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One Night in the Di Sione Mansion

Written by Carol Marinelli

Chapter Twelve

Her dress slipped down to the floor, so that she stood wearing only a string of pearls and high heels.

Luka was used to toned bodies, but generally they were born from hours in the gym. As Maya went for his shirt he halted her and moved back just so that he could fully admire her.

She warmed to Luka’s scrutiny and obvious pleasure in her body as slowly his eyes explored. Then came the bliss of his hands.

He stroked her pert breasts and then lowered his head and took a taste. The curve and flick of his tongue was so exquisite that she wanted to cross her legs at the sensations his mouth delivered. His mouth bruised her with velvet caresses as he took her deep.

‘More,’ she said, her hand moving to guide him to the other breast, but there were unknown places Luka sought to admire.

His hand now went to her stomach, to the very spot it had been this afternoon when he had toyed with the press stud. Now he looked at her and they shared a small smile as each acknowledged what the other had then been thinking. His hand crept down, and she let out a moan of pleasure as his fingers stroked her till she was giddy.

She wanted him naked, she wanted to see him, yet she was too wanting to do anything other than accept his intimate touch.

His strokes grew more persistent and then became relentless. She toppled forward and he held her tight against him as she started to come.

Maya had never come standing but he held her trembling body with one hand as her thighs gripped his palm. She wanted a moment to regroup, to savour, yet he gave her no time to calm. As he released her Maya toppled backwards onto the bed.

She lay there breathless for a moment, dragging in air. Her body was flushed and prickled in anticipation as he stood over her. Maya hoisted herself onto her elbows so that she could better see him undress, but he turned away.

‘Where are you going?’

‘To lock the door,’ Luka told her. ‘So that I can concentrate entirely on you.’

His voice was deep and laced with delicious threat, and Maya wondered if she should tell him that this was her first time. But she did not want to foster moderation, or worse, for him to change his mind.

The turn of the key and snap of the lock had goosebumps rise on her arms. As he walked towards her in deliberate strides she chose to stay silent.

First Luka kicked off his shoes and now he cussed out loud as he had to take his eyes from her to remove his socks.

As he undid his shirt and exposed his chest Maya took a moment to admire his male beauty. She watched as he stripped off his shirt, and the body that spent too long in a suit was magnificent without.

She didn’t know Luka enough to know that he ran most mornings, nor that he vented his feelings on a punchbag, kicking and thumping until he was breathless and dizzy.

Maya was about to be the recipient of all that hard work tonight.

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Carol Marinelli

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