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One Perfect Night

Written by Teresa Southwick

Chapter Fifteen

Julie walked into the hallway and saw Katie talking with Dr. Scott Christopher. The brilliant neurologist had set up a stroke clinic here at Mercy Medical Center and was working on one for the other hospital campus, Mercy West. He must have grabbed her friend after she'd left Julie's office. From the expression on Katie's face, the conversation wasn't going well.

She moved toward them and heard enough of what he said to know what the problem was. When she stopped beside them, Katie slid her an I-owe-you-big look.

Julie smiled. "Hi, Dr. Christopher. You're not happy with the quality of the EEGs on your patients?"

"I left strict instructions that no one but Barb was authorized to do the tests."

"If you'd care to have a seat in my office, I'd be happy to discuss this with you." She gave him her sweetest smile.

"No." He was tall, handsome and square-jawed, with an arrogant twist to his mouth. His icy blue stare could freeze water on a Las Vegas sidewalk in the middle of July.

They had to move aside as a patient with an IV and portable respirator was wheeled by, bed and all.

"Okay, then we can talk here. See you later," she said to her friend, who nodded and walked away. "The EEGs are handled by a different department here in the hospital, and the nurses in ICU don't have anything to say about it."

"But they know that Barbara Rayburn is the only tech I want working on my patients."

"I'm sure your request is honored as long as she's available, not on overtime, or there's no union issue involved."

"That's not my problem. I need the clearest test possible for diagnostic purposes, to evaluate a patient's cognitive ability and physical function. Life-and-death." He settled his stethoscope around his neck. "I bring over ten million dollars a year into this facility. In my opinion, requesting a technician isn't too much to ask."

In his less than charming way, he had a point. "I'm on my way to see Ben Carson." Just saying his name made her glow and confirmed that she was in love. Even crabby Dr. Christopher couldn't puncture her bliss balloon. "He has the authority to get you whatever you want. Why don't I bring this up with him?"

"That would save me a trip. Thanks." He smiled for the first time and changed from handsome to flat-out gorgeous. "I appreciate it."

"Happy to help."

Julie turned toward the double doors to the ICU waiting area, then went around the corner to the elevator and pushed the down button. A little over four weeks ago she'd put a lot of energy into avoiding Ben and now she couldn't wait to see him, tell him how she felt. No more wasting time. Unfortunately it took forever to get to the first floor and move through the lobby.

A few minutes later she walked into the administrative wing and stopped at the desk, smiling at Ben's fiftyish brunette assistant. "I'm here to see Ben. Does he have a minute?"

"He's with someone—" She glanced over at his closed door, which opened at that moment. "You're in luck. He's free now."

Julie wasn't sure about either when he came out of his office with an infant carrier in his hand and a beautiful blonde who must be the new mother beside him.

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Teresa Southwick

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