her gently and she asked for otherwise.

‘Please don’t be.’

She wanted him raw, she wanted to feel him unrestricted, for this was the night of her life and Maya wanted it all.

Maya kicked off her stilettos, and he was rather glad that she did for soon those legs would be wrapped around his waist.

Now though he parted her legs with his hands and shifted onto the bed between them. Luka was about to cover her with his body but he halted for a moment to admire her. ‘God, I wish the lights were on,’ he said as he stroked the soft hair, wanting to see the gold.

He could see her pale skin in contrast to his own, and he ran his hands along her outer thighs as he rested back on his heels. Though Luka ached just to have her, he couldn’t resist a taste.

Maya could see the glint of desire in his eyes, and then he lowered his head and ravished her with his mouth. Over and over. His tongue was probing, his hands a little rough, for one taste proved not enough. Luka held her hips tight and lifted them higher from the bed. His jaw was rough, his lips intense, and Maya had to clamp her hand over her own mouth just to dim the hum that threatened to build to a shout.

Till now, Luka had preferred to receive rather than give.

That all changed tonight.

Luka tasted, heard and felt her pleasure, and all were powerful motivators. He wanted to move her legs so that they lifted over his shoulders; he wanted to reach down and stroke himself and come as he swallowed her moans.

He wanted more for both of them though and so Luka pulled back and moved over her.

Maya’s greedy hands reached up and pulled his face towards her, and they shared a consuming kiss. He moved up onto one elbow and knew from the recent sweet taste of her she was more than ready.

Maya was.

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I was born in England to Scottish parents, and then emigrated to Austr...

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Carol Marinelli

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