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One Night in the Di Sione Mansion

Written by Carol Marinelli

Chapter Seven

Neither fought with themselves.

And the very moment they stopped resisting their own wants, life became simple.

She felt the cool of his cotton shirt and the warmth of the flesh beneath, and when his hand did not come up to stop her Maya looked up and met his eyes.

‘Thank you for lunch,’ he said as his hand moved behind her head and brought her in a little closer. What she saw in his eyes had her stomach tighten, because beyond that smooth exterior sparked passion.

It was a soft kiss that was curious and slow at first—relishing the bliss of connection and exploring the simplest of pleasures. His skin was scratchy and the press of his mouth firm. When his tongue slid in there was a trip in their breathing, a mutual acceleration of need, and Luka responded, kissing her harder. Still his hand held her head while he lowered her down to the ground.

Maya had never been so expertly and exquisitely kissed—a few half-hearted attempts behind the stables could never be considered in the same league. Down, farther down he brought her until she felt as if she had melded into the ground.

All cares were forgotten.

Luka lay half over her. He had found her sleeping with her hand on her stomach, and it was his hand that was there now. Maya moaned at its warm pressure as his tongue caressed hers, and when his fingers inched towards the press stud on her jodhpurs her hips lifted a little in a silent yes.

Luka nearly continued.

He toyed with the metal.

Hard against her thigh, he ached with want to feel her heat on his fingers, and then he remembered where the hell he was.

Who the hell he was.

And a fumble in a field wouldn’t cut it.

It had been nothing more than a kiss, yet as he pulled back they both knew they had been on the very edge of far more.

‘I’d better go back in,’ Luka said, his mouth a mere inch away from hers and his hand still resting on her stomach.

Somehow his voice sounded normal, as if this was a regular occurrence for him. She did not get that he was trained in deadpan, self-taught not to visibly react, and so Maya followed suit and did her best to keep the husk of lust from hers when she replied, ‘You’d better. I’ve got to take Turn On A Dime out.’ Her attempt at being blasé failed dismally. Her voice was all breathless and she was still acutely aware of his hand.

He watched her tongue run over her lips and he could feel the pulse in her warm, toned abdomen, and he fought for his fingers not to roam.

‘What about tonight?’ Luka offered. ‘Depending what time I finish with Giovanni we could got out. Somewhere nice or…’ He was about to suggest that they simply go to his but already she had shaken her head.

‘I really do need to stay with the horse, but thanks.’ She gave him a smile and sat up and casually shook out her hair, as if her whole body wasn’t trying to recover from the most sensual kiss of her life.

‘Sure.’ Luka never pushed, for he never cared enough to.

He stood. This pause had been so pleasant and unexpected—not just the ending, but all of it, from the conversation to simply lying in the sun and resting awhile.

His shirt wasn’t quite as immaculate as it had been when he had come out but he righted that easily by putting on his jacket and straightening his tie.

‘Hold on,’ Maya said and stood up and took a couple of strands of grass from his hair.

And this was it—goodbye.

He gave her a kiss on the lips that though light was weighted with reluctance to part.

‘You’re sure about tonight?’ he checked.


He took the second no as final and walked back to the house as Maya stood there and fought against calling him back.

She had jeans and a spare pare of jodhpurs and really not much else. She wouldn’t know how to start preparing to be taken somewhere nice.

Yet she’d have given anything to find out.

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I was born in England to Scottish parents, and then emigrated to Austr...

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Carol Marinelli

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